The Miracles and Feats of the Saints

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This info was very hard to find and a real pain in the you know what to compile together. You will not find a more complete list of saints anywhere on the internet(if you do let me know in the comments please). Christianity has become the religion of bible lawyers that argue endlessly about doctrine. Meanwhile its leadership rapes kids.

When it comes to the saints, Christianity emphasizes completely irrelevant information while underplaying or omitting the miracles and feats that were the entire reason they were recognized as saints. After reading a handful of saints biographies I quickly realized why the miracles and feats are not emphasized by corrupt churches. Its because the corrupt churches have no explanation and because the corrupt churches do not want anyone to figure out how the miracles were done. Within 30 mins of perusing I found the following miracles/feats:

  • Saint Valerie of Limoges: could take her own head off and walk around with it in her hands. Apparently this was so prevalent there is a word for it, Cephalophore.
  • Saint Eucharius: raised the dead on multiple occasions
  • Saint George: slayed a mythical dragon
  • Saint Gabriel of Beth Qustan: raised many of the dead at a monastery to move a massive stone
  • Saint George El Mozahem: could not be harmed by fire

That was just from 30 minutes of perusing. Just click a letter to get all the saints who start with the respective letter. Reader beware, the wiki articles read like they were written by demonic entities. The demonic entities that write the wiki articles are focused on a handful of things. They heavily emphasize the saints burial site and/or the location of the saints ‘relics’ and/or bones. What are ‘relics’, and why does the location of the saints bones matter? They emphasize the torture of the saint and/or the death of the saint to the point that you can feel gleeful joy within the bio. They heavily emphasize the saints ‘feast’ day(whose doin the feasting?), the saints patronage(who cares?), and who authorized their sainthood(again, who cares?). The miracles are the absolute last thing the bio’s emphasize. Most of the time the bios treat the miracles/feats as an afterthought, and/or they’re scoffed at as the rumors of uneducated villagers. It requires great attention to detail to notice when miracles are mentioned or alluded to within the bios.

In my opinion if Christianity wanted to revive itself, it simply needs to focus on the miracles of JC and the saints and the true meaning of the parables of JC. Imagine you are a child, age 10, and everything you are taught about Christianity is that its incredibly boring arguments about nonsense doctrine. Now imagine you are a 10 year old child and everything you are taught about Christianity is the adventures and miracles of the saints. Which sounds more enticing? Obviously the latter. Imo the ONLY things that have any value within Christianity are the miracles of JC and the saints, and the parables of JC. Doctrine, denomination, history, vatican, popes, priests, cardinals, etc have ZERO relevance(imo).

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Saints Miracles and Feats:

Ill add more when as I have time to research more.

