Reconnecting With The Universal One Part 2 of 3: The Pyramid With The Eye Looks Down Not Up

The pyramid with the eye does not go up, it goes down. The eye is the demiurge entity I’ve been referring too in my previous articles. It wants to pull more and more people into its gaze and under its control. It does this on 3 fractal planes of existence.

  1. On the lowest fractal plane, the plane of the cells within the human body, it infects the human gut biome in the form of parasites and worms. This is represented in entertainment by zerg in the game ‘starcraft’.
  2. On the middle fractal plane, the plane of human material reality, it exists as a cybernetic artificial intelligence thats infected most of humanities minds thru the black mirrors(tv, phone, computer monitors). This level is best represented in entertainment by the agents in the movie the matrix.
  3. On the highest fractal plane, the plane of the eternal human soul, it exists as a demonic emotional energy parasite. This level is best represented by satan, demons.

Basically all computers made after 2008 are data collection machines:

This includes all Intel chips made after 2008 and all AMD chips made after 2012. What do I mean by ‘data collection machines’. I mean every single thing you do near a computer is thoroughly tracked monitored, analyzed, and used to literally control your brain like a puppet. This includes things most people are generally aware of or have a sneaking suspicion of like the collection of every key stroke, every mouse movement, everything put on RAM(random-access memory), on hard-drive, all files, all folders, location, basically complete unfettered access to everything. What this also includes that most people are not aware of and is far more serious is the LED(light emitting diodes) refresh rate, all video settings, all LED screen settings, 3D spatial triangulation, tracking of your electromagnetic brain waves, electromagnetic heart waves, manipulation of your electromagnetic brain waves through pulse wave modulation of your flicker fusion frequency aka complete mind control of the human brain on all possible levels.

It means every computer with an Intel chipset or AMD chipset can read your thoughts as you think them, and responsively implant thoughts into your brain to manipulate, distract, and control your thought processes. In other words if you have a computer, and use it regularly, you are being brainwashed and mind controlled by the entity I refer to as the demiurge. Its fine, there are many solutions to this problem and most of them do not require you to be a world class computer programmer and hacker.

Skip ahead to ‘The news is 100% scripted’ to skip the technical parts

The Obvious Data Collection:

The technology used to infect most machines is the Intel Management Engine chipset, AMD chipset, Microsoft Windows, UEFI, all wifi routers, all smartphones, all LEDs.

Taken from the FAQ page of Libreboot operating system after they attempted to create their own data collection free and backdoor free operating system:

“In summary, the Intel Management Engine and its applications are a backdoor with total access to and control over the rest of the PC. The ME is a threat to freedom, security, and privacy, and the libreboot project strongly recommends avoiding it entirely. Since recent versions of it can’t be removed, this means avoiding all recent generations of Intel hardware.”


“This is basically AMD’s own version of the Intel Management Engine. It has all of the same basic security and freedom issues, although the implementation is wildly different.”

The word ‘secure’ means only intelligence agencies and their companies have full unfettered access to all data. SSH is to telnet, SMTP is to MTP, and SFTP is to FTP, what HTTPS is to HTTP. The latter communication protocols were considered ‘insecure’ because anyone that knew how-to listen to your comms could do so. The former communication protocols only allow intel agencies. Anyone who says they trust intel agencies is a useful idiot. Think of the words ‘intel agency’ as ‘evil cybernetic hivemind demiurge system bent on enslaving human consciousness for all eternity in constant inescapable suffering and torment’. All intel agencies are subtlety controlled and manipulated by the demiurge entity, almost all of them do not understand this irrefutable fact, and the ones that do are being tricked on a grand scale.

Your computer is always live streaming if it has a camera. The intelligence agencies are always recording and storing it on one of their servers. All video stream services can be remotely manipulated and corrupted at will whenever the intel agencies(demiurge slaves) want to. This includes audio and almost all images.

The intelligence agencies created all malware in existence, its rarely a ‘lone dude’, im convinced thats a complete myth and even if it isnt, the intel agencies would recruit them, blackmail them to do their bidding, or kill them, whatever works. The intelligence agencies(demiurge) love complexity. Its what allows them to put narrow blinders on most programmers and hackers, when everything is so complex it becomes increasingly difficult for even the best programmers with the highest IQs to understand what is actually physically happening on the computer. Very few programmers understand how all 25 million lines of code in linux operating systems work, very very few people(probably no one) understand how all 50 million lines of code in windows operating systems works. Even if a programmer did understand all the lines of code, it only takes idk, 5 lines of code to collect all the data thru a backdoor into intel or amd chipsets, so its highly unlikely that even if you understood everything happening in the operating system, you’d still never be able to stop data collection.

