Hunter X Hunter Is A Mirror To Our Realm Part 1: Locations


The Japanese manga(comic) and anime “Hunter X Hunter” is in my opinion the universal conspiracy theory hidden in plain site. It is a mirror to our world, but pretty much everything within the manga/anime is possible in real life (within reason). Most readers of my blog have no idea what Hunter X Hunter is or what I’m talking about, if this is the case you can disregard my articles about Hunter X Hunter (HxH) until you’ve read the manga. I apologize for excluding those that haven’t read the manga(comic), but I can’t help myself. I’ve compiled so many similarities between it and our world that it would be a waste for me to not address them.

If you want to stick around despite not reading HxH manga, here is a quick overview. The world of HxH was designed by its author to be a mirror to real life. A ‘hunter’ is an individual that passes a rigorous exam that puts the individuals life on the line. Many people die trying to pass the ‘hunter exam’. People that do pass are given access to 95% of all ancient ruins on Earth, access to all secret projects, access to all areas of the Smithsonian, library of congress, Vatican vaults, etc. They are also given complete diplomatic immunity, with license to pretty much do whatever they want, EXCEPT venture past the Antarctic ice wall(its called the dark continent in HxH). Upon passing the hunter exam, hunters become members of the Hunter Association.

The Hunter Association is a non-governmental organization (NGO’s low key control the world, look into it…) responsible for the testing and licensing of “Hunters”, individuals who have proven themselves through the rigorous exam to be elite members of humanity. With the passing of the Hunter Exam, an applicant is rewarded with a license to go almost anywhere in the world and do almost anything, thus declaring them Hunters. Typically, Hunters devote themselves to tracking down priceless items, mystical places, and the unseen wonders of the world.

Think of hunters as how the top 1000 or so humans on the planet that subtly/indirectly run the world(most of them don’t care at all about ruling the world, they only care about their hunts).

Similar Locations:

The World Map In HxH Equates To A Mirrored Version Of Our Real Life World Map

Every world map is inaccurate

Why every world map is wrong.

You most likely wont be able to find this from any mainstream outlet, but the reason all known maps are wrong is because of the their use of the ‘tropic of capricorn’ and ‘tropic of cancer’, both of which are based on the sky clock aka star position. According to the sky clock, we are not in the ‘tropic of capricorn’ and ‘tropic of cancer’, therefore all maps that use the tropics of capricorn and cancer are likely fabricated, fake, or very old maps that have been modified to fit a narrative. The only accurate clock in existence is the sky clock aka a practical, logical version of astronomy and/or astrology which both have been corrupted beyond comprehension. The sun, moon, stars, and planets are all apart of a clock in the sky, aka a sky clock….

Milsy Wetlands In HxH Equates To Amazon Rainforest Or Vietnam Jungles

“A poisoned hell that could never be explored on foot, 60 foot anacondas capable of picking a man out of a canoe, savage ape men, an infested plain of deadly snakes, bats so big they looked like pterodactyls, ferocious black panthers, white Indian tribes, swarms of biting bees, fires in the distance.”

The explorer, Colonel Percy Hawcett describing the Amazon Rainforest

The picture above of a man ape creature found in the amazon rain forest by the colonel Percy Hawcett, looks similar to the mimic ape creature in milsy wetlands episode. Location could also be Vietnam jungle areas.

Split Mountain In HxH Equates To Ayers Rock, Australia In Reality

Ayers Rock has has an incredible amount of spiritual power according to the aboriginals of Australia.

Location Shown In The HxH Opening Called ‘Evil Haunts’ Equates To Either The Dragons Blood Tree, Located At Tenerife Canary Islands Of NW Africa Or Baobab Tree, Located In Madagascar, Ceylon, And Zimbabwe

Tenerife in the Canary Islands has been said to be the real life location of the Garden of Eden.

The World Tree of HxH Equates To Devils Tower, Crook County Wyoming

The tallest building in the world is 840m. On average a tree is as tall as the diameter of the stump multiplied by 20. Some of the following trees would have been well over 100 kms easily surpassing the atmosphere. Maybe there is something to Gings statement.

Those are just a handful, there are likely many more. Ging’s world tree statement seems accurate to me.


Zevil Island Of HxH Equates To Devil Island, French Guiana

Devil Island was used as a prison by the French(Le du Diable). Its been abandoned for many years and would make perfect sense for a legitimate hunter exam. Hunters are billionaires, owning/using abandoned islands for tests would be extremely easy for them to accomplish.

The Testing Gate Of The Zoldyck Family In HxH Equates To The Locked Doors Of The Padmanabhaswamy Temple, In Trivandrum Kerala India

York New City In HxH Equates to New York City

The events of the York New City arc took place in September of 2001…

Cemetery Building Equates To The World Trade Center Twin Towers

The attack on the cemetery building occurred at almost exactly the same time as the attacks in NYC on Sept 11th 2001.

Perhaps plains did not hit the trade centers of the world? Perhaps it was a fight to the death between the current ruler of this world and two world class assassins? Who knows? I sure don’t, but I find it all highly compelling.

Dark Continent Equates To Space, Or Land Beyond The So-Called ‘Ice Wall’, Or Land Within A Hollow Earth

Greed Island In HxH Equates To Greenland, Or Antarctica Or Specific Islands In International Waters

East Gorteau In HXH Equates To North Korea

The Tunnels Used During The Hunter Exam Equates To The Tunnels Underneath Most Major Cities On The Planet

In LA:

In Philadelphia:

In New York City:

In Chicago:

Secret Space Program Dulce Underground Base:

Deep Underground Military Bases:

Lone Pine Tree National Park In HxH Equate To Lone Pine National Park In Montana USA

Heaven’s Arena In HxH Equates To Burj Khalifa

In reality, Burj Khalifa is just a tall building that serves no real purpose. In HxH the Burj Khalifa is called ‘Heavens Arena’ and its a tower dedicated to martial combat, the top levels are dedicated to deathmatches. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and its just a standard hotel, like a holiday inn or motel 6. If I was a trillionaire Saudi Arabian oil tycoon, I’d fund the largest building on earth just so random tourists can visit…lol. A trillionaire royal prince doesn’t give a single shit about tourists, it makes no sense that Burj Khalifa is just a basic hotel. It makes alot more sense that a trillionaire Saudi oil tycoon prince would fund the tallest building in the world if the building had hundreds of hidden floors with real combat, gambling and audiences, and with the last 20 or so floors allowing weapons and deathmatches. Which would a Saudi trillionaire be more likely to build? Hmm….


There are likely a few small places that I am forgetting, but this is a good start point. I will likely be updating this post with more background info for the current locations and with new locations. If you’ve never read HxH and are still sticking around, thanks for tolerating my rambling schizo rant, here’s your reward aka one of the best comics/manga ever written.

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  1. Hunter X; you say?
    Why have I not heard of this before? I’ll add this to the “to watch” list… when I start one


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