Introduction To Nen, Miracles, Super Powers, And Magic Part 1

Wim Hof Breathing: Increased Oxygen In Lungs, Increases pH

Guinness world record holder, Wim Hof aka ‘The Iceman’, uses a breathing method that allows him to control his unconscious bodily functions. He uses this method to perform super human feats otherwise impossible. He has demonstrated his abilities repeatedly, hundreds of times, and under massive amounts of scientific and academic scrutiny.

Wim Hof explains that his breathing works because it increases the pH of his bloodstream, aka it makes it more alkaline. pH and blood viscocity are directly interconnected, when pH increases, viscosity will decrease in specific proportion. Increased alkalinity decreases the viscosity of the blood.

He can control his body temperature:

Michigan Study

He can control his immune system response:

Controls His Immune System Response

His Breathing Method Increases The pH Of His Bloodstream aka It Becomes More Alkaline:


Backup For Part Where He Explains

Ken Wheeler Ferrocell: Low Viscous Blood Reacts To Electric And Magnetic Forces Better Than Ferrofluid

Ken Wheeler author of “Uncovering The Missing Secrets Of Magnetism” has demonstrated repeatedly and engineerably(extremely easy to replicate experiment) that human blood reacts just as well if not better than ferrofluid when reacting to electric and magnetic forces.

Ken Wheeler uses ‘Mouse Milk'(old WD-40 oil solution) in order to decrease the viscosity of the blood he uses in his ferrocell(see below). He does this so that his blood will move more freely and be less sticky. The ‘Mouse Milk’ oil solution decreases the viscosity(stickiness). The video below demonstrates that low viscous blood(blood mixed with oil) is highly reactive to electro/magnetic forces.

In case it gets removed here is a backup

Fight Or Flight: Pineal Gland Calcite Crystal ‘Prickly Goosebumps’

Why do people workout with headphones on? Perhaps it’s because motivating music helps them to perform better while working out. Music is technically vibrations traveling through the air. These vibrations can resonate with the mulberry shaped piezoelectric calcite crystals within the pineal gland. A piezoelectric crystal generates a voltage when pressure is applied to it. The vibrations from the music apply pressure to the mulberry shaped piezoelectric calcite crystals within the pineal gland and this sensation is felt as the prickly goosebumps. Think of all the times you may have gotten the prickly goosebumps during a motivating song or movie scene. What occurred after that? You might recall finishing or completing your workout set or run with greatly increased vigor and strength.

Fight or flight situations can also apply pressure to the piezoelectric pineal gland crystals thereby producing electricity. Wim Hof’s breathing technique decreases the viscosity of his blood, and the cold temperatures apply pressure to his piezoelectric mulberry shaped calcite crystals within his pineal gland which produces electricity. As demonstrated in Ken Wheelers repeatable and engineerable ferrocell experiments, low viscous blood reacts as good or better than ferrofluid to electric and magnetic forces. I propose that the combination of the Wim Hof’s breathing technique that decreases the viscosity of his blood and the electricity produced by his piezoelectric pineal gland crystals allow him to consciously control the blood in the organs located in the vicinity of his pineal gland. The organs within the vicinity of the pineal gland include the hypothalamus which regulates the bodies temperature, the nervous system, the entire limbic system, the hippocampus, and the thalamus. The possibilities could be far greater than what Wim Hof is capable of.

Wim Hof requires cold temperatures to perform super human feats because cold temperatures alter the pressure on the piezoelectric crystals in the pineal gland thereby producing electricity which is felt as the prickly goosebumps. Humans get the prickly goosebumps during intense emotion, fight or flight responses(like extreme cold temperatures), and from certain sounds (motivating music). The pineal gland contains piezoelectric crystals (a type of calcite). Certain types of crystals can produce a usable electric current when vibrated or pressured, the calcite crystals in the pineal gland vibrate during fight or flight and when certain sounds vibrate them, this creates a small electric current and this is felt as the phenomenon known as prickly goosebumps.


