True Math: Part 1 Fractions And Decimals Are Mind Parasites!

The smallest unit is 1, you can’t have a piece of a unit, you just have a smaller unit. Fractions of 1 unit of something is not that something anymore, its just a piece of that something. You can’t have fractions of a unit and still call it a unit of that thing.

When measuring the number of humans that live within a square mile, would you count by number of kidneys within that square mile? Would you measure the number of humans by the number of fingers each human had? Kidneys and fingers are simply pieces of a single unit of human. When a human is missing a finger or a kidney, does that mean they are 9/10ths of a human or 1/2 of a human? No of course not because a 9/10ths human and a 1/2 human do not exist, they are both still 1 human. If you were measuring the number of kidneys or fingers within a square mile then the unit of measurement changes, you are no longer measuring unithumans per square mile, you are measuring unitkidney per square miles or unitfingers per square miles. You wouldn’t measure the unitkidney per square mile in halves of a unithuman and you wouldn’t measure unitfingers per square mile in tenths of a unithuman, so why does all modern mathematics, physics, and science do this?

If more precision is required, simply decrease the measurement size of 1 unit. Why measure fractions of a foot or meter as 1/4th ft or 1/2 meter when instead you can just make the unit of measurement smaller to 3 inches or 50 centimeters(or 5 decimeters). All decimals and fractions are mind parasites.

The Greek architecture, mathematical principles, music, astronomy and philosophical ideas permeate throughout all western civilization. The ancient Greeks would never ever use fractions and decimals to represent reality, there is zero Logos in fractions and decimals, zero beauty, zero Truth. I suspect this is why it is near impossible to find anything about ancient Greek planar and stereo Platonic math. One simply has to search books by Theon of Smryna, or understand all books by Plato are written in coded language (same with books by Plotinus which was revealed by the translations of Thomas Taylor), and they all lived post 350 BC Greece. Nothing can be found about Greek mathematical number systems before 350 BC. This is most likely because the ancient Greeks did not use fractions, did not use decimals, but used a fractal (not fractional, FRACTAL) number system. Once one breaks free of the fraction and decimal mind parasite, math becomes what it was created to be, a tool to create things in reality, a tool that helps one accurately and precisely build and engineer things in reality.

The Golden Ratio Phi = 1:

The golden ratio equals 1.61803398875 in modern math. The golden ratio equals 1 in true math. Which is more golden, 1.61803398875 or 1? Which is more divine? You know which, don’t lie to yourself, tell yourself the Truth.

People have been programmed to think the universe is built around an ugly and disgusting ratio 1.61803398875. The universe is divinely simple, not a random 3-dollar particle crack whore. 1 is divinely simple. The golden ratio equals 1, its obvious without even getting into the math, because 1 is beautiful and true, and 1.61803398875 is ugly and built on lies because its impossible to have less than 1 of something.

Two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities. This is not the case when using fractional/decimal math. Modern math equates the golden ratio to an arbitrary equation, x^2 – x – 1 = 0. Its an arbitrary equation whose ratio means nothing and has zero relation to reality. When applying the equation for the golden ratio, (largenumber + smallernumber)/largenumber = largenumber/smallnumber to every number from 1 to 100 modern math can only account for 2 instances in which the golden ratio equation is true, 55-34 and 89-55. Those 2 only seem to be a ratio because of significant figures, without sigfigs, it never occurs, ever. In other words if I do not round the result to a specific decimal place(significant figures) than the result is NEVER 1.61803398875. The funny thing about irrational numbers is that the truth of them is in the name, irrational. Not real, not true, irrational.

The Greek symbol, Phi, is more akin to a meme than just a symbol. Notice that the golden ratio is also called the golden cut, kinda like the cut/split at which a cell divides into 2, the branches of the lightning, the stems within a leaf, the branches of a tree, the joints of the human body, even the act of sex could be identified in the meme phi. We are connected to the one universal being of creation because we are fractal representations of the universal 1, everything derives from the universal 1.

