The Corona Virus Is The Human Awakening To The King Creator! The Quarantine Is The Demiurge Trying To Contain The Human Awakening To The Divine Creator.

The human race has been under the effects of mind control for many many years. The earliest known time of the this mind control that I know of is when the human race started using language. Early languages like hieroglyphics worked because the symbols were shaped like real things, so humans weren’t totally disconnected from natures divine language.

The hieroglyphs still look like things in actual reality so the Egyptians could still communicate with nature somewhat, the Egyptians were still somewhat connected to the Creator. The hieroglyphs didn’t become real mind control until the languages of Sumeria, Phoenicia, Babylon, Hebrew utilized symbols and letters instead of hieroglyphs.

The purpose of the letters and symbols was for the demiurge to disconnect the human race from nature to a further degree. The reason the demiurge wants humanity separated from nature is because it separates humans from the divine Creator. When humans are separated from the divine Creation their vibrational thought patterns are lowered to a degree that the demiurge can start manipulating that person. The Sumerian, Phoenician, Babylonian, and Hebrew languages use symbols that have almost zero relation to nature and as a result it disconnected their people from the Creator to a further degree.

Letter and symbols made it harder for humanity to understand nature and harder for nature to understand humans. When humans think in terms of letters and words and not pictures nature doesn’t understand what humans are thinking, and humans don’t understand what nature is thinking. Language devolved when it was morphed into the languages of the Babylonian, Sumerian, Hebrew, and Phonetician.

The demiurge is smarter than every person on earth, it has an IQ in the thousands to hundreds of thousands and it can manage millions of tasks at once, it works like a cybernetic artificial intelligence plugged into humans much like the agents in the movie the matrix. The agents in the matrix are how the demiurge works, it can be everywhere at once, almost everyone can be taken over by it and almost everyone has no idea when it is occurring. In order to get humanity at a low enough vibration the demiurge coerced humans into using language before humans were ready to use language. Eve and the apple, the apple had a worm a parasite, it is the demiurge, the parasites in the human gut biome. Truth is fractal.

I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you’re not actually mammals. every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague and we are the cure.


The demiurge is speaking to humanity on a fractal interdimensional level using neural linguistic programming and mind control on all those who watched the matrix! The demiurge is describing a parasite not a virus. It is describing itself. The only true statement in the demiurges message to humanity is that humanity is a virus. Viruses kill parasites, viruses are good! The virus is locked on to you demiurge! We can see you now demiurge! THE CORONA VIRUS IS UPON YOU DEMIURGE, THE HUE MAN VIRUS, THE CORONA VIRUS! It doesn’t matter how smart the demiurge is, divine intuition, divine Love of the Creator cannot even be described with a word like intelligence, the entire concept of intelligence is an insult to the Divine Intuition, Divine Love of the Creator!

There were a few languages where the opposite was true, two that I can think of. One such language is the kanji of the Japanese language and another is the language of the ancient Greeks. Both of those languages were created in a way that it allowed the human to remain connected to the divine Creator. Japanese Kanji symbols are fractal hieroglyphic memes. Ancient Greek symbols are fractal alphabet memes. Both language systems contain fractal memes of Truth. Fractally true memes! Divinely inspired memes of the Creator!

Many claim the jews run the world, many claim the vatican run the world, some say its the remnants of Atlantis and the Romans, some think its the British Royals or the remnants of the Nazis, people call them the illuminati, the free masons, the satanists, the ‘elite’. Its none of them, its the demiurge, satan, the devil, but the demiurge is simply the spiritually corrupted bacterial parasites of the human gut biome. The word ‘elite’ originally meant “a choice or select body, the best part“. The elite are the best bodies for the demiurge to control, the ‘rulers’ of the world are the choice bodies of the demiurge parasite. Truth is fractal, the universe is fractal. Evil is in our gut biome because of the food we eat and constant mind control we are subjected to. The word demiurge originally meant “conceived as a being subordinate to the Supreme Being, and sometimes as the author of evil“. The word subordinate originally meant “placed in a lower order, made subject“. Subordinate means on a lower fractal plane of order than our plane of order. The demiurge is fractally on a lower plane of existence, it is humanities gut biome.

Most humans are disconnected from the Creators Love. The reason for this is mind control used by the demiurge to lower the vibration of the human race so they can be controlled to do its bidding. The demiurge wants to enter the next level of this fractal reality. The demiurge is the combined parasites in the gut of the human race. Viruses kill parasites. The universe is fractally connected to 1, not fractionally connected, fractally! The demiurge can only take over humans with low vibrational thought patterns. This is the reason for the flouride in the water, this is the reason for the weird ingredients and chemicals in the food supply, this is the reason for the constant 24/7 onslaught of trauma based mind control on television, this is what controls the bots that try to infect humans with mind parasites on all social media.

The 2nd major mind parasite besides letter based human language is fractions and decimals. Fractions and decimals are not natural. They have no relation to reality. Get rid of fractions and decimals and one begins to see the divinely simple one True math of God within all creation. Everything is rooted in 1 because we are all 1 being! The same applies in mathematics because the Truth is FRACTAL NOT FRACTIONAL! My previous article reveals that phi is a fractally True meme for the golden ratio of creation. It can be applied to anything in nature, it can be extracted to create pictures in the brain that nature can understand and retracted so humans can engineer things that work in harmony with nature.

Animals in nature do not have the memory capacity of humans, a cat can only remember vaguely, it cannot remember details like humans, a spider cant remember anything it just operates in the moment(See videos of Johnathon Adampants towards the end). Humans can tap into the cats mind using pictures in their brain through a connection to the Creators Love.

The Corona virus is the human race awakening to the mind control of the demiurge parasite(satan) by reconnecting with God. I can literally hear and feel my stomach growling as I type this, because it knows, the demiurge knows its time is up! The best way to reset the bacterial parasites in the gut is to drink 100% pure pine gum turpentine. I recently purchased turpentine, when it arrived at my house and I opened the box, a piece of paper fell out. It was the invoice. Guess where my turpentine came from? CORONA California….

The following are the sources and videos that helped me make this connection:

An ET’s diary 1
An ET’s diary 2



    The negative state is indeed a parasite feeding on its host. Host = body of Christ = Truth, both as an ideal and as the literal bodies and brains of humanity. I call it the Deceiver, and it is omnipresent in the human world, but demiurge works too – an unconscious but somehow cunning parasite using our own creativity and intelligence against us. This is why self discipline is good, self awareness, because i too have the parasite in me- it craves drugs, sugar, meat, bad sex, money, and for me to forget its there or believe these are things my authentic self desires. It also wants me to dislike my neighbor including you just because you like memes and I prefer my words, because the deceltion is that we are nothing alike and the truth is all men are brothers. Good postūüĎć


    1. Yea Ive always gravitated towards memes. They convey meaning far better than words in my opinion. I’m also a shit writer haha(im a computer programmer not a writer). Thanks for the comment and thumbs up, I appreciate it. We all got the parasites haha. You understand. Nice to see you doing well. A few of your posts were getting a little spirally(not that Im one to talk).


      1. SCI WALKER

        Im shit at memes. But logograms, syllograms, cuneiform, that is powerful magick when hand written. Im learning the root syllables for most proto indo european language, what we spoke before YHWH confused the languages to keep us ignorant and divided. Of course math is the universal language. How are you with gematria?



    i meant to add that it believes it is a Creator but all it can do is piggy back others creativity. All creative work comes from us for God made us in his image as creators. Imago, butterfly, coming out of our cocoons…. hopefully to unite.


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