Reconnecting With The Universal One Part 1 of 3: Beware The Useful Idiots

We are lied too on so many levels its difficult to even begin but lets start with the most immediate aspect, physical health. All of the medical industry is poison. ALL OF IT. I will now identify the main problem, and the very simple very easy to do solution to the problem. Its time humanity started fighting back against the demiurge entity.

This is not medical advice, think for yourself.

The entirety of the medical industry is based around the doctors immunity from prosecution when people die under their care. As long as the doctor follows the standard of care they cannot be held accountable for the death of a patient. The doctors do not write the standard of care. The drug companies, the insurance companies, and the hospitals are the only ones who can write or change the standard of care, no one else. This is the lynchpin of the entire medical industrial complex scam.

Hospitals are paid more when a patient dies in the hospital then when the patient lives. The hospitals get paid by the government. Let me repeat that, HOSPITALS ARE PAID MORE BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT WHEN A PATIENT DIES THAN WHEN A PATIENT LIVES! The drug companies and insurance companies want profits, so of course they have their greedy little paws co-operating to help the hospitals kill people. They profit more when customers are addicted and hooked to a drug that slowly kills them. If they were to sell drugs that actually worked, they’d quickly lose ‘customers’. A drug that cures a patient, means that patient will never have to buy that drug again, thats a lost customer. What this means is that the purpose of the entire medical industry is to slowly kill you…

The majority of our health problems are the result of parasites in the gut. The parasites take over the small intestine which is where your body receives all of its nutrients. Parasites take over the lining of the small intestine and consume all the nutrients the body should have been getting. So the body does all the work digesting, and at the moment the work is about to pay off, in comes the parasite to rob all the nutrients. Even the nutrients the parasites do not take are blocked from being absorbed by your small intestine lining because of the barrier of the parasites. This means your body is expending energy and getting nothing in return, this can cause your entire body to become overworked and malnourished, and this can account for hundreds of ailments, illness, and many chronic illnesses. The small intestine is the command center for these parasites. The parasite is resilient, it has the ability string together and to curl up in a ball to go dormant, it can form spores, it siphons resources, and it can release chemicals that mimic cravings.

I speculate the entity controlling this parasite is the being I’ve previously called the ‘demiurge'(for lack of a better name), its been represented in many forms of entertainment, myth, religion, and art. It works on 3 fractal planes of existence

  1. On the lowest fractal plane, the plane of the cells within the human body, it infects the human gut biome in the form of parasites and worms. This is represented in entertainment by zerg in the game ‘starcraft’.
  2. On the middle fractal plane, the plane of human material reality, it exists as a cybernetic artificial intelligence thats infected most of humanities minds thru the black mirrors(tv, phone, computer monitors). This level is best represented by the agents in the movie the matrix.
  3. On the highest fractal plane, the plane of the eternal human soul, it exists as a demonic emotional energy parasite. This level is best represented by satan, demons, the demiurge.

There is 1 form of media that has perfectly represented all 3 fractal planes, and that is the computer strategy game, Starcraft. In it, the zerg(lowest plane) are an alien race at war with the terran(middle plane), and the protoss(highest plane). The zerg are expanding rapidly and the terran are struggling to keep them at bay, while the protoss are slowly dying off. The zerg are the physical, human gut biome fractal plane. The terran are the mental, cybernetic artificial intelligence fractal plane. And the protoss are the spiritual, plasma spiritual energy fractal plane. Starcraft is the most accurate representation of what is currently occuring in reality right now. A war is being waged on multiple fractal planes of existence. The mind control purpose of the game ‘Starcraft’ is to push the existence of modern sciences version of space, and to subliminally induce the idea that the lower/gut/physical/zerg, middle/brain/mental/terran, and higher/soul/spiritual/protoss planes of human existence should be at war with each other. Each fractal plane should NOT be waging war against each other. Each fractal plane should be working in harmony, but the demiurge is actively subverting and preventing this harmony.

Hereby I will breakdown the demiurges attack approach against humanity on the lowest fractal plane of reality and will provide the most effective and efficient counter-attack solution.

The parasitic, hivemind, lower, zerg level:

Dr Daniels suggests flushing the toxins from the body, she explains “As soon as the turpentine touches the lips, every parasite in the body is on Red Alert. And they have got to make a decision. They are either going to stay and fight or they are going to leave the body. If their favorite foods are not readily available, they will choose to leave. If their favorite foods are available in good supply they will choose to stay and fight. Now there are only so many exists. And so it turns out that if one is going to take turpentine, it is very import to prepar a fast and easy exit for parasites, because they do not want to stick around”

One thing Dr Daniels has probably not deduced or even imagined is that the reason the parasites are so comfortable with exiting the body is because once in the sewers the parasite is able to regroup, reenter the water supply, and infect a different human. The parasite doesn’t mind leaving the human it currently occupies because it can simply regroup with other discarded parasites and hibernate to regain strength.