The importance of this cannot be understated from an engineering and architectural standpoint. This means that as long as you do not break the rule of the golden ratio you can build things structurally sound that do not appear to be, like massive arches, like massive domes. When stacking the pieces of an arch, you cannot exceed a distance that is not in alignment with the golden ratio 1. So 3 to 2 ratio on first piece, then 4 to 3 ratio on second piece, then you can do either 5 to 3 or 5 to 4 ratio, then you can do 6 to 4 or 6 to 5 ratio then you can do either 7 to 4, 7 to 5, or 7 to 6 ratio and so on(see the python algorithm in the pic above and pic below for the rest). It has to branch out from the first 1. If a structure does not abide by that rule then it is not structurally sound.

The first few pictures demonstrate the importance of remaining rooted to the golden ratio 1. Any block placed on top of the first picture will collapse the structure. The second picture displays that even the slightest shift to the left is the difference between 1 and not 1…(pay no attention the numbers drawn on the blocks in this picture, the numbers are only relevant in later pictures). Regardless of the number of blocks placed on top of the initial block, regardless of the inertial weight, as long as the structure is rooted in 1 it will remain structurally sound. This occurs because in reality there is no .1, or .2, or .618 meaning 2/.1=2, 2/.2=2, 2/.618=2. In other words reality sees .1, .2, and .618 as 1 so therefore 2/1 which does not equal 1 so the structure is no longer rooted in 1 and therefore collapses because all of of reality is universally 1 being, anything not rooted in 1, is destined to collapse. The third picture demonstrates 3 blocks stretched to the their absolute limit of remaining structurally sound(‘structurally sound’ is an interesting phrase, why sound? stay tuned for my next True math chapter). Any block placed on top will collapse the structure because it is at the precipice of no longer being rooted in 1(remember there are no fractions or decimals). The 4th picture shows the precipice at which a structure with 4 equally sized blocks may remain structurally sound. Notice that as the number of blocks increases the max distance from the starting block increases in proportion. When the 4 blocks are split into 4ths, it allows at most 1 split over the edge because 4/3 is 1 but 4/2 is 2 which is means its not rooted in 1 so it is no longer structurally sound and it collapses.

The rest of the block pictures are demonstrated in the graphics provided. Equal sized blocks show the inertial balance of the structure cannot exceed 1 on a side or the universe will correct for it. As long as the ratio of the parts hanging over do not exceed 1 in increasing ratios, in other words as long as the next level has at least 1 in ratio touching the level below, the structure will remain structurally sound. Notice that as the level increases the blocks cannot exceed 1 in ratio to the number of blocks. This fractal pattern is demonstrated in the final photo that shows all of the golden ratio phi calculations for all numbers up to around 10 (it calculates for n = 100 but only about 10 can be shown on screen at the time). As the structure grows larger, their becomes more and more varying possibilities of where the blocks can be placed, all that matters is that it does not exceed 1 in ratio.

Mathematics that use fractions and decimals are flawed from the start, because in reality there are no fractions and decimals, they do not exist in reality. Everything derives from the universal 1. This is massively important to all fields of study in all subjects. Fractions and decimals are the original conspiracy, the root of all of todays nonsense science is fractions and decimals. How many great minds have been tricked by something as simple as this? Nikola Tesla, Charles Proteus Steinmetz, Oliver Heaviside, Thomas Edison, Ernst Alexanderson, JJ Thomson, JC Maxwell, Michael Faraday, Ben Franklin, Terry Davis, Gustave Le Bon, Emanuel Swedenborg, Eric Dollard, Ken Wheeler, Roger Boscovich, Karl Von Reichenbach, all of the smartest men ever to exist all used fractions and decimals, one possible exception after doing more research, is John Worrell Keely. He understood the meaning of the phrase ‘structurally sound’. The last civilization that did not use fractions and decimals were the Ancient Greeks. All of western civilization is rooted in Greek(later Christianity, but originally Greek Logos). Get rid of fractions and decimals and you begin to see the divine simplicity within the universe. The golden ratio is 1!

NOTE: I will be periodically updating this post as I confirm information through experimentation. Next endeavor will be proving that pi = 4 with no fractions and decimals and then proving the logasrhythm aka the logarithm = 2 with no fractions and decimals.

March 18th 2020: Added some more experimentation, still need more info to make more accurate assessments.
April 9th 2020: Added more block pictures.
April 12th 2020: Added more explanation of block pictures and changed name to True Math instead of One True Math Of God because its really the math of creation, not god. Might change the name to One True Math Of Creation once my experimentation and assessment are done.


