Hunter X Hunter Is A Mirror To Our Realm Part 1: Locations

The Japanese manga(comic) and anime “Hunter X Hunter” is in my opinion the universal conspiracy theory hidden in plain site. It is a mirror to our world, but pretty much everything within the manga/anime is possible in real life (within reason). Most readers of my blog have no idea what Hunter X Hunter is or what I’m talking about, if this is the case you can disregard my articles about Hunter X Hunter (HxH) until you’ve read the manga. I apologize for excluding those that haven’t read the manga(comic), but I can’t help myself. I’ve compiled so many similarities between it and our world that it would be a waste for me to not address them.

For those that are unfamiliar with Hunter X Hunter here is a quick rundown, the Hunter Association is a non-governmental organization (NGO’s low key control the world, look into it…) responsible for the testing and licensing of “Hunters”, individuals who have proven themselves through the rigorous exam to be elite members of humanity. Many people die trying to pass the ‘hunter exam’. With the passing of the Hunter Exam, an applicant is rewarded with a license, but that only gets them so far, they must also pass a ‘secret exam’. The ‘secret exam’ requires that the hunter learn NEN. Once the ‘secret exam’ is passed hunters are allowed access to 95% of all ancient ruins on Earth, access to all government secret projects, complete unfettered access to places like the Smithsonian, the Library of Congress, the Vatican vaults, etc. They are also given complete diplomatic immunity, with license to pretty much do whatever they want, except certain things like murder, or venturing past the Antarctic ice wall(its called the dark continent in HxH, more on this in a future article).

Typically, Hunters devote themselves to tracking down priceless items, exploring mystical places, and tracking the unseen wonders of the world. There exists 800 or so hunters. 60 of the top 100 richest humans on the planet are hunters. Becoming a millionaire is considered the easiest hunt, with a rank of H(the lowest). There are around 100 or so Nen users that aren’t Hunters(one being Lucifer Morningstar in the flesh, more on this in a future article). Nen users are subtly the true rulers of the realm.

Think of Nen users as how the top 1000 or so humans on the planet subtly/indirectly run the world. Think of how incredible the top 1000 out of 8,000,000,000 humans would be.

The World Map In HxH Equates To A Mirrored Version Of Our Real Life World Map

Every world map is inaccurate

Why every world map is wrong.

The reason all known maps are wrong is because of the their use of the ‘tropic of capricorn’ and ‘tropic of cancer’, both of which are based on the sky clock aka star position. According to the sky clock, we are not in the ‘tropic of capricorn’ and ‘tropic of cancer’, therefore all maps that use the tropics of capricorn and cancer are likely fabricated, fake, or very old maps that have been modified to fit a narrative. Astronomy and Astrology have both been pretty heavily corrupted over the years, a far better name for the 2 is the ‘sky clock’, the only clock in existence that matters. The sun, moon, stars, and planets are all apart of a clock in the sky, aka a sky clock….

Milsy Wetlands In HxH Equates To Amazon Rainforest Or Vietnam Jungles

The explorer, Colonel Percy Hawcett described the Amazon Rainforest as “A poisoned hell that could never be explored on foot, 60 foot anacondas capable of picking a man out of a canoe, savage ape men, an infested plain of deadly snakes, bats so big they looked like pterodactyls, ferocious black panthers, white Indian tribes, swarms of biting bees, fires in the distance.” Side Note: Why does ‘fires in the distance’ seem the most frightening? Fear of the unknown maybe?

The picture above of a man ape creature found in the amazon rain forest by colonel Percy Hawcett, looks similar to the mimic ape creature in milsy wetlands episode. Location could also be Vietnam jungle areas.

Split Mountain In HxH Equates To Ayers Rock, Australia In Reality

Both very large red rocks with cracks. Ayers Rock has has an incredible amount of spiritual power according to the aboriginals of Australia.

