Achieving Self Sufficiency

The past few months I have been researching the steps required to become 100% self-sufficient. I’ve organized the various videos into specific categories.

Chain Saw Ax:

People do not realize this but without power lines and houses to watch out for, tree felling becomes much more manageable for amateurs and beginners. Use weed eater with a circular saw attachment to cut down brush and small trees(up to 4in thick). Chainsaw is used for larger trees. Use the most comfortable and safe style cut from the first video. Its about positioning the trees inertia. Don’t bother with heavily leaning trees if they are close to houses or power lines. First video is perfect, the rest are for ideas.

Watch it on youtube for the rest of the playlist.

Lumber Mills

Trees can be easily turned into lumber with an Alaskan saw mill. The first video features a guy who cuts down giant redwoods, then cuts them up into boards for his house and/or other structures. His method is definitely not the fastest or safest method, in fact the guys a little bit of a mad man in the way he makes his boards. There are faster methods (like the 3rd video with the Russian), and this can be made much safer by making some kind of rig so you are not near the bar like in 4th and 5th video or if you have a little more cash by buying an automatic one like the 2nd video. Imo building a log cabin in the traditional way is too logistically difficult for a single person unless well versed in carpentry and moving large logs efficiently(harder than you’d think). With Alaskan saw mill you can make boards and pillars (6×6 wood beams) with slots for the boards(at 2inch and 4inch in the beams).

Watch it on youtube for the rest of the playlist.

Cabins Shelters

1 inch thick wood has same insulation as 4 inch thick cement. Freshly cut wood will eventually shrink, so to prevent this its necessary to treat wood with fire, and turpentine. Another way is to build the structure in a way that accounts for the shrinkage so that the structure becomes even more sturdy on shrinkage. Use treated wood as foundation. Place floor like first video and the video about flooring. Use 6×6 wood pillars, cut 2 slots in pillars, 1 at 2inches into pillar and 1 at 4inches into pillar, slide 1 inch thick lumber in slots with slanted cuts to form walls and prevent water coming in see Australian video. Put saw dust or dirt in between the boards for better insulation than any modern home. Two 1 inch boards (equivalent to 8inch thick concrete) plus the saw dust leftover placed in the middle will essentially turn the cabin into a better insulator than a yeti cooler.

The videos are in order of usefulness. First guy has the most simple, quality, inexpensive method. Next few videos have a bunch of click-bait bs, but there are very quality spells of truth in them. The Lego block construction in particular was very interesting. If you build the cabin less than 25 square meters, and less than 5 meters in height its not considered a dwelling so no inspections or regulations (its different in every state so check, or use legalese to build it however large you want and don’t bother dealing with the government).

Watch it on youtube for the rest of the playlist.

Digging A Well

Water is everywhere. You can dowse for water using a pair of clothes hangers and a pair of drinking straws. Unwind the clothes hangers into right angles. Slide the straws onto the smaller end of the clothes hanger (like in the first video). The straws prevent any influence to the clothes hangers from the friction of your grip. When the rods criss cross you’ve found a spot with water. Continue to test around the area to confirm that your spot is genuine and then you can begin digging with you auger.

This is only 3 video playlist cause the first video is so perfect that no other research is really required.

Watch it on youtube for the rest of the playlist.

Food Jungle

The most important things in growing food are water, sun, and soil everything else is secondary. Maintaining a constant drip of water(thru rainwater collectors and hose riggings), access to right amount of sun (use southern facing slope if your land is located far north), and access to good soil(compost everything). Everything after those 3 are irrelevant until those 3 requirements are met sufficiently.

There are currently 2 methods of farming that seem to work efficiently enough to allow for a continuous stockpile of food while requiring relatively little expense and/or work. They are the only 2 methods that allow for a legitimate profit imo.

The 1st method is called Permaculture farming. Mark Shepard and David the Good have very good info on this subject. Mark Shepard wrote a book on the subject called “Restoration Agriculture”. David the Good has most practical methods for doing it on a smaller scale. The idea is to farm like nature intended. Where in nature do can you find rows upon rows of symmetrical single crops like often seen on large farms? You’ll never find it in nature anywhere. Its unnatural, and as a result it requires expensive equipment, fertilizer and pesticide to do it efficiently. It often results in the farmer becoming bankrupt and indebted to the bank. Nature is ordered chaos, brutal, and raw, but everything serves a purpose. If a plant gets a disease or pest eats it, it means it wasn’t strong enough to survive. Let the disease run its course and there will be some plants that survive, then only plant the seeds of survivors. In this way you can genetically grow plants that are immune to that disease. Apply this to climate, pests, and eventually, your plants will become so strong that they’ll be able to naturally resist any hardship that may befall your farm. This means much less work, far more crops, and no expensive fertilizer, pesticides, and machines.

The 2nd method of inexpensive but very efficient farming is Korean natural farming. Its based on cultivating microorganisms and bacteria that foster an incredibly healthy environment for the plants. It requires significantly more work than permaculture farming but it pretty much 100% guarantees legitimate crop returns each year regardless of circumstance.

The videos are ordered by usefulness with Permaculture first, then about 25 videos about Korean natural farming that are pretty comprehensive. Continue to cut down trees that do not provide agricultural benefit, keep nitrogen fixing trees also plant nitrogen fixing trees, turn every plant, shrub, tree on you heavily wooded land into a food producing plant, shrub, or tree.

Watch it on youtube for the rest of the playlist.

Water Filtering, Harvesting, and Drainage

Use trashcans to harvest rainwater from your homes gutters. You can use distillation, charcoal, and/or ultraviolet light to filter water. Use the lands elevation to control water drainage.