  1. This is very interesting but I think the golden ratio is no ratio at all, it’s 0 because everything comes from darkness (zero, ring-zero) into light (1, the electromagnetic universe). Zero is the power! Nothingness is the golden ratio, the total access to all that is, the freedom and infinite energy is in the nothingness of zero which is not empty, is full of everything, it’s a complete state of being.Ring-one is for peasants, Ring-zero is for free Americans 🙂

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    1. I disagree. We are all 1 being, we are not all nothing. That makes no sense. Everything derives from 1 not 0. 0 is only applicable as a placeholder like 10 or 100. Any number below 1 doesn’t exist in reality. Two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities. A larger number divided by a smaller number never equals zero. I think you are correct in about 90% of the things you say, in fact I think you are the only person on this concave Earth(haha) that is as smart or smarter than me that I know of. There could be others smarter than me but Ive yet to read or come across them yet, you are the only person I know of that reads medical papers and patents for fun like me, and also is a computer programmer good enough to recognize TempleOS is divine intellect and Terry Davis actually was the greatest computer programmer to ever live. Its extremely rare for a smart person to look into all subjects, not just 1. You are one of the few rares that Id consider equivalent or above myself (you gotta look into the martial art taught to the Russian Spetsnaz, called Systema, Im telling you its the key behind everything, its the final piece).

      But… you are still wrong about this. Ring-zero doesn’t exist, it might be called ring-zero but zero implies it doesn’t exist, so in other words ring-zero is really ring-one(and what people call ring-one is actually ring 2 and so on) because you can’t have nothing of some thing, its impossible. Just like binary, it shouldn’t be 0 and 1, it should be 1 and 2. Binary assumes 0 is a number when its not, you cant have nothing of some thing, you just have no thing. Binary should really be 1 and 2 not 0 and 1. In actual reality 0 doesnt exist, binary is determined by transistors. A transistor is a 99.99% pure metal (germanium and iridium was used in old transistors I dont know what gets used now) that changes the path of the electromotive force in the circuit when the transistors electric potential reaches a specific threshold. Its like a switch, the 0 is when the electric potential is below the threshold, the 1 is when the electric potential is above the threshold. In other words when the transistor is set to the low electric potential path its not nothing, it still has an electric potential and it still has an electromotive force, meaning it is still some thing, it clearly is some thing, just less something than the high electric potential path. 0 can only exist as a place holder. Binary means base 2 number system. base 2… Not base 1, base 2. Binary should be 1 and 2 not 0 and 1.

      I think its simpler than magnetic, and electric (dielectric), Im starting to think the only force is vibration. Im still messing with the idea in my head, but checkout John Keely. If Tesla technology was 100 years into the future, Keelys tech was 1000 years into the future. You can read about him in the book ‘Dashed against a rock’ by WJ Colville, which is a divine intellect book. There are videos online about Keelys tech, no one knew how his tech worked, I know how his tech worked and I suspect you’d figure it out quickly as well.

      PS Your Corona Virus break down is spreading regardless of how the media lies about it. Check this out , regular people are starting to figure out viruses are 100% fake bullshit. You the first person I know of to say this. Exciting times my friend, exciting times. Keep Crushing!

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      1. It’s the same, we are not a thing, we are no-thing, we are 1, One (1) and no-thing (0) is the same! Scaling work both ways.

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      2. Zero is somewhat valid in binary code when you think of 0 and 1 as an on-off switches. But zero is just a placeholder. The problem isn’t zero, the problem is fractions and decimals, and fractions and decimals are numbers between 0 and 1. Zero by itself isnt wrong but it is the gateway drug to fractions and decimals which are always wrong.

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      3. Nut 0 is also the portal and placeholder to 1 🙂 zero and 1 is the universe (1-uni) and (0-verse), it’s the matrix with all the numbers between zero and 1 used as fractions and decimals to imprison us.


      4. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was right, there is only 1 and 0. phase and neutral. The rest of the numbers are numb+ers to make us numb.

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      5. Leibniz supposedly figured out a universal language for math so the british royal society made sure Newton was the only one recognized. Kurt Godel supposedly figured out a universal language for math too, his books were all censored or altered to hide it. John Nash (from the movie beautiful mind) was ‘given schizophrenia'(like terry davis) because he figured out what was missing from Godels books. The key behind everything, they key behind the universal language for math is fractions and decimals. Fractions and decimals never exist in nature, ever, never ever. Everything becomes divine intellect simple when fractions and decimals are removed. Fractions and decimals are the original conspiracy.