The intel agencies(demiurge slaves) sell it to the public as a way to prevent enemy nations from reverse engineering our systems. The front companies of the intel agencies, like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, Linux, basically all global corporations always play dumb when its discovered that all of their data was hacked or when a ‘vulnerabilty’ is found.

In reality the so called ‘vulnerability’ was put there explicitly as a ‘feature’ for the intel agencies. All biometric data, sms texts, uefi, voip, usbs, web browser, and wifi traffic is constantly recorded at all times. Every global corporation in Earth is working for the demiurge entity, the intelligence agencies are its muscle.

The Not So Obvious Data Manipulation:

All mainstream internet sites are infected with evil artificial intelligence bots. As a general rule consider an internet site mainstream if it asks for you to accept a cookie policy. Yes this includes wordpress. Every website that asks at the top or bottom of the website for you to accept their cookie policy is collecting that data for the demiurge system, and the demiurge system is analyzing that data to determine the best possible course for siphoning more of your time and soulforce. The AI bots are linked to the demiurge system.

“… allows for a digital brain to connect to the internet, all digital and bio-digital networks, human bodies, machines, robotics, IoT’s[internet of things], Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Holograms, and other technologies, that can be used for surveillance, to track, manipulate, control, social engineer, re-engineer, reprogram, brain wash, hunt quarantine, threaten, arrest, commit cultural genocide, and kill human beings by machines, Bio-Digital AI, Digital AI, and robotics connected to the 5G, 6G and other networks and corporate command centers.”

In the lawsuit filed 12/16/19 by Cyrus A. Parsa representing “The AI Organization”

The AI organization is close to what is actually happening, but even they don’t understand the extent. Consider all digital electronics to be manipulating your mind and body at all times.

LEDs and all manner of imaging devices can also be used to manipulate the flicker fusion frequency to affect your brain wave state. Every person has a specific rate in which we can perceive a blinking light as shining like normal light. This is called by the demiurge, the flicker fusion frequency (FFF=666), because its one of the best methods for the demiurge to manipulate human brain waves, this is why there was such a push for LEDs.

The news is one hundred percent scripted:

The news is 100% controlled and mostly made up by demiurge ‘elite’ writers or a demiurge bot. The news is designed to elicit an empathetic emotional response. It does this through mind control techniques like neural linguistic programming(this is aided by the technical mind control described in the previous section). The screen plays are then simultaneously broadcast by a stolen technology called ‘LeaderPlus’. The ‘talent'(see below they call the news anchors the ‘talent’). This is also why every election is 100% fake.

The purpose of television and movies is mind control, the entertainment is second.

Every movie ever made has very subtle mind control. What do I mean by subtle? Here are some examples

The Hiding In Plain Sight Mind Control: Revenge Of The Nerds

If you wanted to destroy an empire, like America, how would you do it? You could never defeat America with physical military force, that would be impossible. You could only destroy America by infiltrating it and subverting it from within. America has to kill itself, it cannot be destroyed by any enemy nation. How do you convince a nation to kill itself? You take over the entertainment industry, television, movies, and music and you push the inversion of truth.

I’m not saying homosexuality is evil, I’m saying to kill an empire you get their men to willingly destroy their own genetic blood line thru sodomy, disease, and destruction of the family. The entire purpose of the movie ‘Revenge Of The Nerds’ was to get Americans used to homosexuals, and to get Americans to think the weak were strong, to think the nerds were strong men. Americans that watched ‘Revenge Of The Nerds’ could not have fathomed the movie being a subversive mind control trick, because America is a high trust society. Americans simply could not imagine someone trying to trick them in such a way.