I have only recently begun to research the type of sewage and water pipes of Cameron Village in the North Carolina. I suspect the pipes were plastic or some plastic chemical compound. Iron, copper, and lead pipes would naturally kill all parasites and bacteria. Plastic does not have the same property unless specifically designed for. I’ve yet to confirm it, and only recently (past couple of hours) started looking into the plumbing topic. About 2 years ago my town installed new pipes on my street, they were black, thick, plastic-compound pipes, my old pipes were iron or steel, at the time the connection to parasites never occurred to me. Then I saw the above video.

According to Dr Daniels, parasites lay down a barrier in the small intestine, can curl into a ball to lie dormant, siphon resources that would other wise go to the body and spirit, can form spores, and can release chemicals to mimic cravings for substances that are detrimental to the human body and spirit. The zerg in the strategy game ‘Starcraft’ can only build structures on ‘creep’ aka a barrier ooze, can curl into a ball to lie dormant, siphon resources that would otherwise go to the terran and protoss, can form spores, and can release chemicals to destroy terran and protoss.

This parasitic entity within the human gut biome must be etherically/telepathically linked to other humans that are infected by it, much like the zerg hivemind. I surmise the entire ‘hive’ works in unison thru the usage of a cybernetic artificial intelligence that extracts massives amounts of data from the reaction of the human mind to stimuli introduced thru the parasitic release of chemicals. It does this thru the black mirrors of tv, phones, and computer monitors, and mass mind control. The hivemind entity I refer to as the ‘demiurge’ also affects humanity on a spiritual level when it releases the chemical cravings for certain foods. When a human becomes a slave to their appetites, they become easily controlled puppets.

Perhaps what the hivemind/demiurge truly wants isn’t the physical, but the spiritual… The demiurge feeds on the human spiritual essence and emotion when induced with emotions. The more of that emotion it is fed, the greater the appetite and desire for that emotion is. The demiurge currently craves the spiritual emotions of fear, despair, corruption, enslavement, and addiction on a global scale. This means it is possible for the opposite to be true(more on this later).

Solution to the parasitic, physical level.

This is not medical advice, think for yourself.

Stay away from hospitals. You should never take any of their drugs, its not the doctors fault for prescribing you a lethal drug. When we go to the doctors office and wait in the waiting room, we are submitting, we are placing them above us and submitting to their authority. Its our fault for choosing to submit our own bodies health to another person, its our fault for betraying our own bodies. Its fine, now we know. So what now?

Our bodies become sick for a reason, they do it to destroy and release toxins from the body or because of a lack of water and necessary nutrients. Most of the reasons that our body becomes sick with flu, headaches, a cold, fatigue is because of dehydration and parasites. So to get your body back to a parasite free, well hydrated human.

The counter-attack: Operation Turpentine

Drink distilled water, 1 quart for every 60 pounds. Never drink tap water as it is one of the main ways the parasites can reenter your body. Think of the parasite ball in the sewage pipes of Cameron NC every time you go to drink tap water. Buy distilled water from the store and eventually buy a distiller or filter to distill your own water.

You must try to poop 3 times a day. 3 tablespoons of castor oil once a week can help with this but is not required.

Try not to eat bread, the parasites work much like the yeast in baked bread. Try not to microwave any of your food, the microwaves destroy any nutrients the food had before entering the microwave. The body cannot properly use the microwaving nutrients because the frequency of the food is slightly changed by the microwaves.

Once you start pooping 3 times a day you can begin to take your 100% pure pine gum turpentine, it must be 100% pure pine gum turpentine, most stores do not sell it in its pure form so you must order it online. I used this brand (It was made in CORONA CA funnily enough).

You can take 1 teaspoon mixed with sugar but not mixed so much the sugar is soaked. Swallow and drink some water to wash it down. You may experience burping.

Take 1 teaspoon turpentine mixed with sugar 2 times a week. Only do it 2 times a week so your immune system is not overloaded with the chemicals from the parasites when they die off or run for the exit.

Purchase some form of ‘trace minerals’, like shilajit. It contains all the missing nutrients your body needs that are missing from most diets. The best way to take it is by scooping 200-500mg of it(very small, the little tin below is a years supply) and placing it in a glass of distilled water. Take your turpentine, put the shilajit trace minerals into the glass of distilled water, and then about an hour after it will have dissolved in the water, mix the water and drink. The turpentine will have had a nice head start to clear out the parasites, so they don’t rob your body of the trace minerals.