Location Shown In The HxH Opening Called ‘Evil Haunts’ Equates To Either The Dragons Blood Tree, Located At Tenerife Canary Islands Of NW Africa Or Baobab Tree, Located In Madagascar, Ceylon, And Zimbabwe

Tenerife in the Canary Islands has been said to be the real life location of the Garden of Eden.

The World Tree of HxH Equates To The World Trees of Reality. Devils Tower in Missouri USA is One of the Best Examples

On average a tree is as tall as the diameter of it’s stump multiplied by 20. If any of the above were trees at some point they would be anywhere from 10,0000 to 180,000 meters tall, easily surpassing the atmosphere(around 100,000 meters). These are just a handful of examples, there are many more. Maybe there is something to Ging’s world tree statement.

Zevil Island Of HxH Equates To Devil Island, French Guiana

Devil Island was used as a prison by the French(Le du Diable). Its been abandoned for many years and would make perfect sense for a legitimate hunter exam. Hunters are billionaires, owning/using abandoned islands for the purpose of a hunter exam test would be extremely easy for them to accomplish.

The Testing Gate Of The Zoldyck Family In HxH Equates To The Locked Doors Of The Padmanabhaswamy Temple, In Trivandrum Kerala India

York New City In HxH Equates to New York City In Reality

The left is from HxH, the right is from reality.

Cemetery Building Equates To The World Trade Center Twin Towers In Reality

I do not know if this video is real, I just find it highly compelling
I do not agree with what is said, I just find it highly compelling

According to the Hunter X Hunter wiki, the York New City story arc officially started November/December 1999, and ended May/June 2001. In HxH the attack on the CEMETARY building during the York New City story arc happens within the story at almost exactly the same time as the attacks on the WTC buildings on Sept 11th 2001. Meaning the author of HxH, Yoshihiro Togashi, featured a twin tower looking building called the CEMETARY building located in the city ‘York New City’ get destroyed after a huge explosion on one of its top floors in September of 2001(in the story) almost 3 or 4 months before the real life twin tower buildings located in the city ‘New York City’ collapsed after a huge explosion on one of its top floors in September of 2001(in real life).

Perhaps planes did not hit the trade centers of the world? Maybe it was a fight to the death between the current ruler of this world(Chrollo Lucilfer aka Lucifer Morningstar) and two world class assassins(Silva and Zeno Zoldyck)? The fight begins after Silva and Zeno enter the auditorium where Chrollo is patiently waiting for them on a stage, ‘all the worlds a stage’… Who knows for sure? I sure don’t, but I find the coincidences very compelling.

Dark Continent Could Equate to Space

Or It Could Equate to the Land Beyond the so-called ‘Ice Wall’

As above so below?

Notice the map that Tru Man TRUE MAN is reading/looking at when he’s sitting down on the park bench. Very interesting. A True man is a hunter… Perhaps we are all so drawn to hunter x hunter because we know deep down there is something more to this world, and hunter x hunter resonates with this feeling, almost as if maybe just maybe hunter x hunter is real.

Or It Could Equate to the Land Within a Hollow Earth

The book called “Vril: The Coming Race” by Edward Bulwer-Lytton is argued to be a legitimate true story of a man that ventured into the ‘center of the earth'(hollow earth) after exploring a cave within a mine in Germany.

Or It Equates To Outside of The Fiji Islands

The Fiji Island towards the top kinda looks like Africa connected to Asia and the photo above is from a deleted scene in the Tru Man show movie where TrueMans friend is looking for him and says “Gee I wonder where he[True Man] could possibly be?” while he stands in front of a map of Fiji… We are the TruMan. Reminds me alot of the Hunter X Hunter mobius lake dark continent map.

Greed Island In HxH Equates To Greenland, Or Antarctica Or Specific Islands In International Waters

Why are most landmasses around Greenland green on maps, but Greenland is always depicted as white despite being on the same latitude as the other green landmasses? What’s on Greenland? Why are all the google map images of Greenland all blurry?