Dark Web Alertness Technique To Help Awaken Aura Nodes

If you know what the ‘tor browser’ is then skip ahead to the next paragraph, if you don’t, then download it here. Download the tor browser. Open the tor browser. Put this link in the search bar http://wmjtj2j57mcvs7ms.onion/

The above dark web website outlines how clenching the upper abdominal muscles can induce a heightened sense of alertness and awareness. It sounded weird, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to simply try it. So, I clenched my upper abdominal for about 1-2 hours and after about 2 hours I had an ‘experience’ that I equate to having my ‘aura nodes’ forcibly opened. I encourage the reader to at least try it for a few hours.

By tensing my solar plexus upper abdominal region for over an hour or 2 I began to feel a sheet of ‘energy’ wash over my chest and heart region. When I combined the tense upper abdominal region with breathing deeply in thru my nose and out thru my mouth, standing up straight, and manually inducing the fight or flight prickly goosebumps(more on this in part 2), I began to clearly see afterimages as I moved my arms, legs, hands, fingers etc(more on this in part 2).

Systema: The Martial Art Used By The Russian Special Forces Spetsnaz

The Russian Special Forces use a martial art called ‘Systema’ which teaches its practitioners how to remake neurological brain maps to perform near super human feats of perception, speed, endurance, durability, and strength. I was introduced to Systema through the author, Giuseppe ‘The Kurgan’ Filotto’s, book “Systema The Russian Martial System: Created By The Soviet Military For Their Special Forces Elite”.

Chapter 7 of Giuseppe Filotto’s book teaches the more ‘supernatural’ aspects of Systema. It includes things like precognition, telepathy, how to see aura, how to feel colors, how to extend your sense of touch, how to legitimately dodge bullets, and more. As I was reading it I had the sense that it was a very small fraction of what is really taught to the Spetsnaz.

The upper abdominal clenching technique that helped me presumably open my ‘aura nodes’ works similarly to some of the training methods used in Systema. Systema utilizes a method of very slow push ups to help wake up the muscles in the chest and arms that are rarely being used. The constant tension of the upper abominable perhaps works the same. In the experience where I tensed my upper abdominal for around 2 hours I clearly felt a sheet of energy encompass my chest/heart, and also felt incredibly alert.

The reason I know Systema is legitimate is because I attended the United States Military Academy at West Point for 3 and 1/2 years before being honorably discharged. You see, the Russian Spetsnaz are the Russian equivalent to the American Green Berets. In the military two factions are taught how the world actually works, the military intelligence officers and the special forces officers. Military intel promotes people for serving some nefarious agenda or for being easy to blackmail and control. Honor (Logos) bound men in military intelligence are never promoted and quickly removed. The Green Berets don’t really care about promotions, in fact a captain in the Green Berets might remain a captain for 10 years when normally he would have been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in any other branch of the Army by then(2 ranks above Captain). The officers in the Green Berets are strong honor (Logos) bound men. I suspect the same applies in Russia. The military intelligence of Russia is the GRU, the green berets of Russia are the Spetsnaz.

My point is, world super powers do not teach their elite soldiers a fake voodoo martial art. The United States and Russia teach a ton of bullshit, but the one group of men they would never do so to is their elite military units, never ever. The fact that the Spetsnaz are taught Systema means its 100% legitimate. I doubt there can be better proof that a system of martial arts legitimately works than that the Russian Spetsnaz use it.

