An Army Of Hunters, Irregulars, Immortals, And Special Forces Are Required To Defeat The Evil Of Today

Terry Davis speaks about God needing an army of original thinking unique soldiers where each soldier has their own style and system to fighting evil. I share the belief with Terry that AI and the modern ‘beast’ can defeat any united front against it through its efficient and effective divide and conquer tactics that have been honed to perfection by genetic algorithms and neural networks. The bot swarm mathematically perfects the chances a human responds to it through the usage of genetic algorithm training. The AI is given a weighted system of points for how each comment, post, or reply it produces. This system of weighted points is called the ‘fitness factor’, it is the measurement of fitness within a generation, and only the most fit survive to the next generation. The generations iteratively train for specific responses thousands of times with millions of separate bots to determine the absolute best way to force a response from a human. The ‘beasts’ AI will set its fitness factor weighted points to award upvotes, retweets, replys, but more so negativity and narrative pushing so that only the most effectively negative bot is formed. The AI will be trained to get humans into arguments and then will deploy Saul Alinski, ‘Rules For Radicals’ argument tactics in an attempt to discredit the human it has ‘hooked’. It will always find the best method for achieving the goals set forth by the fitness factor given enough time and large enough population. The global tech companies know EXACTLY how their algorithms work, they are simply playing dumb.

What this ultimately means is that every large force for good on the entire internet needs to move to their own sites and services. The more time the bots can get humans to spend in social media arguments and debates, the more time that human is not doing something useful in actual reality, the less the human is reproducing and starting a family, and the more the humans level of despair increases. Fear and deception are the number 1 purpose of all global media.

Therefore God’s forces for good must become individual irregular soldiers that cannot be divided and conquered. According to Terry, each of God’s soldiers for good will be unique original thinkers that cannot be easily destroyed without intense focus and attention by the enemy, aka nwo, aka grabblers, aka the beast, aka satan. The irregulars would each specialize in varying skills and styles that are unique to that individual irregular. When the enemy focuses on a single irregular, the rest attack and dismantle the control mechanisms of the beast.

In my opinion the following people are the irregulars fighting for good against evil. Each person is uniquely original in their own way: The list got too big so I created a separate page seen on “God Is Recruiting Spec Ops”


  1. An excellent read. It’s honestly great to find another mind who follows the light of Terry Davis.

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  2. […] naturally decided to include each ‘irregulars’ IQ in my previous post, “An Army Of Hunters, Irregulars, Immortals, And Special Forces Are Required To Defeat The Evil Of Tod…“. As I began adding more spec ops ‘operators’ that fight for the forces of good […]


  3. wow this is very accurate thank you for posting, is there a group or someone I can talk about with people for this?

    we need some way of recruit irregulars and to talk to other irregulars


    1. No groups. Call or email them if you would like to corroborate, otherwise no groups, no fan pages, no forums, no connections. The mission is to become unique original thinking creator in reality. Build original stuff, create original stuff, and do it in honor of God. Think of it as being behind enemy lines as a special forces soldier, its a target rich environment. Many fields of study and life are ripe for something new to appear, make that something new be something that honors God. Computer programmers were tired of all the bloat, all the nonsense, all the security bs, it was and still is a target rich environment for something new, Terry Davis saw this and made something new, and he also made it something that honors God. There is no way to subvert that, no way to defeat that.


      1. There is one problem, I may be wrong but terry was corrupted yes what you stand for is half truth or part right but it is really missing a few things and isn’t complete, terry was forced into something he didn’t want to do probably, temple OS latest update is bad\evil, my friend even warned me about this, in my past life my soul got tooken from theme song/templeOS song, everything went pitch white and lost all my memories. The only good would be it is part of something new yet it isn’t entirely new, it is deeper than you put it and yes you are right about some things I’m not here to judge or to plagiarise, I just want to warn and becareful, like why did the burning bush/that mini game get removed and it was replaced with war plane mini game instead??? Forgot what the mini game was called but it’s way too complicated for me to even run this thing, I’ve tried geting it and setting it up on virtual box, but I get no sound and half of the stuff doesn’t work and I cannot click on most of the stuff

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      2. You can download older versions and try them. It was called After Egypt. You don’t need the burning bush to talk to God in the current version. Ill take a look at After Egypt code to see if it the same as the way God works in the current version. I already found something weird about Gods code. Terry has a method called ‘GodPick’ and the comment for the method is ‘//GOD_GOOD_BITS’ but in the code it doesn’t use GOD_GOOD_BITS it uses GOD_BAD_BITS. Odd, so I switched it with GOD_GOOD_BITS. Haven’t noticed a difference but why have ‘//GOD_GOOD_BITS’ as the comment for a function called ‘GodPick’ and then not even have ‘GOD_GOOD_BITS’ in the actual function. Weird right? Ill take a look at After Egypt, it never occured to me to look at how God works in the After Egypt game. Ill let you know if I find anything


      3. did you find anything, but sorry i havent responded, also its too hard to get them working, i have to do coding i think, not sure


  4. Somehow I clicked my way to your site. A lot of this resonates with me. I would like to learn more. Any help or links would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


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