East Gorteau In HXH Equates To North Korea

The Tunnels Used During The Hunter Exam Equates To The Tunnels Underneath Most Major Cities On The Planet

Deep Underground Military Bases:

Lone Pine Tree National Park In HxH Equates To Lone Pine National Park In Montana USA

Heaven’s Arena In HxH Equates To Burj Khalifa in Reality

According to Britannica the Burj Khalifa was built to house a variety of commercial, residential, and hospitality ventures, the tower—whose intended height remained a closely guarded secret throughout its construction—reached completion at 162 floors and a height of 2,717 feet (828 metres). The words Burj Khalifa means Tower Ruler in English. In HxH the Burj Khalifa is called ‘Heavens Arena’ and its a tower dedicated to martial combat, the top levels are dedicated to deathmatches. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. If I was a trillionaire Saudi Arabian oil tycoon, I’d wouldn’t fund the largest building on earth just for bragging rights. A trillionaire royal prince likely doesn’t care at all about that, it makes a lot more sense that a trillionaire Saudi oil tycoon prince would fund the construction of tallest building in the world if the building had 20 or so hidden floors that featured combat arenas, gambling, and audiences. Imo its reasonable to think that the underworld black markets of Earth feature gambling on fights to the death. Which sounds more likely reason for a Saudi prince oil trillionaire to fund the construction of the largest building in the world? 1) To create a hotel for tourists, 2) To create the greatest underworld fight arena in the world where only the best of the best fighters battle to the death, and also a hotel for tourists? I don’t know for sure, but I’d guess it was because of option 2.

Burj Khalifa even had a few explosions and fires on its top most floors in recent years.

Look: ‘Fire’ on 112th floor of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa put out in 10 mins in evacuation drill

Look: ‘Fire’ on 112th floor of Dubai’s Heaven’s Arena put out in 10 mins after deathmatch between 2 world class assassins/thieves/magicians.


There are likely a few small places that I am forgetting, but this is a good start point. I will likely be updating this post with more background info for the current locations and with new locations. If you’ve never read HxH and are still sticking around, thanks for tolerating my rambling schizo rant, here’s your reward aka one of the best comics/manga ever written.

I made a video on this article where I talk about some of the things mentioned in the article with more depth here:


  1. Hunter X; you say?
    Why have I not heard of this before? I’ll add this to the “to watch” list… when I start one


  2. laughingmoon

    Greed Island refers to Little St. James Island, where guests can partake in or “simulate” any form of debauchery they can imagine. Also Whale Island is based on real life petrified animals giant animals (like the world trees), iirc there might be a story of a whale island irl.


    1. Its possible that its little st james island, but I highly doubt it. The true rulers of the realm are not decrepit, weak willed, hand-rubbing pedos imo. They take orders from people above them, who take orders from people above them, and most have no idea that they are taking orders. Think about the phantom troupe, they are a pretty much indestructible organization known throughout the entire underworld as legendary thieves and assassins, most of whom have no social security card, no id, unknown blood type or birth date(in the case of feitan), no photos, no trace whatsoever, they are pretty much complete ghosts, or phantoms… Think about how all the world governments work, all world leaders are basically actors, acting out a role to varying degrees whether they know it or not. All of the ‘illuminati banker families’ are acting out a role to varying degrees whether they know it or not. The majority of them are actors and they do not know they are actors. The phantom troupe are the guild of unseen actors, like an actors troupe only they are like ghosts/phantoms/unseen. They rule the underworld, the underworld rules corporations and finance, finance and corporations rule politics, politics make the laws, the military enforces the laws, the people follow the laws. York New City arc demonstrates who really is in control, its the unseen/phantom/ghosts/spirits. They allow the underworld mafia to exist because who gives a crap about trying to acquire power, order, assets, when you’ve elevated yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually to a level that you are equivalent to a god. What can a typical underworld mafia hitman do with guns, poison, explosives, and knives to a person whose spiritual self is on the level of ancient dieties and gods. At that level of self mastery why bother with money, assets, power, maintaining order, you can just take what you want when you want it, and nobody can stop you. Chrollo is obviously Lucifer, Feitan is the Greek god phaeton, Phinks is obviously Sphink civilization diety like atlantians or tatarians(prolly tatarian since he always wearing russian clothing), Franklin is likely a reference to free masons like Benjamin Franklin he also wears a pyramid on his clothing. Hisoka represents traveling gypsy magicians and the like. Uvo represents the barbarian hermit that lives in the wilderness. Nobunaga represents samurai of old. Notice how the phantom troupe always be chillen in old abandoned buildings using candles to light the area… Think about all the abandoned buildings people never think twice about. Ill shut up now because my next HxH post will likely be on the connections between the characters and real life people, gods, organizations.


