Nen Is Real: Part 1 Intro To Magic, Miracles, Super Powers, and Nen

Wim Hof Breathing: Increased Oxygen In Lungs, Increases pH

Wim Hof aka ‘The Iceman’ uses a breathing method that allows him to control his unconscious bodily functions which he uses to perform super human feats otherwise impossible. He has demonstrated his abilities repeatedly, hundreds of times, and under massive amounts of scientific and academic scrutiny.

He can control his body temperature:

Michigan Study Video

He can control his immune system response:

Controls His Immune System Response

His Breathing Method Increases The pH Of His Bloodstream aka It Becomes More Alkaline:

Alkaline Vs Acidic

Increased alkalinity decreases the viscosity of the blood.

Ken Wheeler Ferrocell: Low Viscous Blood Reacts To Electric And Magnetic Forces Better Than Ferrofluid:

Ken Wheeler author of “Uncovering The Missing Secrets Of Magnetism” has demonstrated repeatedly and engineerably(extremely easy to replicate experiment) that human blood reacts just as well if not better than ferrofluid when reacting to electric and magnetic forces.

Ken Wheeler uses ‘Mouse Milk'(old WD-40 oil solution) in order to decrease the viscosity of the blood he uses in his ferrocell(see below). He does this so that his blood will move more freely and be less sticky. The ‘Mouse Milk’ oil solution decreases the viscosity(stickiness) because it pH level is much higher than the blood, in other words it is more alkaline. The video below demonstrates that increased pH blood(blood mixed with oil) decreases viscosity(stickiness).

Blood vs Ferrofluid

In the previous section ‘Wim Hof Breathing’, Wim Hof explains that his breathing works because it increases the pH of his bloodstream, aka it makes it more alkaline similar to the ‘Mouse Milk’ above(probably not to the same degree). The pH and viscosity are incommensurate(proportional in relation to each other, aka yin-yang) properties in human blood. They are directly interconnected, when pH increases, viscosity will decrease in specific proportion.

Fight Or Flight: Pineal Gland Calcite Crystal ‘Prickly Goosebumps’

Why do people workout with headphones on? It’s because the music resonates with the calcite crystals in the pineal gland. This causes the sensation of the prickly goosebumps. Anyone who has worked out with headphones should understand what the prickly goosebumps are. The reader should think of all the times they may have gotten the prickly goosebumps during a motivating work out song, and what occurred after that? The reader might recall finishing or completing their workout set or run with greatly increased vigor and strength. As demonstrated in Ken Wheelers ferrocell experiments that anyone can do(the scientific method), low viscous blood reacts more to electric and magnetic forces than ferrofluid.

The calcite crystals in the human brain vibrate during fight or flight which produces electromagnetic current(its really the conjugate of electromagnetic force called magnetodielectricity which is the creative electric force as opposed to the electromagnetic destructive electric force but that is a different topic all together). This is what allows Wim Hof to manipulate the low viscous blood around the area of the pineal gland in his brain, this includes the nervous system, the entire limbic system, the hippocampus, the thalamus, the hypothalamus(body temperature), basically every unconscious function of the human body.

Wim Hof requires cold temperatures to perform super human feats because cold temperatures invoke the prickly goosebump fight or flight response. Humans get the prickly goosebumps during intense emotion, fight or flight responses(like extreme cold temperatures), and from certain sounds (motivating music). The pineal gland contains piezoelectric crystals (a type of calcite). Certain types of crystals can produce a usable electric current when vibrated or pressured, the calcite crystals in the pineal gland vibrate during fight or flight and when certain sounds vibrate them, this creates a small electric current and this is felt as the phenomenon known as prickly goosebumps.


Dark Web Aura: Opening Ones Aura Nodes

A piece found on the dark web that must be opened in the tor browser which can be downloaded by simply typing ‘tor browser’ into your search bar and then downloading it. Apparently human aura nodes can be forcibly opened by constantly clenching your upper abdominal muscles at all times. Once you can do it to the point that you can sleep with your upper abdominal muscles clenched you will have ‘officially’ opened all of your aura nodes. I thought it was an weird idea until I clenched my upper abdominal for about 1-2 hours and had an ‘experience’… Try it for a few hours at least.