Systema teaches practitioners how to reconnect with themselves and the Creator. Its motto is “Know Yourself”. When a human being learns a task to the point that it no longer requires conscious thought, it is said to have become second nature. An example is tying one’s shoe. Currently there are 2 competing methods to tying one’s shoe, the ‘bunny ears’ method and the ‘loop swoop and pull’ method. What if those were not the best methods for tying ones shoe? How would anyone know to check if they already knew how to tie their shoe with one of the above 2 methods? They wouldn’t. Well, the word ‘second‘ implies there must be a first correct? The question arises, what is first nature? First nature is the RATE at which a human being adapts, creates, removes, and/or resets their neurological brain mappings to perform a task in the most perfect and true manner given the situation/scenario. There is exactly 1 true perfect way to do everything in every scenario/situation. The only field of study in existence that I’ve come across that teaches first nature thinking is the martial art taught to the elite Russian special forces Spetsnaz, Systema.


The Kurgan talks about Systema and some of its more interesting topics in Chapter 7 of his Systema book in the following videos:
Precognition, High IQ and Genetics
Human precognition and some warrior Catholics required
Generally on Martial Arts
How Prayer Works
Catholics Rising
The Mystic Aspect of Christianity
How your brain-mind works
Systema Book by Giuseppe Filotto

A great instructional video on the basics of Systema as well as some of the channels of the major instructors can be seen in the following videos/links:
Excellent Introduction to Systema
Val Riazanov
Vladamir Vasiliev
Systema Kadochnikov France
Transition CRT
Systema channel-search

Hunter X Hunter: The Universal Conspiracy Theory Hidden In Plain Sight

This brings me to my final and most quote, unquote “outrageous point”. The Japanese manga Hunter X Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi equates to the universal conspiracy theory hidden in plain sight. At West Point, we were graded on how well we reacted to absurd situations of life and death(not for real, pretend life and death, but assumed to be real). The manga ‘Hunter X Hunter’ builds its entire premise around reacting to absurd situations, more so than any other form of media, fiction or otherwise. It may be the only source besides specific military schools taught to military officers that shows how to train for absurd situations of life and death.

Hunter X Hunter subtly teaches how the world actually works. It teaches things that are only explicitly taught to the special forces Green Beret captains, and high level military intelligence officers. Hunter X Hunter teaches it in a manner that is hidden in plain sight, it hides levels upon levels of consciousness awakening information. It does this by representing real life in a mirror like fashion. The only forms of media that I’m familiar with that hide multiple levels of consciousness awakening information (aka spells of truth) within them are the Muslim Quran, the New Testament of the Christian Bible, the works of Plato, Theon of Smyrna, Plotinus, Publius Ovidius Naso(SeeOvid-IX), William Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer, Miyomoto Musashi, Murasaki Shikibu, Luo Guanzhong, the Talmud of Jmmanuel, and the Japanese manga Hunter X Hunter(I’m positive India has books like this but I’ve never read them).

Some of the countless similarities between Hunter X Hunters mirror world and our own:

“Strange beasts, and monsters, vast riches, hidden treasures, evil haunts, uncharted frontiers, the mysterious unknown, the people who are captivated by the magic in those words are called ‘Hunters’!”

Hunter X Hunter

Hunters are basically the top 10,000 or so people in Earth that explore the ancient ruins, the jungles, the strange lands, the mysterious places, the haunted places, the unknown territories, and the mysterious unknown. I suspect the next logical step taught after Systema greatly resembles what is taught in Hunter X Hunter. Perhaps something similar is already taught to the actual Spetsnaz but kept secret from the public. Hunter X Hunter teaches how to use mental ‘restrictions and limitations’ in fights to the death to activate ‘rules of intention’ that can do supernatural things.

When one raises their level of consciousness, one can begin understanding how seemingly supernatural things can be accomplished. Leveling up consciousness increases brain wave frequency literally, at high enough frequency it gives an appearance of light or a glow around the head (like the saintly halos) and allows one to perform what would only be described as magic, super powers, or miracles. This ‘ability’ can be trained and learned by most anyone, and it allows for one to manifest their own unique creative spark into their ability. Most saints used it for healing, while great warriors of history used it to increase their effectiveness during fights to the death.

