Villagers, Snakes, Warriors, and Hunters


Most people are villagers, like 70%. They have a moral compass and cannot discern truth from fiction. They want to do good, are honest, and mostly they just want to provide for their family. A moral compass changes according to how an argument is given to them. Like an actual compass it changes according to position presented. The solution to this is to give the villagers a moral code through religion. A moral code does not change according to position, it is set in stone and unmovable. A religion provides a moral code to the villagers. A villager who is religious becomes better suited in dealing with the next group of people, the snakes.


The snakes are the people who lie, trick, and steal, in order to better themselves. They make up about 25%. They are the soulless husks that run most of the Earth, the psychopaths and sociopaths. They are best represented by the ‘aliens’ in the movie ‘They Live’, except they aren’t aliens imo. The glasses in the movie ‘They Live’ used by Roddy Piper’s everyday joe character didn’t reveal aliens, they revealed peoples souls. The reason why the ones in power had soulless husks is because it allows demonic entities to better enter into their bodies.


The next 4.9% are the people who most likely had a moral code and learned to channel their own creative etheric soulforce into reality without realizing it. Examples of this type of person are the engineers who used their creative etheric soulforce to pour their soul into constructing something truly uniquely original to them and/or their people or God. The most common types of people in the warrior category are original inventors, creative engineers, epic soldiers, and unique thinkers. The warrior class, is the class that created the original iconic and beautiful Greek architecture, iconic and beautiful ancient japanese architecture, and iconic and beautiful catholic cathedrals. True warriors of truth are capable of emitting their eternal, uniquely creative soulforce into whatever it is that they do, be it architecture, engineering, computing, or war.


The last 0.1% are the people whose personal moral code contained a piece of their own unique creative soulforce, and it was so great and their broadcasting of their code to the villagers so great that religions get created about them because of it. They are the Hunters of this world. They are the humans who understood what their creative soulforce was, how to use there own unique creative soulforce, and how to train it to use it at will. Hunters are the true rulers of Earth on all levels, this may seem contradictory to what I previously said about Snakes, but in reality, Snakes are authorized to operate because of Hunters. Hunters allow Snakes, because Snakes test the human soul, they unknowingly test the villagers with temptation in order to challenge the villagers to pass the test and become creative etheric soulforce users (aka nen users). They are the peak of the peak humans making up about 10,000 humans imo. They are the people that religions are created around.

The Japanese anime/manga Hunter X Hunter does not contain religious symbolism. It displays the men and women whom religions were created for because of their ability to harness and train their own unique creative soulforce to perform super human feats that can only be described as magic, super powers, miracles, or in HxH case, NEN.

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