8 Videos To Help Bring The Meek Up To Speed About The ONLY Enemy Of The Human Race, The Demiurge.

Most of humanity is currently sitting at home with nothing to watch. There are no sports to watch and gamble on. Netflix shows have run dry to the point that people are starting to watch foreign language films. Instead of rewatching every episode of friends for the 15th time, have your friends and family watch the following 8 videos in order to plant the seeds of awakening to the ONLY true enemy of the human race. The first 3 or 4 videos are meant for people not in the ‘truther community’, they are videos for normies to start from. The middle 2 or 3 are videos that will help someone who has accepted the truth of the first 3 or 4 videos. The last 2 or 3 videos identify the ONLY ‘enemy’ of the human race, and then how to tap into the divine Creator. Watch in order.

Mike Tyson Explains The Industry And Illuminati


Mel Gibson And Shia LaBeouf Explain How Illuminati Works In Hollywood


The News Is All Fake.


All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars. All High Level Bankers Are Unknowingly Controlled By The Demiurge


9/11 Was A Remake Of The Movie, ‘The Princess Bride’.


Helpful Education For People Navigating This Insane Reality


The Demiurge Exists On A Lower Fractal Plane Of Existence, In The Human Gut Biome. Everything Derives From One In This Fractal Universe.


Jesus Was A bike rider. The Bible Is A Book About How To Ride A Bike. How Do Humans Learn To Ride A Bike? Through A Book? Or Do They Physically Get On A Bike And Start Pedaling? What’s The Bike In This Metaphor?




    i like the topics but long videos aint my thing. do you have articles re esp the demiurge and gnostic : anunaki / nefilim / elohim?

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    1. This post is me trying to help people who are trying to teach their friends and family whats going on with the SeeOvid1Thru9 virus, so basically I’m projecting haha. A few of my friends and a few of my family members have been asking me what I think of the corona virus and I understood that I need to ease them into the Truth, I can’t start out telling them about the demiurge entity that runs the illuminati through spiritual human gut biome parasitic demon entities that are trying to enter into our fractal plane of existence thru the use of the cybernetic human blood memory organ quantum computer(CERN), the ‘cloud’, and ritual blood sacrifice whose purpose is to elevate the gut biome spiritual entities from the fractal plane of a human bloodstream to the higher fractal plane of Earth. Or, how the origin of the word ‘elite’ is ‘a choice or select body, the best part’ is in reference to who the demiurge controls the easiest. I kinda screwed up trying ‘wake up’ a few of my family members and am starting to see how the demiurge is trying to get me to react to my family members antagonistically like calling them all morons, or telling them the purpose of tv is mind control and the entertainment is second or tellin them sports are childrens games designed to prevent their brain from getting above an adolescent childs. The demiurge is trying to set up a scenerio using my family members to say specific things to me to try to trigger me into reacting negatively which will isolate me from them further. The only way to approach the situation is from a position of love, you cant approach it as a ‘im smarter than you, listen to your better’.

      Covid-19 is a code word for the illuminati. Its referring to the book Metamorphoseon libri by Publius Ovidius Naso who is commonly referred to as Ovid in English, C OVID 1-9… http://www.latein-pagina.de/index.html?http://www.latein-pagina.de/iexplorer/ovids_metas.htm check out the art on that page, it looks like the demiurge, just a jambalaya of creatures and not a singular entity. The illuminati speaks in code. Im working on a couple of articles that will be very interesting. Fractal scalar reality needs to be more properly explained but I am not ready to post what I have on it yet in relation to the demiurge(see last video in my video post). People who read my blog should start on video 5, 6, 7, or 8, my friends and family would need to start from 1 and since I know I got no shot of them to read books, i made a small playlist for em.


  2. Isaac Netero( most commonly known as " Chimera ant aliens are assholes(most of them anyways, no offense- I don't hate Mexicans though")