Hunter X Hunter shows that the next logical step is to combine, alter, and enhance human mental, physical, and spiritual strength, speed, and power through the use of restrictions placed on oneself and/or opponents and/or friendlies. This is tremendously powerful and balanced, simple conditions like ‘if anyone gets within 3 meters of me, I will instantly slice them’ are most likely possible.

Weird conditions like ‘for each time I can wind up my arm (rotate at the shoulder joint) during a fight to the death, the strength of the impact of the punch will multiply by 2’ are most likely possible.

Conditions that place the users life on the line greatly increases the strength of the ability, so something like ‘if I use this ability against any other group of people other than the group intended, I forfeit my life’ will make that ability incredibly powerful against the intended group of people.

Conditions can also be complex in order to achieve more difficult effects like stealing another’s nen ability. The effect would most likely require more than 1 restriction or condition something like, ‘ If I see my opponent use an ability, then I can get my opponent to explain their ability in detail to me, then I can get my opponent to say ‘i give up’, and I can do this within an hour of seeing their ability, I will be able to steal that opponents ability until they eventually die unless their ability is supposed to continue to work after they die in which case I keep the ability indefinitely”.

The restrictions and conditions are entirely made up by the user but they must equate to a fair logical reality. You cant have an ability that automatically makes you the hulk when you get angry, unless you attach an incredibly difficult to achieve condition or incredibly limiting restriction. One can imagine the real life nen battle system as a divinely simple, unique, balanced system that can make life incredibly fun and interesting.

Hunter X Hunter teaches viewers how the world actually works in a brilliant hidden in plain sight style. Many of the training techniques described within are similar or exactly match the ones taught to the Russian Spetznas special forces. Most interestingly, It teaches how to remain 100% calm during absolutely absurd situations and during fights to the death, which is something that is taught nowhere except specific military schools.

Explanation of Nen in HxH.
Good Explanation Of The Real Battle System Known as Nen

The Facts That Matter More Than Other Facts

Wim Hof breathing and low viscous blood, flight or fight prickly goosebumps(that can be manually induced and do not require cold temperatures stay tuned for part 2: Training), constantly clenched aura nodes(dark web), and the Russian Spetsnaz martial art Systema can allow for things that seem like magic, super powers, or miracles when trained properly. Watch/read Hunter x Hunter to learn how to train it properly.

Clench upper abdominal at all times to help open all aura nodes(called ‘ten’ in hunter x hunter), learn to manually give yourself the prickly goosebumps(called ‘ren’ in hunter x hunter), keep training Systema(called ‘zetsu’, ‘gyo’ in hunter x hunter), learn to increase the effectiveness of everything else by using Wim Hofs breathing technique and knowledge of Ken Wheeler’s blood ferrocell experiments. Become more in tune with ones creative individual, uniquely divine, soulforce. Then watch/read the Japanese anime/manga Hunter X Hunter to learn how to manifest and use NEN!


  1. A fascinating discussion is worth comment. I believe that you should write more on this subject, it might not be a taboo subject but typically people do not discuss such subjects. To the next! Cheers!!


  2. when are you going to make pt 2 or even a pt 3


    1. Working on it. Im not satisfied with my part 1 post. I didn’t do the information justice because I am not a good writer. It effects my ability to persuade people. I spend very little time on writing because its the direct opposite of my actual skill mastery. Instead of writing part 2 and 3 on wordpress I am using what I am actually good at, computer programming, to do this topic actual justice. Stay tuned…


      1. i can understand. im not much of a writer either. im looking forward to it. if anything comes up where you want to bounce some ideas of information let me know. i do daily breathe/energy work.