SaintMiracleFeatFactoidsSomething Smells Fishy
Valerie of LimogesRemoval of own head aka Cephalophore.
EuchariusResurrected the dead on multiple occasions
GeorgiosSlayed a Dragon
Gabriel of Beth QustanMass raising of the dead to move a massive stone
George El MozahemImmunity to fire
Aaron_(saint)coptic smells
Aaron_of_Alethhermit, monk, and abbot
Aaron_the_Illustriousbuilt 2 monasteries
Ababiusate only 1 meal a day of flatbread and vegetables. planted a piece of drywood, watered it twice a day for 3 years until it eventually sprouted fruitknown for his obedience
Abadiosmartyr(thrown into a rock)
Abadiu of Antinoemartyr
Abamun_of_Tarnutmaybe somethingmartyr(torture, limbs cut off and beheaded)
Abanoubhealed by archangel Michael. Caused the soldiers who were torturing him to go blind and their leader to go paralyzed. Then healed the soldiers in front of a crowd and the soldiers converted in front of the governor and crowd. Miracles have been manifested from his body after his death.martyr
Abba Pantelewonfounded monastarymonk
Abban_of_MagheranoidheWarded off any danger presented by men, monsters and supernatural phenomena. Exercised special authority over rivers and seas.built monastary
Abbo_of_Auxerremonk, bishop, abbot
Abbo_of_Fleurymonk, abbot
Abda_of_Dair-Konifounded monastary and schoolabbot and priest
Abda_of_KaskharExercised demons of King Yezdegerd’s sonmartyr
Abdel_Messih_El-Makariprescience, discerning of spirits and healing the sick
Abdias_of_Babylonog apostle 1 of 70 disciples according to Luke
Abdon_and_Sennenmartyrs,swordsmen and coopers
Abel_of_Tacla_Haimonotcoptic monk
Abeluziusspecifically says ” Little else is known of the subject” meaning there’s prolly something interesting about the dude. Also his name is interesting
Abercius_(martyr)martyr,from sword
Abercius_and_Helenamartyr,Abercius exposed naked to bees and helena by stoningsmells
Abercius_of_Hieropoliswrote to marcus auerilius and wrote a book called book of discipline thats lost to grabblerssmells
Abgar_V_of_Edessasmells dude wasnt real cause J woulda never said what they claim he said in a letter.
Abhai_(saint)possibly immune to poisonlived extremely longsmells
Abhor_and_Mehraelabooks on their acts lost, and abhor is where the word abhor comes from, meaning to shudder at or shrink from smells
Abiascoptic smells
Abiatha,_Hathes_and_Mamlachamartyrssmells like women raped to death by grabblers
Abiathar_and_Sidoniasmells obvious grabbler lie
AbibonPaul’s teacher. Paul was inside man for the pharisee, so his teacher most likely was also connected to the pharisee
Abibus_of_Edessabody unaffected by firemartyrsmells it seems that the demons that write these articles are obsessed with the saints bodies, so it could be possible that they wanted the body to stay on this realm instead of the saint burning into ash so he could no longer be connected to this realm.
Abibus_of_Samosatamartyrscratched by iron (whatever that means)
Abippusgreek orthodox smells
Ablak_(saint)ethiopian orthodox smells
Abnodiuscoptic smells
Abra_of_Poitiersvirgin nun
Abraam,_Bishop_of_Faiyumseems like he was a really good dude respected by muslims and christians
Abraham_(Persian_saint)martyrtortured and killed by Shapur II the pharisee
Abraham_Kidunaiaseems like he was a good dude and possibly a giant
Abraham_and_Coprius_of_Gryazovetssmells bad
Abraham_and_Onesimus_of_Kiev_Cavescave monks
Abraham_of_Arazdtortured then became hermit
Abraham_of_Arbelamartyrsmells. arbitrarily mentions paragraph 8 of chapter 8 of a guy named Sozomen’s book. The quote says all the christians were given the crown of martyrdom aka they were slaughtered by the pharisee. these articles are being written by demons controlling editors of these articles(mostly jews).
Abraham_of_Bulgariafraudulent martyr killed by good men for being a typical grabblerAbraham of Bulgaria was a rich and notable merchant(pharisee).
Abraham_of_CarrhaePossibly the same Abraham from the old testament, he presumably attained immortality through usage of alchemy philosophers stone. See alchemical book “Abraham the Jew”fasted in the desert to the point that he could not physically movehermitalso smells like he might be abraham from old testament and possibly later became theodiunus the younger emperor of constantanople. same as abraham of cyrrhus
Abraham_of_ClermontPossibly the same Abraham from the old testament, he presumably attained immortality through usage of alchemy philosophers stone. See alchemical book “Abraham the Jew”founded a monastary.
Abraham_of_CyrrhusPossibly the same Abraham from the old testament, he presumably attained immortality through usage of alchemy philosophers stone. See alchemical book “Abraham the Jew”fasted in the desert to the point that he could not physically movealso smells like he might be abraham from old testament and possibly later became theodiunus the younger emperor of constantanople. same as abraham of carrhae
Abraham_of_Egypthermitcoptic smells
Abraham_of_Farshutabbot, coptic
Abraham_of_Galichfounded 4 monasteries
Abraham_of_Kratiamonk, smells
Abraham_of_PaleostrovPossibly the same Abraham from the old testament, the date of death is off. See alchemical book “Abraham the Jew”monastery founded in his nameabbot, smells date of death dont match.