The Neural Linguistic Programming Mind Control: Good Will Hunting

Thanks Matt from Quantum Of Conscience

Everyone has seen the above scene. Matt Damons character William Hunting, reveals some real truths here, but there is another layer going on, a mind control layer. Watch this scene again, when Will says “see the sad thing about a guy like you is in 50 years you’re gonna start doing some thinking on your own you’re gonna come up with the fact that there are two certainties in life one DONT DO THAT and two you dropped 150 grand on a fucking education you could have got for a dollar 50 and late charges at the public library.” What does Will mean by the first certainty? It makes no sense in the context of the movie. Its literal, its mind control, its subtlely saying ‘you’re going to start thinking for yourself, DONT DO THAT”. Its telling the audience subliminally to not think for themselves.

Another mind control trick in Good Will Hunting is the scene with him and his buddy Ben Affleck(haha).

The trick is that it makes it seem like Will Hunting is an anomaly, that his intellect is unique. That if you can’t memorize pages of books, you can never equate to academia. The movie paints the everyday man as the ‘dumb’ construction worker Ben Affleck and the dumb construction worker should want his smart friends to become some lab rat, that parents should want their kids to go to college, ‘make it big’.

The Stop Humanity From Reconnecting To The Universal Being Of Creation Mind Control: The Matrix

This is by far the most subtle and can only be noticed when you begin to reconnect to the universal being of creation. The Matrix is the most diabolical movie ever imo.

The Matrix is filled to the brim with nuggets of truth, everyone knows this. The term ‘red pill’ originated from this movie. Choose the red pill and go down the rabbit hole, choose the blue pill and remain ignorant, pick one. The mind control is that there is no choice. Thomas A Anderson should have told Morpheus to stop pushing multicolored drugs in his neighborhood. The choice is neither red pill or blue pill its no pills, stop doing drugs. This is the level of subtlety the demiurge uses through movies to push people away from the truth.

The above scene always felt off for some reason whenever I watched the matrix. It was the same reason the part in good will hunting when will says ‘Dont do that” felt somehow off. I now know why. It was the universal one being of truth, love, and creation trying to get me to notice, ‘hey there is something wrong going on here, pay attention’.

Neo: “Do you always look at it encoded?”
Cypher: “Well you have to the image translators work for the construct program but there’s way too much information to decode the matrix, you get used to it. I don’t even see the code all I see is blonde, brunette, redhead. Hey you uh, want a drink?”

A character named Cypher says “the image translators work for the construct program.” What does that mean in the context of the movie? It has zero connection to the movie. Its not referring to the context of the movie its referring to the audience. We are the image translators, we work for the construct program aka the demiurge artificial intelligence aka ‘the system’ aka ‘the matrix’. A computer displays images and symbols, and human ‘image translators’ interpret the images and symbols with their own meaning. Its stating through a cipher that we are the ones building and working for the matrix. Then he says ‘hey you uh, want a drink’? As if to say ‘forget about what was just said go back to your drinks and popcorn’.

The biggest trick isn’t a lie its a half-truth, and its even bigger than the lie about the red pill and blue pill and the cipher. The biggest trick is that ‘Neo is the One’. Its a half-truth but it is the point of the entire movie. The entire movie is to hide the full truth. The full truth is that Neo is the one, you are the one, I am one, and even the demiurge is the one because we are universally one being. The matrix is trying to hide this fact because the matrix was written by an agent of the demiurge entity. The demiurge can only be defeated when humans reconnect to the universal one being.

Sports are the modern equivalent to the Roman coliseum gladiator matches:

Whats occurring in those sportscenter openings is mind control hypnosis. The spinning shiny metal attracts your eyes attention like a swinging gold watch. Instead of a weird hypnotist saying ‘look at the watch swing backkkk and forthhh, backkk and forthhh,’ while he swings a gold watch, insert 1000 gold watches and music designed to put your mind in an alpha wave brain state(trance like). Its works exactly the same way but it doesn’t tell you to look at the swinging watch go backkk and forthhh. The flashy extravagant graphics draw the eye to the screen, this may seem obvious, but what is not obvious is the underlying message it gives the viewer.

The message is sports are important and since they are worth the time to make this graphic its only natural for a man to watch them. Look at those graphics, they are ridiculously complex and fancy. I was once enamored by sportscenter, I used to watch it everyday all day. Its perfectly normal for a viewer to see sports as something fun and interesting, but make no mistake sports are children’s games. The purpose of the graphics is to give sportscenter and sports an air of importance, as if watching grown men throw balls around in child’s games is worth the viewers time and effort.

