Intelligence Is The Ability To Recognize Which Facts Matter More Than Other Facts

I naturally decided to include each ‘irregulars’ IQ in my previous post, “An Army Of Hunters, Irregulars, Immortals, And Special Forces Are Required To Defeat The Evil Of Today“. As I began adding more spec ops ‘operators’ that fight for the forces of good against modern evil, I realized most of them had extremely high IQ including the man with the highest recorded IQ in human history, Chris Langan who has a IQ of 210. Each recognized at some point in their life that God exists and Christianity is the best system. The title of this post comes from Langan’s explanation of high intelligence thinkers, he states that some people have a trashcan memory, they remember everything but cannot discern which of it is meaningful truth and which isn’t. He exclaims, the more intelligent people begin to pick out and remember only the pieces that pertain to truth. Eric Dollard called it searching for pieces of ‘glom’. The name of my blog, Spells Of Truth, was how I explained this phenomenon to myself. I discovered it while researching new topics and realizing that the most fun part about doing research is piecing together the nuggets of truth that coincide with what I had learned during previous scholarly endeavors(going down rabbit holes lol).

Terry Davis claimed to speak to God through his operating system, TempleOS. I kinda laughed at the idea and thought it was part of Terry’s schizophrenic charm so to speak, but as I watch more videos by the high IQ individuals on my page “God Is Recruiting Spec Ops” I began to realize Terry may have actually had a connection to God’s Word. 3 of the individuals on that page mention creating special forces for God’s army. They made those videos recently. Terry made a video 1-2 years ago about God wanting an army of ‘irregulars’, of spec ops soldiers that were each unique original thinkers with their own style to fighting evil.

If you were God, who could you get to become your special forces? It ain’t gonna be a normie, it ain’t gonna be some regular joe schmo, its gonna be the paranoid schizo world class computer programmer(Terry Davis), the strategic mastermind(Vox Day), the outcasts(Owen Benjamin, Chris Langan), the provocateurs(Mike Cernovich), the high performance businessman(Trump), the womanizers(Roosh V), the badass mother fuckers(Guiseppe Filotto) that are stubborn like donkeys and could never be tempted to sell their soul. Basically, they are the people that the world would call crazy, and in response they would tell the world to go fuck itself. They would become God’s special forces. The vanguard. Some would die (Terry), but they are the ones who establish the front line (TempleOS). They are the airborne troops landing behind enemy lines and looking for a fight. Eventually the special forces will inspire a regular army, the grunts(like me) and together Logos will rise, evil will be defeated and the world will be taken back from the clutches of the ‘beast’ aka nwo aka globohomos aka grabblers aka satan aka in Terry’s words, ‘the glow in the dark cia niggers’.


  1. What do you think of the recent signs of Jesus coming in dreams posted all over Youtube recently? In the last month, there have been many prophesying and telling of their dreams.


    1. Ill look into it.


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