The Shape Of The Earth Doesn’t Matter At All

Why do people get so worked up about the shape of the earth? It has almost zero effect on basic humans day and life, zero. It could be unicorn shaped and it would have zero effect on any persons day to day reality. Why not have some fun with it.

Evidence The Earth Is A Globe:

-Watch a ship sail off to sea.
-Watch a lunar eclipse.
-Climb a tree.
-Travel through different time zones
-Watch a sunset
-Measure shadows
-Google International Space Station photos
-Look at the stars
-Take a round-the-world flight
-Get a weather balloon
-Compare shadows
-Earths shadow on the moon
-The pull of gravity
-A planes center of mass
-Images from space
-The video called “Response to Globebusters – The Earth Still Isn’t Flat”

Response To Globebusters

Almost all sources have almost identical reasons. None of the sources demonstrated the experiments. Google’s motto used to be ‘dont be evil’ and now its not and they have been documented censoring and lying en-masse hundreds to thousands of times, why would anyone trust them. Why ’round-the-world’ flight, why not ‘around-the-world’ flight. No one will ‘get’ a weather balloon cause they are very expensive and the issue is not the weather balloon its the lenses of the cameras. Nasa is less trustworthy than Google. Doesn’t look good for globs, but then a guy with actual evidence appears(Response To Globebusters), maybe the globs are right.

Evidence The Earth Is Flat:


They have some good evidence. The ‘Response To Globebusters’ guy was addressing arguments made by the flat earth youtube channel ‘Globebusters’ which is at best overly enthusiastic people who don’t trust the government but make horrible points, and at worst are shilling to make it easy to debunk flat earth. The legitimate points made by flat earthers are above.

Evidence The Earth Is Hollow:


Not very convincing evidence backed with repeatable experiments, but interesting photos and ideas none-the-less.

Evidence The Earth Is A Concave Sphere aka Its Egg/Onion Shaped:


It explains that the reason humans see the Earth as flat is because our eyes are convex shaped (spherical), the only way for a convex lens to see images that appear flat and straight is if the convex lens was pointed towards a concave surface, aka a concave earth. Non-governmental organizations arguably are the true ruling entities of Earth and the World NGO has a symbol that is identical Lord Steven Christ’s video on the Earth being a concave-hollow sphere, like inside of an egg or onion layer. Maybe Steve is on to something.

The Facts That Matter:

The shape of the Earth doesn’t matter at all and only fools get worked up and angry about it. Globe Earth relies on data given by known liars(nasa and google), and frequently revert to positions of authority as proof. Flat Earth provides many repeatable and engineerable experiments that disprove most of Globe Earth, and its been admitted on multiple government documents that the government does not actually think the Earth is a spinning globe. Hollow Earth provides documents from Nazi Germany during WW2 as well supposed expeditions that have taken place to enter into a large vast holes located at the North and South poles. Concave Hollow Sphere is backed up by a surprisingly sound explanation from a guy claiming to be the second coming of Jesus, a book proving it written by a cult leader named Koresh(not Waco Koresh a man named Cyrus Reed Teed), and evidence within the symbol of the worldwide NGO association, whom I suspect are the true rulers of Earth.

If I had to choose, I’m picking door number 4, Earth is a Concave-Hollow Sphere, its got just the right amount of schizophrenic insanity that brings a smile to my face. Say what you want about Lord Steven Christ, he very well might be an insane person, but you can’t fault the man for making incredibly sound and logically accurate videos about the shape of the Earth hahahaha. I’ve frequently stated that Hunter X Hunter is the universal conspiracy theory hidden in plain sight, the hunter association is a NGO, so on a hunch I went looking for a worldwide NGO association and I found WANGO. Lo and behold their symbol is identical to Steven Christs model of the Earth.


  1. That egg shaped one is interesting for as far as fiction is concerned.


    1. I’m also not sure of where you’ve read that Nazi Germany was involved in any of this.


      1. I read that they were into hollow Earth ala Agartha, not concave, only complete schizos realize the Earth is concave-hollow sphere, the nazis weren’t crazy, they were right about alot of things…ALOT. You can find the documents on ‘.gov’ sites fairly easily. Concave-Hollow sphere also sounds much saner when you realize space aint a empty void, check out my ‘Rockets hitting ether’ post, there is no emptiness. It also sounds much saner when you realize so called space is an incredibly dense ether where entire galaxies can be made with just a cubic millimeter of ether. Check out my post on ‘How To Create A Galaxy’, that example was done with between 2 and 4 cubic centimeters with less pure and less dense ether and on Earth and with spare electrical parts.


  2. Alistair Puntacana

    When is the next article brother


  3. Your website does not render appropriately on my iphone – you may want to try and fix that


    1. ill look into it.


  4. RyumaKen

    I still wouldn’t trust a guy who claimed to be jesus or something. I’m going with the flat earth, It makes the most sense and its supported by scientific and mathematic experiments that almost anyone can do by themselves.
    Nasa might lie, the “second jesus” might lie, I might lie, but math and true science never do.


  5. RyumaKen

    I’ve already loked into the Nazi going to a hollow earth and something about flying saucers they invented.
    When they discovered a new land, they had assumed the earth is hollow, becaused they believed the earth is globe and that was their best explanation. Or maybe they already heard of the hollow earth theory and when they found that new place they assumed it was it.
    Because I believe the earth is flat I have two possible explanations: 1. the earth much larger than we think, and the world map is just a small portion of it(basically the the HxH earth but flat). 2. The world is actually 7 layers one above the other, the are 7 earths, 7 seas and 7 skys. Its 7 world like this: earth(ground, continents and water)>space with air , a sun and a moon> a sky with stars and planets >and you repeat one world above the other. The are secret channels and caves in the north and south pole that connects the worlds with each other.
    But personally I prefer the first explanation, and just how the continents in HxH are flipped disorganized, the actual accurate world map might be a little bit different than what we think.


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