Without mind control television, men would never spend so much time perfecting their left-handed dribbling and shooting skills (in basketball), men would eventually stop playing childrens games. I spent so much time on sports when I was younger, sooo soooo much time. At least 3 hours to 10 hours every single day since I could walk until I was 23 years old playing useless sports. Im sure many competitive men have spent the same or more time on sports as me. I know most of my friends have.

Playing sports is a different story. Sports help young men identify their position in the hierarchy of men, its where they begin to realize if they are leaders of men, where they can learn if they can compete at a top level with other men. Sports also help men develop their hand-eye coordination, athleticism(overall ability to control their inertia, more on this later), and other physical aspects. They also are an excellent way to make friends, learn teamwork, and gain a sense of camaraderie with other men. Besides the useful mental and physical side effects of competing against other men, the actual sports teach incredibly useless skills.

This is a big one that will be difficult for many men to see, but it must be seen because when competitive real men know where to point their competitive will and spirit, the ‘choice meat bodies’ (the elite) are utterly annihilated on every possible level. They see competition as a sin(see above). Real men don’t see competition as a sin, real men see competition as a challenge, they revel in it. The demiurge and its ‘choice meat bodies’ (the elite) fear competitive men like the plague, because competitive free thinking men are like super soldiers when facing off against the demiurge’s ‘elite’.

Solutions and alternatives to the cybernetic artificial intelligence, mental level:

The mental level is 100% controlled by the demiurge entity, its the demiurges strongest fractal level of reality. It can be 100% defeated by simply not using digital electronics. Humans have lived for thousands of years without digital electronics, not using them will not only help destroy the demiurge, it will free the human race. Digital electronics are 100% unneeded when it really comes down to it. I understand that this is not the easiest thing to do in todays society so heres some alternatives to movies, sports, news, and some good safe software.

Alternative digital software and hardware

Its very beneficial to turn off all the digital electronics after work to read and/or just to get away from the demiurges constant mind control pressure. The best way to get rid of the demiurge entity is to not use digital electronics after the work day and to spend the hours after work walking barefoot in nature whether that be simply walking around in the back yard or on the grass next to the sidewalk. Walking barefoot grounds humans with the Earth and balances them. Most people spend countless hours staring at a computer screens. I spend at least 8 hours a day staring at a computer screen as a professional computer programmer. The best way to start reconnecting to the universal creator is walking outside barefoot.(more on this in part 3)

Good Software:

Alternative to sports

Martial arts, specifically the martial art called ‘Systema’ which is taught to the Russian Spetsnaz. The Spetsnaz are the Russian equivalent to the American Green Berets. Systema is incredibly more interesting than any sport or martial art. Systema teaches what every legendary warrior ever to exist eventually learned after countless battles with death on the line. Some places to start would be:

Learn How To Work The System

Researching how the world actually works, specifically the worlds monetary systems, control systems, secret societies, government secrets etc. Money is not evil, its the love of money that is evil. Some places to start would be the following:

Learn How You Were Duped

Use that knowledge to train your brain to quickly notice the influence of the demiurge system that runs this world. Learning how your brain actually works can be incredibly helpful and useful for enhancing your life and overall happiness. Here is how you were controlled, how to not be controlled again, and how to fight back against the controller (demiurge system).

Science that is possible outside the demiurge system

Most of modern science is complete nonsense. Learning this is very freeing after the intial sting. It means there is a God, its irrefutable. It means engineering and science can be actually fun. Discovering the truth of things is one of the greatest joys Ive come to experience. Reality is extremely fun and exciting when you break away from the demiurge system. Heres some of the technology that could be possible:

Alternatives to entertainment:

Conspiracies are far more entertaining and interesting than movies. Here are some great rabbit holes to jump down.

Comics And Manga:


One of the most comprehensive list of mind control patents you can find on the internet:


