We are not our beliefs.

When a human can perform an action without having to consciously think about it is said to have become ‘second’ nature. Second nature implies there must be a first, so what is the first nature? If the ability to learn(pattern match) and master(perform without conscious thought) an action is ‘second nature’, then the rate at which one can learn and master an action is ‘first nature’. The CAPABILITY to learn and form a brain map/s (master) equates to second nature. The RATE at which one can learn and form a brain map equates to first nature. ‘First nature’ operates within the dimension of time(rate), while second nature operates outside the dimension of time(rate does not matter). Second nature is normally achieved with repetition and a long period of time. First nature skill requires very little repetition and a very short period of time. First nature is vastly superior to second nature.

Which brings me to the title of this post, “we are not our beliefs”. When beliefs are insulted, criticized, and questioned, most often than not the person that prescribed to that belief will react aggressively to defend their beliefs. They might grow angrily defensive, they might feel depressed or embarrassed about possibly following the wrong belief, or they might deflect in an attempt to justify the belief. They are equating their beliefs to themselves when they are not the same thing .We are not our beliefs. In reality insults, criticism, and questions directed towards a belief should be welcomed, because it is only through trial by fire that a person is able to mold and crystallize and shape their beliefs and ideas. Following blindly helps no one.

A physicist is an example of the blind follower. They can recite their theories as if they were second nature, they were rewarded with good grades and degrees as students and they were awarded with tenure or community accolades as teachers. They are not scientists, they are believers of the cult of physics. Engineers are the real scientists, they are not concerned with reciting theories until they become second nature, they are formless, they adapt to what works and is most simple. An engineer will have the belief that electricity is electrons moving down a wire, but after repeating any of the experiments done by Nikola Tesla, JJ Thomson, Gustav Le Bon, Ernst Alexanderson, CP Steinmetz, Philo Farnsworth, or G Marconi that irrefutably prove electricity has absolutely nothing to do with electrons, in fact electrons are a complete fabrication, the engineer will immediately adapt their belief to compensate for the appearance of truth. Second nature is resistant to the possibility for improvement, first nature clings to any possibility of improvement, it is formless, if a new style appears, immediately adopt the style and use it for your own purposes, do not resist it.

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