You Heal What You Eat

This is not medical advice, think for yourself. Health is divinely simple. To heal heart, eat animal heart. To heal liver, eat animal liver. To heal bone, eat animal bone. To heal eyesight, eat animal eyeballs. To heal a body part that ails you, eat that animal body part.

Why do we not eat animal organs? The majority of the population treats organs as the scraps or garbage of an animal to the point that many butchers just throw out organs. That never made sense to me. If we lose an organ we die, but if we lose an arm, we can live. Wouldn’t that mean an organ is far more important than steak? Wouldn’t the most important body parts be the most nutritious? After some research I learned that organs are likely the most nutritious foods in existence.

In 1939, Cleveland dentist, Weston Andrew Valleau Price, published his book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”. Price traveled the world over in order to study isolated human groups, including sequestered villages in Switzerland, Gaelic communities in the Outer Hebrides, Eskimos and Indians of North America, Melanesian and Polynesian South Sea Islanders, African tribes, Australian Aborigines, New Zealand Maori and the Indians of South America. Wherever he went, Dr. Price found that beautiful straight teeth, freedom from decay, stalwart bodies, resistance to disease and fine characters were typical of native peoples on their traditional diets, rich in essential food factors.

Here are some of the pictures Weston Price took to compare the so-called primitive tribe that had a so-called primitive diet with the tribesmen who indulged in the western food diet. The difference is consistent throughout the entire world and it is astounding.

The worlds most common disease in recorded history is tooth decay. Every single tribe that adopted a western diet experienced tooth decay, while the tribes that did not had perfect teeth. Weston Price concludes that modern western diets, specifically processed flour, processed sugar, and processed vegetable fats are the cause of most dental issues and health problems. Price learned that the most common factors between the diets of the indigenous groups was that they all ate animal organs, ate animal bones and ate animal fat.

Removal of our ‘wisdom teeth’ is the result of our poisonous western diet, none of the native tribes had any difficulty when their wisdom teeth came in. It makes perfect logical sense that the body would allocate the nutrients we receive after eating an animal heart to our heart. A more common example of this concept is how bodybuilders build muscle. They do it through the application of hypertrophy, in other words they apply weight to their muscles for an extended period of time (like 30-50 seconds) during their workout in order to effectively destroy or damage their muscle fibers. When the body is damaged the body looks for nutrients to repair itself, in this case, muscle tissue. A body builder usually eats alot of ‘protein’ after a workout. What they mean by ‘protein’ often times means grilled chicken breast. What’s chicken breast? Its a muscle. To heal muscle, eat animal muscle

To heal heart, eat animal heart. To heal liver, eat animal liver. To heal bone, eat animal bone. To heal eyesight, eat animal eyeballs. To heal a body part that ails you, eat that animal body part. The universe is divinely simple, not a 3 dollar particle crack whore of randomness like we’ve been told our entire lives. This is not medical advice, think for yourself.


  1. ラルフ・C・ベルモンド

    Heal does not come from food! Food is just a fuel for the healer, food does not heal anyone no matter how primitive and natural the diet is! To heal a body we have to heal the soul. What you presented is an anti-white and anti-western propaganda and to promote cannibalism and animal karma and suffering, which is what some tribes did and continues to do!

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    1. I was going to mention that belief is the strongest ‘drug’ in existence and is all we really need, but people aint ready for that. The placebo effect is the world strongest drug. The placebo effect is human belief. 99.99% of people cannot consciously control their own belief, and would likely end up hurting themselves and/or others if they attempted to consciously use it. I agree that people need much stronger souls. A stronger soul would be able to consciously control their own belief. People would only hurt themselves and/or others if they attempted it now. Ill post about that type of stuff when I can do it myself otherwise id just be speculating.

      What does one do for sustenance if they do not eat? Stare at the sun?

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    2. Yo check this out, I may have found a substitute for food in a alchemical book written by Paracelsus. Like the man from my recent article, Lord Timothy Dexter, Paracelsus talks about communicating directly with nature aka creator. Paracelsus, Lord Tim, Jonathan(aka adampants), JC, Mohammed, many african, west indian, east indian, asian, mayan, incan, aztec shaman said the same exact thing. The so-called ‘secret societies’ censor the best parts of these people, and the parts that they do not censor are used to associate their lies with a original source of truth(aka christianity(JC), chemistry(paracelsus), medicine(paracelsus), islam(mo), nlp(nature), etc) and so they seem to be more knowledgeable and credible than they are. They’re all retards smashing their heads against a wall. Anyway the book is called “The Hermetic and Alchemica Writings of Paracelsus”, it has absolutely nothing to do with ‘hermitics’ (hermitics is an example of the retard secret societies) and every footnote in the book is a lie to the point that the opposite of what the footnote says is likely true. here is what Paracelsus says, “The nature of man, too, may be sustained in the absence of food, if the
      feet are planted in the earth. Thus we have seen a man who lived six months without food and was sustained only by this method : he wore a clod
      of earth on his stomach, and, when it got dry, took a new and fresh one. He declared that during the whole of that time he never felt hungry. The
      cause of this we shew in the treatise on the Appetite of Nature.*
      So, in the matter of medicine, we have seen a man sustain himself for many years by the quintessence of gold, taking each day scarcely half a
      scruple of it. In the same way, there have been many others who for so long
      as twenty years ate nothing, as I remember to have seen in our times. This was by some attributed to the piety and goodness of the persons themselves,
      or even to God, which idea we would be the last to impugn or to criticise. But this, nevertheless, is an operation of Nature ; insomuch that sorrow and
      mental despondency take away hunger and thirst to such an extent that the body can sustain itself for many years by its own power of attraction. So,
      then, food and drink are not thus arranged that it is absolutely necessary we
      should eat bread or meats, or drink wine or water, but we are able to sustain our life on air and on clods of earth ; and whatever is appointed for food, we
      should beheve is so appointed that we should taste and try it, as we shall shew more at length in the ‘ Monarchy of God’. Let us, however, concede
      this point—that on account of our labours and such things, it cannot be that we do without temporal and bodily food, and that for many causes. Wherefore food was ordained for this purpose, just as medicine was against diseases.”

      Paracelsus, like Lord Tim, JC, Mo, Jonathan and the countless shamans throughout the ages talked mad shit to the retarded secret societies. Throughout the book above, Paracelsus rants about the faults of chemistry, medicine of his day(extremely applicable to todays medical system), science of his day(again very applicable). He based all of his stuff on experimental evidence, if he couldn’t experience(experiment) something then he considered it fake. I figure you might be interested in a genius alchemist who hated the doctors and scientists of his day, but had such impeccably true ideas that the secret societies used his ideas as the basis for all chemistry(overly complex) and all modern medicine(snake oil), just like they did with JC and many others. Im trying the lump of dirt strapped to my stomach tomorrow and will see if I get hungry throughout the day. Ill report back tomorrow night how it goes lol.

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      1. ラルフ・C・ベルモンド

        Thanks for the info, very important! And how it was?


  2. ラルフ・C・ベルモンド

    we have to go through the same metamorphosis process that a caterpillar goes through when transforming into a butterfly, people can fly, we have wings, it’s in the lungs, our wings are lungs that activate our spacecraft which is a Vimana, light vehicle, Merkaba, and this is not achieved by eating animal organs.

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    1. Damn I wish you still had your blog, that sounds interesting asf haha. You should have used a euphemism for the word ‘corona’ like ‘magical flu’ and a euphemism for the word ‘vaccine’ like ‘magic juice’ haha.

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