      1. laughingmoon

        You are correct that the GREED developers bear no resemblance to Epstein & co., but I think that has more to do with Togashi scrambling his conspiracies as a form of encryption and/or plausible deniability… like how there’s the “United States of Saherta,” blending the US with the Sahara so that there is no 1:1 parallel. The premise of Greed Island is unsettlingly similar (IMO) to LSJ island because I’ve heard of LSJ island as being a place where “no desire is off-limits” to its patrons. But to be fair that could describe a lot of places in the world and LSJ is just the one I’m most aware of. Admittedly it’s a weak association aside from that one similarity that unnerves me.


      2. laughingmoon

        Also Franklin being tied to masons and Ben Franklin… you’re good at this. I noticed tons of HxH conspiracies and occult references before I ever read this (the dark continent is most obvious to veterans of the net/lore). Sorry to seem proud, I’m just glad there’s someone operating AT LEAST on my level, if not more advanced. I posted a thread about this on /a/ (4chan) years ago and nobody could be arsed to reply.

        Now I’m at the point where I find it impossible to believe that a single (major) mangaka or editor at SJ is not a 33rd degree mason. Hell, when it comes to guys like Kubo and even Togashi, I have to wonder if maybe they became 33rd degree masons as a prerequisite for being allowed to have popular manga? If not, then I think the initiation phase happened sometime after their first manga but before their breakthrough hits.

        Every major entertainer has been speaking, quite obtusely and vulgarly, a distinct language to our faces this entire time, for decades — perhaps for centuries in more subtle forms. Of course Newton, Darwin, etc. are descendants of the mystery schools Pythagoras once studied (and taught). It can be hyperbolic to say it’s literally “everyone,” but when talking about major figures… it seems it most certainly is “everyone.”

        Who do you think, out of all the major historical figures of the last few centuries, was acting on their own agency and not as pieces for their side of an ancient chess game?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Victor Hugo’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame” has absolute gold nuggets of truth hidden in plain site. Hugo feels like he was apart of the global elite but was dissatisfied with the direction ‘they’ were steering humanity. Voltaire told it like it was in Candide(hilariously). Vlad the Impaler was one of the greatest rulers in mankinds history (which is why he’s treated as a monster by all mainstream media). I suspect many of the authors that the mainstream tout as the best ever was because their entire stories were metaphors or hidden contexts of the true history of mankind and/or this realm. John Ronald Reuld Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” was supposedly an ancient Scandinavian historical account. Napolean, Ghengis Khan, George Washington, Jesus, and Columbus either never existed or they existed and the name is a false one(george washington was william pitt, jesus was jmmanuel, etc). Lovecraft’s works are supposedly historical. Edgar Allen Poe was his own man. Imo Mark Twain, Hemmingway, Steinbeck, Fitzgerald, Salinger, and Faulkner were all agents or unknowingly agents. Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Marconi, Bell, were authorized engineers, but guys like John Worrell Keely, Karl Von Reichenbach, Emmanual Sweedenbourg, and Walter Russel were unauthorized engineers. Newton, Einstein, and Darwin were hacks that knew nothing. Stalin was a good ruler and didn’t kill as many people as the mainstream media claims. Putin, Xi, and Assad are all excellent rulers. Basically whatever the mainstream media says is bad, is likely good and vice versa.