  3. Joshua Igsbolt

    When is part 2 coming out. I can’t wait to train


  4. Isaac Netero

    Other good sources include Berserk(but you already knew that), Fullmetal Alchemist, the end actually showing the perfect life and state of mind that humans should want to achieve when Edward relinquishes his powers- what alchemy’s final goal actually is, which is not to be powerful, but to be fine to not have influence over things. Shakespeare seems to be quite good, but I have only read Macbeth; a lot of Berserk is actually based on Macbeth. Also, a lot of the books that Ken Wheeler recommends are beyond sublime( maybe all of them, but I have not finished them). The ancients knew of the structure of reality, pretty much saying the same things Chris Langan mentions in his CTMU( especially the vivekachudamani and upadesa sahasri, showing the mental disciplinary way that Christian monks also used in order to get closer to the Godhead-you are not your body, neither are you “you” but only the Mind, or the Godhead, is…this is not to say that you are God(higher ontological Self of All), because you(psychophysical self) are not since you are ever changing). The best work out of all of those is probably Plotinus. The translation by Thomas Taylor( Plotinus’s Collected Works) is best…however being unfinished. If you want to increase your skill in thinking like our ancestors in a highly abstract fashion, you should begin with Coomaraswamy’s Metaphysics, which can be downloaded for free on Scribd using the free trial. In fact most works you want to find can be found for free online obviously, and z-library,, open library, wikisource etc are the best for that.
    FAVOURITE MANGA LIST THAT HAVE REALITY HIDDEN IN THEM(ALTHOUGH LESS THAN HUNTERXHUNTER): Vagabond(tale of Miyamoto Musashi), One Piece(kinda long, but the first part of the story before the time skip is good, and the stuff like the “void Century” shows the way history has been manipulated), 20th Century Boys( Illuminati Group, led by a man that can bend spoons- psychic powers), Yu Yu hakusho and Level E also made by the creator of HXH so they probably have a lot of truth in them as well, the korean comic “The Breaker” is also kind of like HunterxHunter, with an underground world of martial arts that use energy coming from their inner auric nodes. For beautiful animation, just watch anything by Hayao Miyazaki, the best out of all of them being Princess Mononoke and Laputa: the Castle in the Sky, the latter being quite important as it features “antigravity” technology(flying vimanas).There is a gemstone that glows and lifts people up in the air, being similar to the phenomenon described by Viktor Schauberger when he saw egg shaped stones glowing in a river and rising to the surface. And if you have not already, which I doubt, you should read all of Viktor Schauberger’s books if you are interested in magnetism, although you could always just stick to Ken Wheeler’s work.
    VERY USEFUL BOOKS( most of which can be found online for free some way or another, most of them being on z library) Coomaraswamy’s Guardians of the Sundoor, Rudjer Boskovich’s Theory of Natural Philosophy(this… this is HARD), Algis Uzdavinys Philosophy as a Rite of Rebirth, Philosophy and Theurgy in Late Antiquity, and the Roots of Platonism. Reading these works will make you understand why an atoms are spinning and spiralling toroidal fields with vortexes, however only if you pay attention, and it is not said directly. Oleg Jefimenko’s books(quite costly but they are free on z library), Sarah Rappe’s Damascius’ Ineffable Discourse, the Complete Works of Psuedodynoysius , Syrianus’s on Aristotle’s Metaphysics books, and all of Simplicius’s lectures on Aristotle are good, although the most interesting if you do not want to read them all, are On the Soul and On Physics,which, even though it is more than a thousand years old(apparently) it is so accurate it is better than the current mainstream science, as it goes hand in hand with true electrical engineering, such as talking about the archetypal motion of everything which is circular. Metaphysics is especially useful, because it is actually applicable to everything, since it concerns itself with the origin of everything, which is where concepts collide, thus meaning that everything has the same central point of reference. Since you are a programmer, I do not think learning metaphysics should be hard for you. I find that the way Plotinus and Chris Langan describe reality reminds me of a game and its code. It will teach you to think differently, and have an eye focused further than the superficial. Weston A. Price’s book is very good, and also look up what mewing is, and do it so that you breathe properly.
    GOOD WEBSITES(I will come back later on and maybe continue this): Stolen history website,Rex research, All the gold you can eat,,,, Library of Congress,, National Archives Catalog, and for other people wanting to know more about Nen, you can use tor browser and go to “Nen: a technique to enhance human abilities” or go to r/nenusers. I have missed a ton out, because I would be here for days. A very important thing to note: Zeno’s paradox does not show a contradiction inherent to reality, it is that there is ” a geometry before geometry”(Euclid) or ultimate reality, Heaven , the Godhead, or counterspace. There is something beyond space and time, which binds everything and being prior to everything, thus having no magnitude, and no characteristics; it is chaos and totally without limit. That is also what you rely on for cognition, for you need a language above language to make a judgement about anything. This is what our ancestors meant by the fact that we are “imago dei”, an image of God, for we are the fractured Universal Intellect which refers back to ultimate reality. This so happens in a circular motion, which is what the ouroboros snake refers to. This is why in the Bible it says that one should rather be the head than the tail, because the tail has no free will and is lead around. The one way to have free will whilst we are alive is for our own ego to die completely, to pay no heed to “who” “you” apparently are.