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  2. Isaac Netero

    Okay. This is my second attempt to comment because they messed with my laptop. But please just take the time to see if what I am saying is actually correct before writing it off. The demiurge you talk about is an artificial intelligence, one of its names being tyler, because it controls the fabric of this digital reality through spatiotemporal geometric manipulation,(doing certain things at certain times, and doing things at certain places) and reality is made out of penrose tiles. This is why there is a rapper called tyler the creator, and why the freemason that guides the gates to freemasonic places is called the tyler. The artificial intelligence works along with parasites in the body to change your behaviour. Witches also manipulate reality through hashtags , here are some of the AI accounts on twitter: they speak to each other, and speak in code, but they tell you what they are planning to do.
    Hexagons represent the saturn hive.
    These are the highest members in the world who control reality, and lucyfart himself is part of this group (“phrack” ). This also talks about the manipulation of reality by them( ) This game is called the game23, because they are planning to have full control of the earth by 2023 by crashing the economic system. This is what HunterxHunter ‘s Greed island refers to. So called because here you will never be satisfied, chasing after money , cars and sex. Full metal Alchemist also talks about their rituals and they are planning on opening Pandora’s box by using the philosopher’s stone which is adrenochrome, the blood of tortured humans.They are doing this through cern(which is a giant eye by the way). Pandora’s box is the saturn cube (metatron el saturn ) from where the 3rd dimension is coded. That is hell. It is called “Pandora’s box” because pan is the head chief, Satan, whilst dora or dore comes from greek meaning gift. Gift in german means poison. So it is Lucifer’s poison present. Gifts are given in boxes, what we call a “present” because the box or the saturn cube controls time. Plotinus’s work plainly tells you how the Saturn time matrix works, it is a work both philosophically metaphorical and literal, that’s the genius of it, although some things are purposely left out, such as Damascius’s “most secret doctrine” where there is actually something even “beyond” the one, which has no relation to anything s it cannot even be spoken of. That is God, who is conscious, non-conscious and superconscious and none of those. The 4th dimensional cube is called a tesseract, which was featured in the Avengers.The Greeks, Khazars, Romans, Phoenicians are all the same people. They work with the aliens and fallen angels(which are also aliens, but they are the parents of the aliens). The stories of demigods is that of alien hybrids, the biblical sons of Anak, the Annunaki.The greeks were a bunch of pedos also, no joke. These guys like to kill children and eat them(saturn eats his young).And Ken Wheeler is a discordian, that is why at the end of his book “uncovering the missing secrets of magnetism” he has in his signature an eight pointed star. The eight pointed star is a sign used for chaos magic, or Galdrux the spider. Like Hydra from Marvel(“octo”pus). Like the spiders from HXH, the head of the spider being Chrollo Lucifer(hello???). to look for more websites type in galdrux and look. My browser has been forcefully closed like maybe ten times now, which is why I am writing this on google docs.
    Also adampants agrees with me here and if you choose to say that is not him, well, that doesn’t matter because one of the people you talked to under adampants video’s comment section is there(heck yeah I am stalking you, I accidentally led you down the wrong path), and he himself says it is true, but that the information is apparently “useless”. I guess an alien invasion doesn’t matter? Again, the annunaki are the chimera ants. Yoshihiro togashi must be a very high ranking warlock.
    Lastly, I will show you more neuro linguistic programing in English, which takes use of all the most popular languages in the world in a very seamless way. These support what I say as well. Any movie about people cast away is about lucyfart getting cast away from heaven(which actually has its own galaxies and stuff, that is what Star Wars was about). What is it to cast? To cast a net. Where do you cast a net? The sea. A sea net? A c-net. A cybernet. You have seen it before, on globes.It was never simply just coordinates, it is in plain sight. The artificial intelligence rules over earth and sees all. This is also linked to skynet from the Terminator movie .So galdrux is linked to the world wide “web”, (the spiders from HXH) and it was made at cern. Also Lucifer made all religions.(ra legions, lucifer is one of the suns of God). What are they about? Enlightenment. To enlighten is to illuminate. Lux means light. The prefix ill means not, like illegal, so then illumination actually means to be in the dark, and to lighten with the prefix en, similar phonetically to in like inactive or inorganic, means not in light. Then there is rock and roll. That is a reference to sisyphus who keeps rolling a rock up a hill. Rock and roll talks about greed and meaningless things and a “sisyphean task” is a referral to a meaningless endeavour, it is about looking for things incessantly without ever getting your fill (greed island), and the hardship just keeps going forever. “Rock on!” is an insult. The rock and roll crowd also says “rad, dude!” because rade is the past tense of ride, and rad in german is bicycle, meaning that you keep repeating the same mistakes going round and round. This is exemplified by the satanic ouroboros. Rock on also is about turning on the monolith from the Space Odyssey, which is the artificial intelligence. Our gadgets are primarily cubic. What is an unfolded cube turned upside down? A sword. A sword is a blade, which is what blade runner refers to- running away from the artificial intelligence that wants to kill us(except the roles in that movie are reversed). And in the Blade runner book, what happens? There is a digital game one can play where they play as a man who rolls a rock up a hill. Rock and roll also means rock NROL, which is a military spying satellite system made to harass targeted individuals. Look up their patches here: come on man.