    Hey! I am that guy that posted that extremely lengthy comment a while back, talking about plotinus and the Supreme Creator and everything. I believe that you are actually human, since you are receptive to the truth. I have however found a giant missing piece that I did not know back then, and I need to inform you NOW! After I told you the most important stuff I knew, you then became a Targeted Individual. This means that the Archons|aliens|demons|Jinn are watching you(also some human remote viewers). You may see people with sunglasses outside or planes hovering over you- be knowing though of the fact that those people and those planes are fakes, the planes ARE ALIVE(well, they are more dead than alive) and they are holographic projections from the 4th dimension, and the source of those projections are NOT human.
    More than 90 percent of the people you see around you, or interact with on the internet are not human, AT ALL. They are alien\archonic\fallen angel hybrids or just plain bots. They are not your friends. Even your family(most times anyway, not always ). Finding a true human is extremely hard. There are no such things as “friends” in this world. The truth will absolutely rock you, and it is absolutely disgusting but you have to know.
    Humans are getting replaced by these beings as remotely controlled clones, left right and centre(Star Wars: The Clone Wars). Human children get raped, tortured and killed, always eaten, sometimes alive.There are underground bases under every town and city in the world. If there are 7 billion humans, there are billions UPON BILLIONS OF ALIENS. These guys drink the blood of chldren , and as you know blood is holographic. The plasma inside your blood carries the energy from your inner essence, the soul and your information which is also stored in your aura. These guys are vampires. There are reptilians, grey aliens, nordics, werewolves, dog headed people, bear people- but NONE(most of the time) of these can EVER be trusted. Not even some humans, because they can be part of the illuminati. I made a playlist on my channel of the most important videos you would need to see. You can train to spot these scum posing as humans easily by the long neck, grey eyes, poreless face etc. It’s all there. Oh, and the Kurgan, Owen Benjamin??? They are not human. No jew is human either, they are all hybrids! Including Trump. Humans do not appear on tv, EVER! And when they do, they are high ranking Freemasons.
    These guys use holograms to cloak their true identity. A way to spot hologram malfunction in videos is to put the video down to 144p, then bring the speed down to 0.5 or 0.25. Real humans do not get all the problems with “data moshing” surrounding and tracking their faces as the people move. I will list all the ways to check if someone is human or not
    they are NOT humans if
    – They are not receptive to the truth, even if good and undeniable evidence is shown(this is on purpose, they are actors)
    -have no pores
    -have no earwax
    – shiny plastic like skin
    -overly white sclera+doll’s eyes\ incredibly black eyes(Kurgan has these)
    – The “tare” triangular nose(Kurgan has this as well) wheat and tares explained https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTxK-oAgXMY (the BI Bull(moloch= satan or demiurge) has some truth in it) and the tare nose https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-F1n2m2_18
    -synthetic and insincere smile(yep, Kurgan)
    – Holographic ,malfunction in videos(Kurgan- check this video and use my technique of slowing the video down and bringing it to 144p- look at his eyes STRAIGHT AWAY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKK_vA5dGgs
    -Extremely long neck
    -look like geckos
    -sharp teeth( grandma, what sharp teeth you have!) greta thunberg (in my youtube playlist)https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKFCM2w9FpOXUwSXEBpvAVNCp0Xghi2DG
    -Looooooooong tongue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iui4zcd4wHg
    -look like a gecko or salamander- greta thunberg
    -overly muscular neck
    -tongue flicking faster than is humanly possible
    -giant eyes(these are greys)
    -deadpan voice
    – curved thumbs
    -narcissism\psychopathy- always not a human
    -long fingers
    – glowing red eyes when you take pictures of them russian club example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsmjSoQlKtQ- the Terminator comes to mind(That’s not even predictive programming, that’s just the truth)
    -their eyes don’t smile
    -fake laugh
    – cruel jokes “i eat people”
    – weird vibe
    -sex crazed
    -distract you from the truth
    -carry a watch or phone everywhere “i ve got one that can see!”- they live
    -they are a truther channel but have tens of thousands of subscribers, have a channel name that is extremely suspicious like repeating numbers (triple sevens, sixes, eights and nines) or a play on words. For example, do “fairlylight mcginn”. Fairies are not human, light is talking about the fake holographic images, and “Mcginn” refers to Jinn, which are demons. Another one is “god is grey”; because she is a grey alien hybrid. They may also have a picture of an alien as their profile picture.
    DO NOT TRUST ANYONE, use your intuition before you do that. But if something does not feel good, listen to your heart. Also, make orgone the right way or else you’ll be like me, utterly defenseless ha(somewhat tragic, not funny really, why am i laughing?) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKFCM2w9FpOU-kcbd_gYZ44u1qngEvLkJ. Well, that is , if you are human to begin with, I wouldn’t know. Shame. But check out my channel for my playlists, although some of the people there may be in fact agents, there are still good facts there. Oh yeah, and the moon is most definitely fake as veggie meat burgers.They also put human meat in everything, STAY AWAY FROM SOY!
    We do not come from here, we are humans. This is a simulation made by the cube of saturn( the Matrix is 100 percent real, this is IT folks). The disc around Saturn is like a hard drive disc, this is why all over the world the elites worship cubes(Mecca is a good example) and look at the shape of Saturn’s north pole. True reality is protocybernetic, and we came from a realm closer to God. The 4th dimension, where the archons\aliens\ fallen angels come from, is hell. We originally came from higher dimensions.Whatever happens, do not do what most “people” are doing, because they are not people. Wilhelm Reich’s ORGONE ACTUALLY KILLS THESE PIECES OF very unpleasant feca matter, and Wilhelm Reich himself was bringing UFOs down. Anyways, If you make a strong orgone pipe(you HAVE to make it yourself, those online are purposefully weak and archonic), you can take down alien ships.Holy crap, spoiler alert, stars are not what you have been told.