Combining the wim hof breathing, a manually induced fight or flight prickly goosebumps(more on this in part 2), the constantly clenched upper abdominal region that induces a sheet of ‘energy’ to wash over the chest and heart region of the body, and then striking a heavy bag with systema whip like ballistic strikes I began to clearly see afterimages as I moved my arms, legs, hands, fingers etc(more on this in part 2).

Systema: The Martial Art Used By The Russian Special Forces Spetsnaz

The Russian Special Forces use a martial art called ‘Systema’ which teaches its practitioners how to remake neurological brain maps to perform near super human feats of perception, speed, endurance, durability, and strength. I was introduced to Systema through the author, Giuseppe ‘The Kurgan’ Filotto. I discovered ‘The Kurgan’ while watching the youtube videos of Vox Day(darkstream). Vox Day is an author, editor, former journalist, musician, game designer, and just general all around leader of legends. He had mentioned ‘The Kurgan’ in one of his streams. I started checking out ‘The Kurgan’ simply because anyone with a nickname of ‘The Kurgan’ must be a pretty epic mf-er lol.

I watched his video entitled ‘precognition, high IQ, and genetics’ where he mentions his book on the Russian martial art, Systema, “Systema The Russian Martial System: Created By The Soviet Military For Their Special Forces Elite”. I became instantly hooked. I understood immediately that Systema was 100% legitimate. Chapter 7 of Giuseppe Filotto’s book teaches the more ‘supernatural’ aspects of Systema. It includes things like precognition, telepathy, how to see aura, how to feel colors, how to extend your sense of touch, how to legitimately dodge bullets, and more. As I was reading it I had the sense that it was a very small fraction of what is really taught to the Spetsnaz.

The upper abdominal clenching technique that opened aura nodes and can be found on the dark web site linked in the previous section most likely works like Systema’s slow push up training work out. The constant clenching awakens muscles within the solar plexus region that were never being used just like the very slow push up training in Systema wake up muscles that were very rarely being used in the chest and arms. After clenching the upper abdominal for around 2 hours one can feel a sheet of energy encompass their chest and heart, and feel incredibly alert.

Giuseppe Filotto

The reason I understood instantly that Systema was legitimate was because I attended the United States Military Academy at West Point for 3 and 1/2 years before being honorably discharged. You see, the Russian Spetsnaz are the Russian equivalent to the American Green Berets. In the military two factions are taught how the world actually works, the military intelligence officers and the special forces officers. Military intel promotes people for serving some nefarious agenda or for being easy to blackmail and control. In other words pedophiles, fags, jews, women, leftist men, etc. The cia, bankers, global corporations, and ngos want easy to control homos controlling everything, its a globohomo nwo agenda. Logos bound men in military intelligence are never promoted and quickly removed. The Green Berets don’t really care about promotions, in fact a captain in the Green Berets might remain a captain for 10 years when normally he would have been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in any other branch of the Army by then(2 ranks above Captain). The officers in the Green Berets are strong Logos bound Christian men. I suspect the same applies to the Russian GRU (military intelligence) and Russian Spetsnaz(Green Berets).

My point is, world super powers do not teach their elite soldiers fake bullshit. The United States and Russia teach a ton of bullshit, but the one group of men they would never do so to is their elite military units, never ever. The fact that the Spetsnaz are taught Systema means its 100% legitimate. I doubt there can be better proof that a system of martial arts legitimately works than that the Russian Spetsnaz use it.

My blog name is “Spells Of Truth” because its how I explain the phenomenon of finding useful nuggets of truth within vast swaths of information, after awhile I learned to instinctually tell what information is useful and what information is useless facts. Systema is a literal gold mine of useful truth. Possibly the largest I’ve ever encountered (Eric Dollard, Ken Wheeler and Gustave LeBon being the only equivalent sources). Systema is absolute gold for useful information and truth.