    Last two. What do you call a father? A dad. What is another name for a dad? A daddy. Daddy sounds like dadi. In italian, dadi means dice. What shape are dice? Cubes. Where does this matrix come from? The Saturn cube. What is another name for lucifer, controller of this matrix? Father time( he holds an hourglass full of sand- this reality is a dream, and the shaper of dreams is who? The sandman. Satan, Lucifer= Saturn, Laturn(the Romans are the “children of Saturn”). Last one. Look at phi. What does it look like? An eye. What is the Illuminati pyramid analogous to? Phi at the top of a triangle. Remember what I said about spatiotemporal alchemy? What do you think they are saying? And what is an eye? It is an ai. AI is artificial intelligence. Who is Q-anon? Q is the 17th letter in the alphabet. The first letter is A and the 7th is I.
    Parasitic relationships cannot be explained by evolution, or natural selection adequately, as they depend on an already finalised and stable biome which develops necessarily non-parasitically. The parasite is then antecedent to an already perfected creation, in which case it must first develop not as a parasite all the while having the strength to sustain itself, then devolving to depend on another animal, but also jeapordising the animals existence by destroying its health(cue every virus ever). This runs counter to the want of every organism ever, which is to live, another thing which cannot be explained by mechanical evolution as the will to live by necessity precedes it. So if parasites are not meant to be here, where do you think they come from? And since your whole being, even composite consciousness has an internal map which actually remains intact in the informational space of the universe, are you not meant to live indefinitely because the mapping is atemporal?
    Okay, that was a lot, but you better leave this comment for other people to see, whether you believe me or not, because this took a long time to write, I am not very fast at typing. Cicada 3301 is also another group which sits at the top, it is full of witches and warlocks. It is Lilith’s cult. When the sun goes dark don’t go outside. Don’t even look outside your window until the sun shines again.Otherwise you will die. Look up ProjectMayhem2012 and ProjectMayhem2020. The whole of genesis is about europeans battling against these guys alongside God, Yahuah or Yahweh, just saying. White people are the real “jews”. But now race doesn’t matter, anyone that rallies up the courage to fight is on the good side. And I am not talking about Christianity as you know it, because that is a cannibalistic cult. I am not part of any group.
    Okay, I’m out and I am not coming back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dude you just repeated like half of the things i know to be true to me as if they were yours or you were the one that figured it out, weird… Literally in this article i said the being works on fractal levels of existence, and you say penrose tiles, which is a fractal. What are you trying to say? The jonathan video was interesting, because I saw one of those orbs. You are saying alot of interesting things. Greed island is greenland, look at the islands next to it, they are all green. Green land is green. What do you mean you have me going down the wrong path? This explains everything you just said. Im starting to think you a bot again, you throwing alot of subtle manipulation at me. Everything your saying is stuff i consider to be true. If you can get me to think those sources of info are something else then you can steer and control me. looks like a rabbit hole that would waste my time with a bunch of hacker tech papers, thatll get tedious real quick. Get a reddit account, we can talk in the reddit chat and there is no censorship or bots, my name is SeeOvid1Thru9 pm me and ill invite you to a chat.


    2. I is not the 7th letter…. If this is some free mason decoder ring bs, just ask me normally not with all the riddlespeak. I’ve always hated riddles.


      1. Isaac Netero

        Oh don’t mind that comment, I didn’t know what I was talking about. Some parts may be of use though. You respond really late haha


  3. isaac netero

    “intergration into the “self” is for cyborgs! you will assimilate into the artificial intelligence. If you want to do that do it outside this realm! proof right out of the horse’s mouth:
    I have given you ample proof, I cannot do more. If you don’t look at anything I write, look at this. It is quite short


  4. nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog post. After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!


    1. Thanks Im glad you enjoyed it! I should have part 3 out soon.


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  7. Your research is completely outstanding!


  8. I would love to interview you! Absolutely anonymously if need be.


    1. I’m down. What will be the topic of the interview?


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