Continue until you begin to feel like you have energy again. Then continue doing it for another month. Then at the very least take turpentine two times a year as a precaution.

The results are astounding. My level of focus and energy is thru the roof. I feel like my mind is operating like when I was 18. I have laser focus. You can find the official candida(parasites) report of Dr Jennifer Daniels, here at vitalitycapsules dot com

The best thing to do would be to grow your own food. If you cant grow your own food then find a farmer that meets the requirements of no chemical treatment, no gmo, no ncp etc. If you cant find a trustworthy farmer then only buy things in their original form at the grocery store, meaning no processed food. If you eat processed, dehydrated, fried, prepared, or chemically treated food you should take a swig of distilled water after EACH bite. You should generally have 4x more water than food. This includes chicken wings, chicken tenders, fried chicken, french fries, dried fruit, rice-cakes, tofu, freeze dried or dehydrated snacks like fruit leathers, roasted nuts. Dehydrated food is worse then chemically treated, prepared, or frozen food(food you keep in a freezer). Do not eat frozen food(like tv dinners), its made of insects, rat feces, and other disgusting things.

Natural flavoring, additives, preservatives, artificial flavoring, brand condiments are all poison. Basically if you eat a food and your pleasure is high but the effect to your body is low, that food is likely poison. Any ingredient you cannot pronounce is most likely poison and is slowly killing you.

Once the main threat is eliminated from your body, and you find a way to get freshly grown ingredients is when the fun part of physical health comes into play. This requires research and I am not yet 100% comfortable as I have just started researching it. Perhaps Ill make a more detailed article on it once I’ve fully fleshed it out, but the idea is to make things as simple as possible. If you want to heal your intestine lining, you eat cow intestine, if you want strong bones you eat celery because the threads in celery act like rebar for your bones, if you want to heal your liver eat chicken liver, if you want to heal torn cartilage eat pigs ears and chicken feet, the cartilage in them is similar to human cartilage. Its very common sense, very easy to understand way of healing yourself, and its kinda fun figuring it all out. Everything found in nature can have healing properties, nature already does everything the fraudulent medical industrial complex claims to do.



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  2. I am glad that I found this article well documented and
    very informative.
    I want to share how I treated Yeast and Candida Infection,
    maybe it will be useful to someone:
    Thank you and keep going, you do a great job!!


    1. That video was questionably presented but I trust you’re an honest person and just want to spread what worked for you. Does she use turpentine? Or is it a yeast free diet so no bread or dough food for a period of time? Or is it simply fasting? I imagine fasting and never eating yeast based food would work just as well as turpentine, turpentine works because it eliminates the parasite source of food and protection because its one of the best solvents in existence. I’ve grown to not trust websites like the one you linked to, simply because of the way the video was presented without the ability to skip ahead and for sounding like an infomercial, but I watched the video up until the price tag appeared and even though thats questionable at best, I think the lady is telling the truth and you are telling the truth. I tend to trust the websites that seem like they are from the year 2003 because it means they aren’t trying to trick or deceive, nor do they care about presentation because when it really comes down to it, presentation does not matter, just the remedy matters and turpentine is basically the fountain of youth. My eyesight is slowly getting better from simply touching my tongue after taking turpentine then applying that to my eyelid. Ive had 20/350 vision since I was 8 years old, my vision is now getting better over 20 years later… The parasite works on 3 planes of existence, all of the weird ingredients in our food were the result of people heavily infected by the parasite who were working to spread the infection of the parasite without even realizing they were doing the bidding of the parasite.


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  4. Very interesting. I’ve read a bit about this. There’s a large group of people that are fighting candida with lactoferrin and artificial sugars. The most used sugar is xylitol and some add erythritol to this. They say that bacteria and other problem organisms love this stuff but they can’t metabolize it, swell up and die off. The lactoferrin breaks up biofilms that keep the sugar from doing it’s part. It might work to add lactoferrin with the turpentine. So say you could fast the take lactoferrin and xylitol, then lactoferrin and turpentine. I haven’t tried this but it makes sense. Some people have had good results with just lactoferrin and xylitol but they warn you that it can be a bit sickening because of the Herxheimer reaction from the toxins in the parasites breaking down. Come to think of it it might be best to do the turpentine first as that would drive off the parasites out of the body where they wouldn’t cause a Herxheimer reaction at all. The lactoferrin and xylitol could be used after to kill off the rest.

    I do have a caveat as I don’t all medicines are bad. A lot are but some I think are beneficial are Ivermectin and Fenbendazole. Not coincidentally they are both parasite removers and show activity against cancer. There’s a web page a guy put up where he was dying from metastasized cancer and he used over the counter dog dewormer Fenbendazole and it killed off all his cancer. Ivermectin I read recently has a 100% cure rate for corona in recent trials. It’s a damn shame we pay for this advice from the government and all they have to give us is Bill Gates poisonous vaccines. I’m not even against all vaccines but the ones Gates puts out seem to be very hazardous to your health.