The Kurgan talks about Systema and some of the interesting topics in Chapter 7 of his Systema book in the following videos:
Precognition, High IQ and Genetics
Human precognition and some warrior Catholics required
Generally on Martial Arts
How Prayer Works
Catholics Rising
The Mystic Aspect of Christianity
How your brain-mind works
Systema Book by Giuseppe Filotto

A great instructional video on the basics of Systema as well as some of the channels of the major instructors can be seen in the following videos/links:
Val Riazanov Advanced Ballistic Strikes Volume 1, Russian Martial Arts, Systema and Self Defense
-Val Riazanov:
-Vladamir Vasiliev:

Hunter X Hunter: The Universal Conspiracy Theory Hidden In Plain Sight

This brings me to my final and most quote, unquote “outrageous point”. The Japanese manga Hunter X Hunter by Yoshiro Togashi equates to the universal conspiracy theory hidden in plain sight. At West Point, we were graded on how well we reacted to absurd situations of life and death(not for real, pretend life and death, but assumed to be real). The manga ‘Hunter X Hunter’ builds its entire premise around reacting to absurd situations, more so than any other form of media, fiction or otherwise. It may be the only source besides specific military schools taught to military officers that shows how to train for absurd situations of life and death.

Hunter X Hunter subtly teaches how the world actually works just like it is taught to the SF Green Beret captains and military intelligence officers, but teaches it in a manner that is hidden in plain sight, it hides levels upon levels of awakening information. It does this by representing real life in a mirror like fashion. The only other form of media that I’m familiar with that hides multiple levels of consciousness awakening information (aka spells of truth) within it is the Christian Bible(please reply in the comments if you know of similar forms of media). Some of the countless similarities between Hunter X Hunters mirror world and our own:

“Strange beasts, and monsters, vast riches, hidden treasures, evil haunts, uncharted frontiers, the mysterious unknown, the people who are captivated by the magic in those words are called ‘Hunters’!”

Hunter X Hunter

Hunters are basically the people that explore ruins, the jungles, strange lands, mysterious places, haunted places, unknown territories physically, mentally, and spiritually. I suspect the next logical step taught after Systema greatly resembles what is taught in Hunter X Hunter. Perhaps something similar is already taught to the actual Spetsnaz but kept secret from the public. Hunter X Hunter teaches how to use mental ‘restrictions and limitations’ in fights to the death to activate ‘rules of intention’ that can do supernatural things. It teaches how to determine aura ‘category’. It teaches the slow motion flow based fighting like in Systema. It teaches how the world actually works in a brilliant ‘hidden in plain sight’ style. It teaches how to remain 100% calm during absolutely absurd situations and during fights to the death.

Explanation of Nen in HxH.
Good Explanation Of The Real Battle System Known as Nen

Everything Put Together:

The wim hof breathing and low viscous blood, the flight or fight prickly goosebumps(that can be manually induced and do not require cold temperatures stay tuned for part 2: Training), the constantly clenched dark web aura nodes, and the Russian Spetsnaz martial art Systema can allow for things that seem like magic, super powers, or miracles when trained properly. Watch hunter x hunter to learn how to train it properly.

To recap clench(TENsion) upper abdominal at all times to help open all aura nodes(called ‘ten’ in hunter x hunter), learn to manually give yourself the prickly goosebumps(called ‘ren’ in hunter x hunter), keep training Systema(called ‘zetsu’, ‘gyo’ in hunter x hunter), learn to increase the effectiveness of everything else by using Wim Hofs breathing technique and knowledge of Ken Wheeler’s blood ferrocell experiments, learn to create things in reality and become a unique individual, and finally watch/read the Japanese anime/manga Hunter X Hunter to learn how to create miracles, super powers, and magic aka nen.

Spells Of Truth

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