The Finders Aren’t What People Think…

Let me preface this by saying:

Before you call me a shill, let me preface this with, I think pzziagate is 100% real, I think Cmoet Pnig Pnog had tunnels, I think they used to hold death fights with kids as entertainment. Poesdta is obviously a pedofile, its not even a question. Rodham the Cunt has either tortured/killed kids or fucked em. Id be willing to bet every single D and about 1/2 of the Rs in Congress besides a small handful are full blown pedofiles, and most of them legitimately worship satan. Ive looked into multiple Ds and every single 1 I looked into were somehow connected to shady childcare orgs or known pedofiles.

The Finders may or may not be pedofiles, some probably are pedofiles, but thats not why the CIA was interested in them and thats not why the FBI released their files on the fbi vaults.

In my opinion everyone is looking at the Finders with the wrong perspective.

The Intelligence Agencies Do Not Give A Fuck About Pedophilia

I’d go so far to say that the intelligence agencies actually prefer dealing with pedofiles moreso than normal people because pedofiles are easily blackmailed, predictable, and easily controlled.

The character played by Gerald Butler in the movie ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ describes a type of person that the ClA treats as a deity. Its a movie where he kills criminals from his jail cell and people have no idea how he is doing it. Its later revealed by a ClA field agent that Gerald Butlers character wasn’t just a run of the mill spy, Gerald Butlers character was a ‘brain’. Someone who could invent ways to do things that no one else would think of.

Law Abiding Citizen ‘Brain’ Scene

My point is that ‘brains’ cannot normally be trained, they are born not made. Well the leader of the Finders, Marion Pettie aka ‘The Gamecaller’ figured out a way to train people to be ‘brains’. This is why the ClA and intelligence agencies were interested in the Finders and Marion Pettie.

Why The ClA Was Interested In The Finders

If the book ‘The Gamecaller’ by Tobe Terrel is even 25% true, then Marion D Pettie would be one of the most valuable humans on the planet from a military and strategic point of view.

That book describes hundreds of consciousness expanding ‘games’ Marion Pettie would put his followers through. Here is an example of one:

“OK, I’m calling a game for each one of you to go on a trip. Pick whatever place you want. Stay gone for at least a month. Get out of D.C. Pick some spot where you are on your own. On day one, imagine you are one year old, on day two, two years old, and so forth until you get up to the age you are now. At the end of the time, have a celebration and come back. And make some money while you’re gone. Bring back the surplus. Put some pressure on yourselves. It’s tough being a little kid in a world that’s designed for big people. Just walk around and think like a little person. Get rid of those notions you got from believing other people and stick to what you have learned on your own. Everybody got that?”

If you actually did that today your consciousness would increase ten fold or more. That is just one of the hundreds of different ways Marion Pettie used to train people to expand their consciousness.

‘The Gamecaller’ claims that Marion Pettie was the military assigned driver for all the famous world war two 4 star generals, 3 star generals, and a few Presidents including Patton, Marshall, Eisenhower, FDR while they were in DC. He was indirectly privy to how the highest level of the US government and US military operated. After doing that for 20 years he retired and started ‘calling games’ to people who would follow him.

The Finders are important because Marrion Pettie was sending people on consciousness expanding missions that he called games throughout the entire US. He was able to completely take over whole towns by simply having someone go into their municipal records office, look up every piece of land that holds influence within the city, purchase it and leverage it to control local policy. He took over half of the eastern united states of america doing just that. He then started taking over the mid west and California before presumably the ClA intervened. The ClA were not interested in the Finders pedophilia, they were interested in how MD Pettie was able to drastically increase the consciousness of its members to turn them into people that can be tossed into any town in the world and have that person be running that town after a single year living there. That’s why the ClA was interested in Marion Pettie and most likely recruited him. He also used these methods on children where they were used like brainwashed soldiers (another reason the ClA wanted him). While he was the driver for all the famous WW2 generals, he learned all kinds of crazy things about how the army actually works and what the army generals wives gossiped about. The Finders are important because the leader could train someone to take over any town in any country within a few years.