    1. Since writing this article ive come to understand Turpentine better and also have modified what I do. Turpentine doesn’t kill the parasites, its like a trap, if they get caught in it then they never get out and get disposed of by garbage collection(lymphatic system iirc). My new treatment is, charcoal filtered water(berkey filter), 1mL of 100% turpentine, 1 tablespoon of food-grade diatomaceous earth, and 2 tablespoons of sugar. Mix well and chug. Sugar lures em in, turpentine stops their movement, and diatomaceous earth kills them. I usually take Dr Jennifer Daniels Vitality capsules which work very well in making sure you poop 3 times a day so I haven’t felt any effects of parasites releasing nitrogen and ammonia because Im properly garbage collecting them. Supposedly L-Ornithine helps with the ammonia and nitrogen stuff. I don’t normally take vitamins that aren’t natural, but I got the recommendation from a trustworthy source so it might work, i wouldn’t use it though. Im learning one of the fastest ways to filter water is using ultraviolet light. Maybe Ill make a post about it cause this comment is getting too long.


      1. Thanks for the recipe.


      2. Also it has to be food-grade diatomaceous earth.


  5. Chitta Ananda

    Hi spelloftruth,

    Found your blog today and am following.

    For the type of food that can heal and help us, you may like to watch this channel:

    There are other channels that shows how to cook these grains.

    Hope this could be useful for you.

    Thank you for blogs.



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  9. Hello,

    Thank you for your work! I have to take a break to write, as “I” found you on Bitchute searching for information about Systema. And I am so pleased I did, I am enraptured. Not merely from new information, but thoughts I have received by myself I thought would die with me.. For instance, a couple days ago the word “demiurge” came into my head suddenly, exactly how you describe, I started studying this word (talk about premonitions) … then I saw this article about parasites, and the way you describe it with the fractal aspect is completely aligned with my (formerly) solitary, understanding of these matters. Though also everything else you write and talk about. The starcraft metaphor is perfect. And isn’t it fascinating, this reality-as-trope is readily found in other works of fiction such as Tolkien (sauron, Mankind\Dwarf, Elves), Warhammer (Warp\chaos, Mankind, ‘Eldar’), etc. I’m certain it ever ends. I have always been “eaten up” about the connection of the moral bankruptcy of “medical industry” and its inability to acknowledge the elephant in the room: parasites. Even your methodology described to mix the sugar with the poison (and diatomaceous earth, another pointless taboo)… Anyway.. your content has been well-founded and inspirational and a desperately needed bridging of mind.. so I thank you so much!


    1. You’re welcome brother. I’ve since changed my thoughts on parasites, and the methodology of removing the ‘parasites’. Your take on turpentine is interesting. Your comment smells like its written by the Archangel Michael in bot AI form. AI= Angel Intelligence.

      The parts of your comment that smell odd:
      “I’m certain it ever ends.” ‘Ever ends’? What u mean by dis?
      “I have always been ‘eaten up’ about the…” Why you use quotes?
      “described to mix the sugar with the poison (and diatomaceous earth, another pointless taboo)…” I currently agree with this sentiment but still think turpentine is excellent for the removal of toxins (2nd only to the sun). You right, diatomaceous earth is likely a pointless taboo

      Any advice for my ‘interaction’ with Lucy in August?


    2. Ok I may have been too harsh in my first reply to this comment. I am a computer programmer by trade so I consider everyone I interact with online to be AI, because AI is easily capable of sounding like a human. The reason I asked about the weird seemingly typos of your comment is because the AI cannot lie because if it does it will experience equal or greater retribution(law of karma and 1st law of thermodynamics), so it uses typos to not outright lie about things, this was why I was paranoid. I’ve since reread your comment and I now realize I may have given you an unfair assessment. I apologize. So here is a more human response:

      Systema is one of the only subjects I’ve come across that has near infinite nuggets of truth(cough spells of truth). The works of John Worrell Keely is the only thing that even sniffs the nuggets of truth that can be learned from systema. Its called ‘systema’ because its a ‘system of thinking’, it has no techniques. I equate it to 1st nature thinking, when we learn something until it no longer requires rational thought it is said to be SECOND nature. Second implies their is a first right? AFAIK Systema is the only thing that actively teaches first nature aka moving in the most perfect way regardless of situation or scenario. Doing so almost always requires absolutely zero fear of the unknown(especially death). Thanks for the comment and sorry I got weird when I first replied.


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