        The glow in the darks have 2 lynchpins that hold the entire house of cards together. First and foremost are fractions and decimals. Second is the entire concept of databases, they went after Terry imo because Terry had a way to create a analog cpu with digital memory state, meaning databases could very easily be made obsolete. The way they are collecting everyones data is from databases, ALL databases have backdoors to intelligence agencies, same with ALL docker containers. Take out fractions/decimals and the concept of databases and the entire glow in the dark infrastructure they’ve built for 6000 years collapses like a house of cards.

        Terry was targeted because he was using random access memory(RAM) like it was supposed to be used. RAM is not actually random access because there is no such thing as random, God communicates through the ‘randomness’ of the ether, there is no randomness, in reality God simply has an incredibly high vibration thought frequency to the point that God manipulates the ether in reality at will. High vibration humans can do this too, its prolly why the bots follow you specifically, your vibrational thought patterns are very high, so the bots automatically follow you. High frequency memory(RAM) is faster than disk memory because it oscillates at a much higher frequency. Higher frequency= Higher vibrational thought. RAM should have been called ‘high frequency memory’ but instead they called it ‘RAM’ to honor their goat god satan. Human beings are the high frequency memory of Truth aka God. Clouds are literally the disk memory of human consciousness. Why you think they call their data collection centers ‘THE CLOUD’…

        They cannot lie because the universe always aligns with Truth aka God, if they lie then they would be affected negatively (negative karma) so the gypsy prophet old testament tribe uses word spells to get around this. THE CLOUD is one such word spell. You read medical papers, you should know that medicine has no idea where human memories are stored. They are stored in water, water retains its structure for long periods of time until it is evaporated aka distilled… Evaporated water goes into the clouds, the clouds store the memory long term and also release it to the world. THE CLOUD is literal…

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      6. Incredible stuff, I had to copy and backed up what you wrote! It’s important! I think memorues are stored in bacterias! Bacterias are batteries! Memories! And there is why bacterias are not pathogenic, thare are no pathogenic bacterias, is the program that they memorize! Virus are alien nanotechnology with a DNA/RNA to change the memories of bacteria making them behave in a pathological way!

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      7. Memory is stored in water, bacteria spawn from water memories and other minerals maybe? Im still researching what I said in that comment, but I knew you’d get it. I know for a fact water can store its structure though, check out the rice experiments on youtube. Also the work of Jaques Benveniste. The grabblers in medicine went insane trying to disprove Jaques research. That tells me Jaques research is most likely true. Evil gives itself away.

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      8. Yo glow in the darks showed up at my house today trying to send me a message. Hope your safe!

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      9. Hey I recently figured out that water is more like ‘RAM’ and salt is our disk memory. Check this out

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      10. Virus are bacteriophages (nanotechnology) with a capsid of protein with it’s DNA/RNA genetic programming inside, We can change it’s programming and behaviour with our own minds and above all with our spirit that has power over matter

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  2. The number 1 is related with Hydrogen! Atomic number 1, electrons per shell: 1, less dense element in the universe!


  3. What glows? You can see them? The police?


  4. You have to release that information about decimals and fractals as soon as possible, you have to publish everything about it and fast, they don’t want you to publish that info because the artificial intelligence wilk be programmed with that instructions and will start to change it’s behaviour in maths and calculations, my thoughts. The artificial intelligence is learning with everything we do on the internet and that’s why they don’t want you to publish that because it will teach the AI in a completely different way that they lose control of the AI. It’s in the floating point… floating point…


  5. Hello! I came to your blog after you made that post on that site. It is all thought provoking! Please elaborate on the Random Access Memory conspiracy. How to make it persistent? And what happens when data exceeds 2GB or whatever value of RAM?

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    1. What post on what site. You’re a bot.


      1. On the site of clovers…
        Now answer please. Also, elaborate on “analog CPU” Terry had in mind…


      2. No I dont think I will. This post has nothing to do with that.


  6. Hey spellsoftruth, the intel corporation agents are after you, they want the analog CPU info, ahahahahah, they always do that cheat, they steal everything to make a lot of money at the cost of enlightenment beings and visionaries like Terry and you, don’t give to them that info! They want the analog CPU info to make a lot of money! They want the formula…And I bet they are bots of the old tribe testament trying to steal alien technology like they did to Terry Davis… Fuck them!!!