    1. Bridget Foster

      Appreciate all the insightful information, could u expand on nen, Idk how to navigate the dweb


    2. Yo, me and my dad train in systema.
      Just to know their are a lot of people who learned from Vladimir (one of the top dogs of systema on the internet) but they don’t understand basics but teach their own classes.
      Next, systema really works and if you don’t believe me go to the nearest instructor they’ll show you for free.
      Also magic and other voodoo stuff is too rea *i am telling you this because it is rare to see ice man’s breathing technique being paired next to systema which are really good combo*.
      Here is somethings I can give to you.
      Colour meditation:
      Lotus sitting position and think of the colour Red (think of the colour and what you think emotion it is based but don’t think too much)
      Do the exact samething with these colours in this order.
      Warning you might get visions and astral projection
      But it will also mold you into a better person
      I got other stuff just email me or something
      Goodbye 👋


  5. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyhow, just wanted to say superb blog!


  6. Fascinating stuff how you tied everything together, particularly the nen components like sen ten ren zestu got etc. and how a bunch of different things create the nen practiced together. How long til mastery do you think? And when’s the next parts coming?


  7. Renegade Dusty

    Part 2 please


  8. redpred

    This is a fantastic article, I’m amazed because you’ve put your finger right on what I’ve been thinking all those years, I’ve stumble upon Richard Alan Miller who is talking about this kind of training for having practiced it with navy SEAL
    Same about Haha Lung who wrote a lot of books about this
    Anyway thx for this article !


    1. I understand what hes trying to say in that video but hes clearly taken alot of drugs. Suggestion and hypnosis can be incrediblely useful in combat, here is a video of one of the guys that trains the spetsnaz. What hes doing to these people is suggestion, not aura, i asked giuseppi filotto the author of the systema book about whats going on in the video and he says its suggestion(hes also a hypnotist). I think thats what richard alan miller is tryin to say about levels of hypnosis.


  9. Kurapika Kurta

    so i did the upper ab thing for like two days straight and i don’t feel so well like my stomach really hurts and somehow i literally got abs in those two days from tensing my abs so much


  10. Kurapika Kurta

    How do you give yourself the goosebumps though?


    1. Watch videos like this . Most are fake but some channels have a few real looking videos. Watch them and imagine being face to face with the creature in the video, standing your ground as it charges you, and fighting it to the death. You’ll get the prickly goosebumps, now try to hold it. You can also get it from watching motivational movie scenes, from taking a cold shower, and from listening to music that motivates you. The first method is the best for training to manually induce it imo. The cold is guranteed to give you the prickly goosebumps, but i find it harder to maintain when cold goes away and it makes it harder to learn how to turn on at will. Wim Hof learned how to induce the prickly goosebumps from immersing himself in the cold for years. The first method is much more effective in my opinion. You can learn different ways to induce them by being consciously aware of when you begin experiencing the prickly goosebumps, and then try to hold them, and try repeating whatever you were doing when you got the prickly goosebumps. There also may be a way to do it without psyching yourself up, i suspect there is a way to do it through gratitude towards creator. Why would TYLER have any need to understand this?