    Wait for it…

    Constellations are alien fleets. Yeah, we are surrounded. Go outside, see how many stars there are. This is why in the bible it says that the stars will fall, because these aliens will come down, abduct humans(all in the name of love of course-this is where the Christian doctrine of the rapture comes from), torture them, rape them and kill them( you can fight back with the creator having your back and orgone). A bit much, but that’s the truth for ya. Absolutely brutal. But when you die( and you WILL die) you will wake up. YIPEE!


    1. Reptillians, archons, aliens, ufos, are 100% fake. Its you the demiurge eye in the pyramid. You probably created a psych profile of me and since i watch some reptillian channels on youtube, talk about hunter x hunter, watch some djinn channels you think Ill trust you and it will sway my opinion. I know the secret to the movie ‘the matrix’ and its not 100% real its about 98% real, but the entire movies capstone is 1% lie, and 1% half-truth. The lie is that its a choice between blue pill and red pill, its not, dont do drugs, no pills. The half-truth is Neo is the One… Why is that a half-truth mr demiurge? Which reminds me, its time for my tablespoon of 100% pure pine gum turpentine.


  3. Isaac Netero

    What? Nope! I watched HuntexHunter as well, always did as a child, so I thought if I called myself Isaac Netero it would be pretty funny because of the nen page. Anime is big in Italy. And trust me, aliens are real as hell, and it was me who told you about Plotinus and all of that, and he is right…but the thing is, children are getting killed left right and centre. There are freaking clones everywhere. I have presented ample proof. I didn’t even know you watched reptilian videos, but the most popular ones are absolute trash. ERRR , I am a real person. Ken Wheeler is also probably a Freemason, but his information is impeccable. Also, the One can only be said to “be” the one if there is no differentiation between you and it, so at that moment there is no “you”, so you cannot say “I am the One” for that would imply differentiation between the source of identification(I) and the thing identified(the One). And I never implied that you must choose between dual choices. But being part of relative existence, one must do what is natural. And shrugging whilst the human population is getting culled is not natural.You cannot be possibly thinking that the people behind this are human, right? At the moment I am very confused as to what to do, and what to believe. But my main point was about the fact that the perpetrators of these acts are not human. I am 17, I’m not some type of malevolent consciousness. Humans don’t rape and kill children(and eat them). There are literally adverts of these guys TELLING YOU what they are. The average person has a neck that is WAY too long also.You don’t have to trust me, I thought it would be helpful. And if by “fake” you mean that they are holographic projections, literally everything in existence is so.
    Okay, last paragraph. The way I realised these guys existed is when I first woke up. I experienced attacks, what people would simply leave to the chances of fanciful imagination, or schizophrenia. But that is materialism, and does not make sense. If the illusion of these beings is simply down to chemicals interpreted by the brain, so that there is no external source of perception, this then means that chemicals are the object of perception, whilst also being the subject, causing the ability for other chemicals to be perceived(causing consciousness). But such chemicals would need to lie external to the brain, otherwise they would have to be perceiving themselves, which is impossible, for any perception of an object brings one further away from the subject. There then must be a standalone object outside of the personal mind for which perception of it is allowed to take place. This is why hallucinations are always just as real as any specific thing is. Reality is fractal, such as that the whole is represented through the parts. But the one is all things prior to the differentiation of all things, such as it is not all things, but what all things participate in. There is no difference between the self and its attribute, between the self and the mind. So if your problem is that I am telling you “to pick and side”, that’s not it. When you stand up to these pieces of crap you will get sleep paralysis all the time. Considering that humans NATURALLY have psychic powers, it is literally impossible for the one percent elite to have ever existed without getting help from nonhumans greater than they are. And I have actually seen shapeshifting myself through videos where I chose to investigate first, instead of watching a video and I saw yellow slit eyes clearly. Sometimes I doubt myself, but I shouldn’t. I am trying my best, but this reality does not make much sense.


    1. Perhaps I overreacted. The entities you are referring to are all the demiurge. The eye of the pyramid goes down, not up. The eye is the demiurge. You don’t think they cant implant thoughts in your brain, or speak to you in your own voice. Ive had stuff implanted in my brain while I slept, what it showed me scared the shit out of me. It was a f-ing power point slide, I didn’t realize it was a powerpoint at the time but after I heard this man speak about it in his video series called ‘reconnecting with spirit’ i realized with absolute certainty that it was a power point slide. Its the intel agencies unknowingly doing the bidding of the entity I refer to as the demiurge. The aliens are the demiurge system. It wants you concentrated on aliens and reptillians and other things, but they are all distractions and mind traps. Its the demiurge system. It works on 3 fractal planes of existence. Read my 2 new articles for better explanations. Here are the rest of Jonathan adampants videos maybe they will help you understand like they did for me, https://www.youtube.com/user/lukasig/videos


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