Abraham_of_RostovPossibly the same Abraham from the old testament. healed himself of chronic illness when young. had a vision. conjured a staff with a cross at the top given to him by John the Evangalist to destroy an idol.Staff was used by Ivan the Terrible to destroy the Khanate of Kazan
Abraham_of_Scetesvision of christ riding a cherubimmonk, smells
Abraham_of_Smolenskmiracle worker, wiki doesn’t list any. Most likely healed sick and troubled.
Abraham_of_the_High_Mountainmiracle worker, wiki doesn’t list any.
Abraham_the_Great_of_Kashkarchanged the law so monks and nuns could marry
Abraham_the_Laboriousmonk of kiev, smells
Abraham_the_PoorPossibly the same Abraham from the old testament, he presumably attained immortality through usage of alchemy philosophers stone.
Abrahamite_monksorder of monks who were martyred
Absadahsmells, odd statement, “Absadah was sentenced to be burnt alive; however, he was beheaded outside the walls of the city”
AbsadiTortured with the wheel and throne on a stove. Both made him yawn. Then was beheaded.martyreritrean smells
Abudimusmartyrgreek smells
Abulakmartyred with his 200 companions(martyred starting to sound more and more like murder to me)coptic smells
Abuna_Aregawiserpent carried him to top of cliff after being ordered by st Michael(possibly a dragon took him up there)ethiopian
Abundantiusthe name of several christian saints all martyred(murdered by the pharisee)
Abundius_and_Abundantiusresurrected John, son of Marcianusmartyr
Abundius_the_Sacristanhealed by touch many people with many ailments including gout, palsy
Acacius_of_Amidasold his churches gold and silver to save 7000 persian prisoners which helped end persecution of christians in sassanid.smells who got the gold and silver(pharisee?)
Acacius_of_Caesareasmells bad just utter nonsense written on the wiki page
Acacius_of_Sebastesmells, dude seemed to have done nothing but watch a bunch of christians get tortured and murdered by pharisee
Acariusbuilt a number of monasteries
Acathius_of_Melitenesimply says ‘famous both for the splendour of his doctrinal teaching and the miracles he wrought’ no mention of what the miracles were though.
Acca_of_Hexhambuilt a see.smells, “his body was translated at least three times” huh?
Acepsimas_of_Hnaitamartyrsaid something about the universal Creator, “how can men prefer a creature to the Creator”
Achillius_of_Larissamade oil flow from a stoneexcorcised many demons.smells bad, something about the story is a fabrication, but not the actual miracle.
Acisclusthrown in furnace and started singing, thrown into the sea with rocks tied to thie feet, but still floated, suspended over a fire and the fire raged out of control and killed 100 pagans. Then let themselves die because they had proved their point.martyr
Aciustaken prisonersmells
Adalard_of_Corbiegrandson of charles martelmonk, abbot
Adalbero_of_W%C3%BCrzburggodfather of henry IV of holy roman empiresmells, sided with papacy over emperor
Adalbert_of_Egmondmiracles at his tomb but no info on whatsmells, “The cult was reinstated when the abbey was re-founded in 1923, and the relics were returned there in 1984.” what cult?
Adalbert_of_Praguekilled for being pompous to prussians, a guess thats a martyr.smells, “Thus St. Adalbert’s bones were preserved in Gniezno, which assisted Boleslaus I of Poland in increasing Polish political and diplomatic power in Europe. ” What does that mean? His bones gave the King of poland more power, something smells? supposedly a part of the royal family in bohemia before being sent to a monastery when young becuase he survived a grave illness.
Adalgarsmells, sounds like a made up person to legitimize hamburg and bremen under the holy see
Adalgissmells, play written about him, son of king of lombards
Adalgottfed and took care of the poor and sick
Adamnancreated the ‘law of innocents’ in warsmells
Adamo_Abatesmells, abbot, painting made about him
Adela_and_Irminasmells, princesses
Adela_of_Normandydaughter of william the conqueror
Adelaide,_Abbess_of_Vilichknown for her miracles but doens’t say anysmells, she found a water source (water is literally everywhere underground its extremely easy to find water), it was turned into a well and miracles supposedly happened there. sounds like heirbert the archbishop ‘friend’ killed her because she was doing miracles then brought her body somewhere to use in death magic.
Adelin_of_S%C3%A9ezsmells, wrote about the miracles of st opportuna. interesting name.
Adjutorstopped a whirlpoolswam back to france after being captured and taken to sea by muslims many miles away from the shore
Ado_of_Viennehistorianwrote on the miracles of st bernard
Adolf_Kolpingthey investigated his miracle and gave approval for sainthood in 1990. they don’t say what the miracle was because these articles are written by rat parasites masquerading as humans
Adrian_Van_Hilvarenbeeksmells, “A shrub bearing 19 white flowers is said to have sprung up at the site of their martyrdom. Many miracles have since been attributed to the intercession of the Gorkum Martyrs, especially the curing of hernias” 19 eh? curing of hernias seems like a sexual deviancy reference, idk something smells about it though.