Add hoses to the bottom of trashcans and run them around your plants. Stab holes with sharp knife in hoses so there is a constant drip(not a stream, a drip). Use turpentine, castor oil, ultraviolet light, and/or ultrasonic frequency vibration devices to prevent mosquito or insect nesting in your open water source. In this way you can make it so your plants have a constant water drip. One of the biggest issues gardeners/farmers face is the initial growth of a plant. A freshly sprouted seed is like a baby, it requires a constant drip of nutrition or it will end up weak or stilted. Instead of milk, plant newborns require a constant slow drip of water.

The playlist is ordered by amount of useful information(1 having the most). The ones towards the end are more for idea sparking. David the Good is very high quality info. This playlist could use more research, will add more as I come across.

Watch it on youtube for the rest of the playlist.

Generating Power

The secret to perpetual motion and unlimited power supply is synergy. Possible synergistic methods would be combining flowing water with a turbine that spins an electric generator. Another possible way, is to utilize gravity, a heavy object, and long rope to spin generator attached to pulley see video 6. Combining buoyancy and/or water cavitation and an electric generator could be other possible routes. The videos are loosely ordered by feasibility.

Watch it on youtube for the rest of the playlist.

Food Preservation

Pretty much everything can be canned for 5 years+ shelf time when using pressure canning. Pressure can the leftover harvest from your food jungle. Leftover harvest doesn’t have to go to waste instead build up a stockpile of food to last for a lifetime. Then you could start selling your harvests.

The order of videos are basically random, they are all pretty good. I suspect ultrasonic frequencies, ultraviolet light, and certain substances such as turpentine could be used to preserve food without having to do pressure canning, but testing is required.

Watch it on youtube for the rest of the playlist.


Motors are magnets and coils that spin because of an imbalance. This playlist is short because Jeremy Fielding explains everything about each type of electric motor perfectly and no other research is really required. The videos after Fieldings are not necessary for understanding motors but might spark some ideas.

Motors come in many types. There are DC motors, AC single phase induction motors, AC three phase induction motors, universal motors, stepper motors, and shaded pole motors. DC motor consists of a stator aka a magnet made in a specific shape configuration and its power and torque are proportional to the size of the motor. AC induction motors work thru frequency of electric pulses thru the wires that surround the shaft. They require an initial kick start, but once started they are the perfect motors. They automatically draw more power to maintain their speed meaning that if you have sufficient power source they can maintain speed under any load. A single phase is used in consumer products like treadmills. A three phase is used in industrial products that require a 3 phase 240 volt industrial power supply. Universal motors are motors that utilize a stator and commutator usually copper and is commonly used in drills and power tools, they are universal in the sense that they can handle a wide range of speeds and torques. A steppor motor is used when very precise stopping, starting, and change of direction is required, and is most commonly used in printers and 3d printers. The shaded pole motor is a motor commonly used in fans and utilizes natural imbalance of the electromagnetic field to produce a very weak torque under a load(which makes it ideal for fans because it provides safety).

Watch it on youtube for the rest of the playlist.

Tool Making

Making tools helps when keeping things simple, high quality, and inexpensive in that order. First video shows a way to make extremely useful string, otherwise its in random order. The other videos range from weird inventions to product tests to creating high precision manufacturing tools. Mainly used to spark ideas.

Watch it on youtube for the rest of the playlist.


Batteries are very weak capacitors(aka very low farad). This topic needs more research, will add more videos as I come across more.

Watch it on youtube for the rest of the playlist.

Pipes, Circuits, Switches, And Relays

Circuits are just like water pipes. The first video is a concept that applies to electric circuitry not just pipes, and its very important to understand. Volts = Pressure, Amps = Flow.

Watch it on youtube for the rest of the playlist.


 If you think somethings illegal, change the name of it. Example: If ponds are illegal call it a large puddle instead. Ill be adding more as I watch more on this subject, its not complete. What I’ve learned is that everything is an offer and that naming is very important. If its illegal to build a pond, don’t call it a pond, call it a hole with water in it. An example is signing with the following:

All rights reserved

Then sign slightly above All rights reserved but still touching. Legalese is incredibly relevant when navigating the legal system as you start to become 100% self-sufficient. The law is entirely based on words as defined by Black’s Law Dictionary 1st and 2nd edition

Watch it on youtube for the rest of the playlist.

Stone Castles

Eventually, waaayy down the line, I intend to become 100% completely sovereign. I’ve not listed everything I intend to do to become truly 100% sovereign. A truly sovereign man is worth an entire army combined, they have King’s blood. A true King requires a stone castle. Stones for a castle can be made with 1 part smashed rocks, 1 part water, 3 parts sand or dirt, and a table spoon of turpentine to fend off evil. This is for waaayyy down the line and its not finished. Ill be adding more videos as time goes by.

Watch it on youtube for the rest of the playlist.

Becoming A One Man Army That Can Use Magic/Nen/Miracles

This topic is also for waaaaay down the line. For me to reveal what one can actually learn I would need to know the character of the reader because revealing this information to someone of questionable character could be incredibly detrimental to the human race if used for nefarious purposes. Therefore Ill only reveal the martial art used by elite Russian assassins in the first playlist and some examples of people using nen/magic/miracles in the second playlist. There is much more to this than what these playlists teach. Systema is one of the only things that teaches whats even close to legitimately possible(see my saint miracle article).

Watch it on youtube for the rest of the playlist.
Watch it on youtube for the rest of the playlist.


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