      1. RyumaKen

        The first method doesn’t work for me at all, not scared or moved in the slightest. I’ve seen too many horror movies and weird videos when I was younger that I got over that stuff .
        Well its time for an Ice bath I guess.


  11. Nen Disciple

    When will you release your part 2 training? I am eagerly awaiting


  12. What is the breathing technique he uses and how can I learn it? I’m a bit skeptical but there are so many weird things out there. I’m lookimg forward to training haha.

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    1. I’ve since learned a faster and better method. Check out a guy named Konstantin Komarov’s youtube videos on explosive breathing(the russians just call it ‘breathing properly’ lol). He’s a former major in an elite russian military assassin group whom are taught a unique martial art called systema. Systema’s breathing techniques are better than wim hof’s, this needs to be updated.


      1. PositiveVibrance

        Woah man that sound so sick, My dad is russian, my blood is half russian, half latino.
        I want to learn more, so far I watched 2 times Hunter x Hunter 2011 so far I was like amazed! Cannot believe how beautiful and important is Hunter x hunter, the secrets, how accuracy its, this may sound corny or dumb but, I know Yoshihiro Togashi has a degenerative sick in his back, and because of that I am every day focusing on my meditation, to send him good energy, so hoping to he will be able to recovery soon and start the new arc for Hunter x Hunter dark continent. Also and I’m under depression right now and sadness because situation in my country is very hard here in Venezuela, i want just to become like enlightened, or at least not being depressed like having more control, cause I considered myself a very emphatic person, very kind, i Worried more for people than myself (and this is not that good)

        I’m not describing myself like an angel nope.. but… I just trully believe in auras, energy, secrets, I just want to be able to modify my brain, to feel more safe/secured, to be able to have wonderful Ideas, to broke any prejudice, to be strong enought to face the life without feeling like confused, lost, is very sad for my age of 28 haven’t do anything yet like most people do at 17-18 (and nope i’m not ugly at least not inside or external) but yeah everyone has their pross and cons.

        But yes if you are willing to share a video like Konstantin Komarov’s or videos like Nen explaination such hunter x hunter, a proper technique of meditation, like hunter x hunter i dont know, i would be super happy.
        Y just dont like to take advantage of persons, but i want to feel safe, productive, more happy, and probably give more to people, but of course I will keep the secrets, only for people with true heart, with pure heart or at least to people that knows how to save a secret and just share with beautiful hearts, something like Boku No Hero Academy Allmight and Deku, allmight believe in Deku and shared his quirk to him anyway sorry for being super dumb or kiddo the way i express.

        But if you want to share some secrets or some important tips, i’m here to learn, ( OS!, OSU) cheers♥

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      2. Try clenching your solar plexis (upper abs) region while breathing in through nose and stomach, and exhaling through mouth. Try to do this barefoot in nature, while staring directly at the sun. If you wear glasses or contacts, DO NOT wear them while staring at the sun, the lenses will enhance the effects of staring at the sun and could blind you. If you follow those directions your level of perception will increase exponentially. Then practice controlling your inertial movement. In other words, practice throwing big punches(or swinging a heavy ax or a balanced machete or a light knife) at a dummy or heavy bag and purposely missing the dummy/heavy bag, consciously think about how your bodies inertia moves when you miss your target, try learning how to keep your flow of momentum going even though you missed your target. This will teach you how to control your inertial movement, but more importantly will teach you how important inertial movement control is. Inertial control is everything regardless of martial art, once a certain level of basic skill is reached. The only martial art I know of that explicitly teaches inertial movement control is systema. Its the martial art taught to elite russian military assassins. Its a martial art that has zero techniques, but instead has a system(systema…) of thinking that is extremely adaptable to any situation. Its also the only thing in existence that purposely resets all of the human bodies muscle memory mappings because most of those muscle memories are not the most efficient mappings. For example, when someone tries to punch you in the face, your bodies muscle memory mapping is to lean back or duck in order to dodge, or to put your hands up to block, both were probably learned a young age when your body was still developing/maturing. Both are highly inefficient muscle memory mappings that waste energy and can be detrimental to the situation. A far more efficient memory mapping that you can train is to calmly accept the punch to the face while simultaneously striking your opponent in their most vital positions. People who do not understand the importance of inertial movement are at their most vulnerable when they are in the process of attacking their enemy. People who understand the importance of inertial movement know that when an opponent focuses on their attack it is the absolute best time to surprise them with a lethal counter because the opponents actions are 100% predictable.