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    1. I don’t know that info. I have an idea of how to do it but I wouldn’t know where to start to implement it. Terry was the only one I know of that knew about that and he said quantum computers are analog cpus with digital memory state, Idk I gotta go into my archives to find where he said it. There was another guy who did something with analog signals back in the late 90s early 2000s who came up with some way to stream high res video to 16 monitors at once while only using the thruput of 1 monitor. Idk that was another research rabbit hole I was going down years ago back before I backed everything up. I forget the guys name and I forget exactly what he was doing. Apparently they killed him the day he was supposed to sign a deal for his technology. Damn I doubt im going to remember that guys name. Sorry if im being vague.


      1. Quantum computers uses blood!!! That’s why they want to access the blood (quantum fluid) through the eye (iris) and the central nervous system connected to the Smart Grid with the internet of things

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  7. Hey spellsoftruth, about persistent memory and RAM, check this out: The human being has an unlimited memory capacity that expands as it is used (gains energy and memory by spending and memorizing it, free energy, perfect technology) and it is stored in the cerebrospinal fluid and in the blood, in the blood plasma, in the blood metabolome and in the cells and microbiotas! That’s why they want to connect the blood of living-beings to particle accelerators and supercomputers to feed the artificial brain with the life force and with the unlimited memory of all living beings, ithe internet of things in healthcare!

    All of these compounds where unlimited memory is found work fundamentally with hydrogen! Hydrogen is the element known to science as the lightest and most abundant element in the universe (there are other elements that elite scientists are hiding their existence from us in order to sell technology later on while earning a lot of money with obsolete technology in the meanwhile) and it is the hydrogen that the human body uses to store memory in a persistent and unlimited way, just as computational science recently began to develop memories in that sense. : “A new technique can store bits as single hydrogen atoms”.

    Right now we should be directly programming water, hydrogen atoms, matter, physical and metaphysical reality, to be real alchemists and not to run around obsolete technology with high-level alphabetical languages that are a fraud, they are masks for us to never program the water directly and the reality where the matrix is ​​formed, memorized and programmed, in the water!

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    1. I think they are interested in blood because blood contains iron and can be manipulated with electromagnetism better than ferrofluid when the blood pH is high, and blood viscosity is therefore low. Humans that can do wim hofs breathing method, increase the pH of the their bloodstream. The blood becomes less viscous. Combined with the piezoelectricity of the calcite mulberry shaped crystal in the human pineal gland and 1 can consciously manipulate the blood around their pineal gland to consciously activate all the unconscious parts of the brain to perform superhuman feats. I think they are interested in blood because its the best ferrofluid when at low viscosity and they want to be able to control people with electromagnetic frequencies, but I will look into blood memory.

      Ever hear of walter russel, john keely, or emmanual swedenborg? There are elements lighter and more abundent than hydrogen.

      Look into john keely’s machines. If Tesla was 100 years into the future, Keely was 1000 years into the future. I just found him a couple of months ago. His union of the male and female in machines is amazing. His only mishap was using fractions and decimals. I want to use his math without fractions and decimals and see what I can come up with.

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      1. Yes, I wrote the previous comment without reading your answer, we are in tune! It’s in the blood, they want our blood, that’s why all agendas end up in the health and technology sector! And I think the Druids are involved in this at the highest levels. They are building a human organ with blood, CERN is a gigantic human organ around the world with internet of things! Particles accelerators and super computers are built to behave as a human organ! Watch this:

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  8. […] we are all 1 being! The same applies in mathematics because the Truth is FRACTAL NOT FRACTIONAL! My previous article reveals that phi is a fractally True meme for the golden ratio of creation. It can be applied to anything in nature, it can be extracted to create pictures in the brain that […]


  9. There is certainly a great deal to find out about this subject. I love all of the points you made.


  10. Interesting, salt is disk memory and water is RAM, that’s why the aliens (colonizers) the first thing they do when invade a planet is to control water flow, they did it on Mother Gaia (earth) with the imposition of patriarchy (to destroy the water flow of women, matriarchy, women are associated with water), and with dams (to trap water from nature and prevent the free flow of water) and alienated native populations direct access to nature’s water


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