This will sound odd and seem like I am a shill, but I honestly think all of the child trafficking stuff about the Finders is for the most part not true. The ClA were interested in the Finders because Marion Pettite was sending recruits/candidates out on consciousness expanding missions. The Finders were buying up a near 1000 acres of land along the east coast, to the point that they owned every strategic geographical position on the east coast of the united states. The ClA and FBl don’t investigate pedofile rings, they fucking adore pedofiles, they investigated the Finders because the Finders were capable of being sent into any city on the planet and by the the end of a single year have total control of that city.

People are drastically underestimating how powerful the ability to train people in consciousness expansion is. I also do not think people realize how horrible modern education is for children. Kids can master skills that would normally take a lifetime within a matter of months/year. The kids found in connection to the Finders were orphans, if they were not found by the Finders they’d for sure be dead or in a real pedofile ring. The Finders taught them HOW to think, modern education does not, modern education teaches WHAT to think, a child that understands HOW to think can master almost anything extremely quickly. The Finders were trained in consciousness expansion, they were using trs-80 computers like cell phones for secret communication before the word cellphone existed, these people were masters at understanding how things work, they understood perfectly how to take over whole cities and towns in the matter of months, they owned almost one half of every strategic building and area on the entire east coast of the united states.

The pedofile stories and document release were most likely done to destroy their reputation, and make up connections between china and the Finders in order to increase animosity towards china. In truth child trafficking trade is run through M0SSAD and the ClA. Imo the pedofile stuff is lies or exaggerated to cover for the grabblers caught by Epstien case. It is also being used in an attempt to destroy the Finders reputation because I suspect the Finders currently run the world. Marion Pettie was probably a protected informant of the ClA.

Read “The Gamecaller” By Tobe Terrell To Learn Why The Intelligence Agencies Protected The Finders

From chapter one:

“That’s the title he gave himself[Pettie] in the late 1970s, “The Gamecaller.” It’s based on the ultimate in game theory, the notion that all of life is a game made up of a series of sub-games. If you were the instigator of the big bang, the ultimate source of oneness, the switcher-on of the light, and were speculating on existence, how could you come up with something better than the game of life? Wouldn’t you make yourself into billions of autonomy-crazed versions of yourself, male and female? And wouldn’t you trick yourself into believing, at least temporarily, that you were real, and just flesh and blood? And wouldn’t you want to play games? Isn’t that what we all do all day long, play games and take them seriously? Sometimes we say we “have to” work or we’re “taking a vacation,” because we are so caught in a particular game we’re playing that we have forgotten who we really are and think we’re not in charge. But they’re all games: the money game, the family game, the religion game, the nation-state game, the politics game, the fame game, the believing and disbelieving game, the glass bead game. And ultimately some part of ourselves judges how we played. And perhaps, when we get back to the place where it all began, we shake our heads and laugh at our performance and decide that, winner or loser, the game is so much fun that we might just want to play it all over again.”

Chapter 1 of ‘The Gamecaller’

Its like a manual on how to train ‘ghosts’. People use the word ‘they’ to describe the mysterious elites behind the big families, small hats, bankers, royals, Vatican, illuminati, free masons, etc, well the Finders are ‘they’. Incredibly high consciousness thinkers that can completely take over cities and towns and groups regardless of circumstances. That’s why I think the pedofile stuff linked to the Finders is made up or skewed in order to damage the reputation of the Finders. MD Pettie didn’t want to give his group an actual name because giving it a name meant that they could be tracked and linked together, I doubt the people he trained would make the same mistake, in other words, they are fucking ‘ghosts’ and they are the tippy top of the secret societies that run the world.

In conclusion, the ClA was more interested in the consciousness expansion aspect of the finders than the pedofile cult aspect. I am willing to bet that everything about the Finders being a pedofile cult is an attempt at pressuring the Finders to listen and follow the demands of the ClA, FBl, and M0SSAD. The ClA and FBl do not give a flying fuck about pedofiles, have never given a fuck about pedofiles, and in fact prefer dealing with pedofiles because they are easily blackmailable. I suspect the release of the ‘Finders files’ by the FBl is a distraction from the massive amount of small hats revealed to be working with Epstien. Why would anyone believe a single word of what the FBl, ClA or any other national agency releases? They are blatant liars, do not give a flying fuck about American interests, and only wish to serve the nwo, isreal, and people with money, how fucking dumb must people be to trust anything they say or do…

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