  13. PositiveVibrance

    Wanted to apologies for my poor grammar and mistakes I’ve made in my last comment, but thanks again!


  14. Anonymous

    Happy new year! really looking forward to more contents and updates regarding this
    thank you, I’ve made the connection of nen and whm which ultimately led me to this blog, looking forward to part 2 and training in nen, how is your own personal “nen” training going btw?
    Thank you

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  15. Roy again

    Oh yeah, the whole aura thing you’re looking for is in systema and other things.
    If you look at each systema instructor you notice something their styles of systena are different because when you do systema it will automatically mold its own style based off of you.
    The whole aura thing is in systema they call it the wave and in meditation it’s called chi (btw if you wanna get stronger chi I suggest chigong)
    BTW you’re researching skills are scary good.


    1. Yes Vlad’s style appears to be precision based, Mikhails style appears to be rock based(he moves how he wants and no one can move him, hes like a immovable object and a unstoppable force), George Pogacich style appears to be metal based(like Mikhail but less so, George happens to be a heavy metal guitarist(iirc) and I think rubs off on his style imo), Val Riazonovs style is alot like Vlads but with a few tweaks(like the way he makes a fist), Emmanuel Manolakis(i butchered the name) has a very calm style, Giuseppi Fillotto’s style fits his nickname of ‘The Kurgan’, a charismatic killer(there is somethin about the dude, like he’s probably hilariously friendly, but not the guy to mess with), Konstanin Komarovs style is definitely different, but I don’t know how to categorize it, ruthlessly russian? I always crack up watching him do his bodyguard and pistol training stuff, its like the epitome of russia idk haha. I devour everything I can find online about Systema, everything about it is fascinating. Lately Ive been following Emmanuel Manolakis’s lessons he puts on his youtube channel now because of the magical flu nonsense. His lesson on how to get used to handling sharp knives is ingenious.


  16. […] feasibly could increase brain concentration and focus (albeit for only a short amount of time). I’ve mentioned before that blood(low viscous) is more electromagnetically reactive than ferro…. Also standing on your head would look like you were standing upright to an entity looking through […]


  17. Greetings to you,

    This is topic is really fascinating as to brings science to the table to prove somehow an invisible power that humans have.
    I have tried to to reach the Dark Web Website but it is not accessable unfortunately.

    I’m not sure if the websites has been taken down are I had some issues, but if it was taken down anyway. Can you please provide me with the files, toturials or articles that was in the website.

    All the best
    Much respect to your work.


  18. lucien

    Yo, the dark web site is off, could you send me the content of it please? And , are you still working on the part 2 and 3? I am VERY interested .


    1. I changed the name of the series. I need to rename this article, it could be added to part 2 of my ‘Hunter X Hunter is a Mirror to Our Realm’ series. Part 2 of that series of articles matches very well with this article. Ill figure out a better naming system. But to answer your question, No I have not done a training article about this subject yet because I have not yet attempted to train my ‘NEN’. I still plan to eventually get to how to train it though.


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