Aelhaiarnripped limb from limb by a pack of wild animals for spying on st beuno in a tomb. st beuno realizing it was his disciple collected the limbs and brought him back from the deadsmells, the miracle he’s associated with isnt his.
Agnello_of_Napleshealed countless people’s incurable illnesses so much so that he became very famous in naples and had to flee.
Agnes_of_Bohemiavisions, prophecies, and healing
Agnes_of_Montepulcianopeople with mental and physical ailments were healed by her presence. Multiplied loaves of bread numerous times
Agostina_Camozzihad visions and miracle worker (doesn’t say what though)smells as usual, another odd statement “The examination reported all her teeth were present and the thorax was well preserved while there was the total absence of all internal organs.” What happened to the organs and why is this in a wiki article for a saint?
Agostina_Livia_Pietrantonicured tuberculosissmells, odd statement “Professor Achille Ballori (d. 1914) – who had once warned her about Romanelli – inspected her remains and observed that “Sister Agostina has allowed herself to be slaughtered like a lamb” and noted there were no contractions of either her nerves or heart.” Who cares if he warned her, how do they know that he said that she was slaughtered like a lamb and why even mention it? Parasites write these articles and it leaks thru.
Alain_de_Solminihaccured marie ledeuxsmells, dude looks like a rat pedophile
Albert_Chmielowskihealed sickHad to get his leg amputated without anethesis after his horse was hit by a grenade, his response to the surgean was “Give me a cigar – that will help me pass the time”helped the poor
Albert_of_Montecorvinoknown for his visions and miracles (doesn’t say what)blind
Alberto_Marvellihealing of a doctors agressive herniasmells, sounds like a sexual deviency thing
Albinus_of_Angerswhile trying to free a woman in prison a soldier approached him and fell dead at his feet. saved a bunch of prisoners locked in a walled tower by having a portion of the wall fall open allowing the prisoners to escape. miracles done at his tomb. people prayed for his help in 1000AD during a battle and the enemy all dropped dead.also known as st aubin
Aldebranduswas given a cooked partridge but was fasting so prayed over it and it came back to life and flew away
Aldhelmmiracles (doesn’t say what)wrote a bunch of books and poems in latin
AldobrandescaMany miracles, ecstasies, and trances (doesn’t go into detail)smells like rat parasites would mess with her. “According to Loyola Press, she was a saint because of her charitable works, not her trances, demonstrated by her forgiveness towards a group of people who abused her during a trance, despite the excruciating pain they caused her.”
Aldric_of_Le_Mansepic warrior who defeated armies of knights with only foot soldiers“He dismissed the Roman Curia’s attempts to cause war between Russia and the Golden Horde, because he understood the uselessness of such war with the Tatars at a time when they were still a powerful force.” Odd statement that confirms that the Mongel Golden Horde and empire was in reality the Tatarian empire. Mongols are false history, it was the Tatarians.
Alexander_Saulismells like a secret society guy, lot of odd paintings of him with layered hidden colors, and also found this statement “As he was, at the young age of 33, elected Superior General of a Religious Congregation, whose members were somewhat elderly, he under stood right away that …To be superior meant for him first of all to lead in the rigorous observance of the Rule, and to be heroically faithful to the vows.” He was 33 and lead in rigorous observance of the Rule what the f is the Rule?
Alexander_Svirskyknown for his miracles (doesn’t say what)smells most likely did many miracles because the rat parasites stole his dead body. They use miracle workers bones to do kabbalistic parasite rituals.
Alfred_Ildefonse_Schusterhealed glacomasmells, seems fake also named schuster.
Alkmund_of_Derbymiracles at his tombsmells, seems like someone the catholic church said was christian in order to gain more terroritory in northumbria
Allucio_of_Campuglianolegend and miracles attributed to him in a document(doesn’t say name of doc or what miracles were because these articles are written by rat parasites masquerading as men)
Alonso_de_Orozco_Mena2 of his healings were considered miraclessmells, guy looks like a goblin
Alpaismiracles but doesn’t say what
Alphonsa_Muttathupadathuhundreds of miraculous cures are attributed to her
Altfridmiracles attributed to his gravesmells
Alto_of_Altom%C3%BCnsterawakened springs and had other miracles (doesn’t say what miracles were because the articles are written by rat parasites masquerading as men)
Amadeus_IX,_Duke_of_Savoya compendium of miracles was created about him but of course it doesn’t mention its name or what the miracles were because these wiki articles are written by rat parasite masquerading as men
Amadeus_of_Portugalmiracles attributed to him but doesn’t mention what they were
Amalberga_of_Temsecrossed the river of Scheldt on a giant fish
Amandusbrought back to life a hanged criminal


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