  3. laughingmoon

    Also the newest arc (Kakin Empire succession war) seems to delve more into the elite bloodline cabal side of the conspiracy topic. You have your disassociated elites in the hunters, then you have the ancient cults with the Kakin Empire.


    1. It could relate to the bloodline cabal. Who you think the Kakin Empire equates to in real life? It seems like they are a mixture of Russia and China. China has an ancient story based on 14 princes vying for the throne. Apparently the 4th prince triumphs, ive done zero research into the story/poem, but from what I’ve heard it ends with the 4th prince winning the throne. I also think the whole V5 is an obvious reference to the P5(or 5 permanent seats in the UN). The treaty to never venture past the antarctic ice wall signed by the P5 and most members of the UN, just like the treaty to not venture into the dark continent is signed by the V5…

      The name Satoshi Nakamoto translates into Intelligence Central, aka central intelligence agency. If you were to create a world wide currency, what would be the country people would least suspect to be doing nefarious deceptive shit? No one would trust a currency created in the USA, UK, Isnotreal, Russia, Germany, or China, but Japan on the other hand… I suspect the CIA has been using the japanese manga/anime since early 2000s to implant the true nature of this realm into the subconscious of generations of children throughout earth just like they did with currency thru bitcoin. No one suspects Japan. Think about it, why would a Japanese manga/anime use an English title, and English names? One Piece, Berserk, Hunter x Hunter, and Fullmetal Alchemist are considered the greatest Japanese manga/anime and they all use a western title and western names. Imo One Piece is the shape of the realm, Berserk is the cyclical history of mankind, HxH is how magic can be used, how the realm is truly ruled, and represents the future times, fullmetal alchemist gives clues into alchemical magic and our present times.


      1. laughingmoon

        “I suspect the CIA has been using the japanese manga/anime since early 2000s”
        I only have a reply to this segment for now, but I think it actually started with the end of WWII when the freemasons adopted tons of industry leaders and icons around Japan. This is why Mario & Sonic have masonic/hermetic symbolism going back to their first iterations. This is my pet opinion but you’re right there with me: the US has used Japan and South Korea as “test markets” for next-generation technologies like phones, videogames, net-culture. Japan was always 5-10 years ahead of us for the longest time. I suspect it’s because they were the beta testers for the effectiveness of these control methods. And then South Korea… well you know about the president being ousted in 2016 for being indoctrinated by a cult, yes? That smacks of a certain Nakamoto Satoshi Agency, if you catch my drift. They apparently ran the Finders cult and are involved in just about every cult you can find these days, one way or another. The modern-day “cult” as we understand it is simply their techniques being applied, so it’s fair to say it’s ALL them.

        Basically these industries have been compromised since the “beginning.” 9/11 reference in a 90s Jojo manga… shoot even Osamu Tezuka’s works are very suspect. Remember Phoenix? Japan has been slowly groomed for the One World Culture for a long time now. All anime is “multicultural” now. All anime tells the story of the NWO and the esoteric world around us.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. laughingmoon

        On second thought I think I’m conflating masonry with the seeing-eye-aid. They’re both ultimately kabbalist but as institutions they are technically separate; so you may be correct in saying the CIA specifically began meddling with this medium in the 2000s. But their fraternal brothers have always had a stake in it.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. laughingmoon

        Also sorry gotta post one last thing… I’ve never read One Piece, but I came back to this blog immediately after seeing something that made me shit brix… THE RED LINE. You have GOT to be kidding me! Oda calls it the fucking RED LINE. How obvious can you get? Sends shivers right down my spine, but I don’t think a single friend of mine who reads that… ahem… work… has realized the implication. And there’s an entire other “world” on the opposite end. I don’t know if I’d agree to the Earth being shaped like OP’s model, but it seems obvious as hell that there is a world within/beyond our world that is literally, physically here. It’s populated, cultivated, and very, very old. So what in God’s name is out there, that they’re so afraid of us finding out?

        You know I WISH I could apply for a Hunter’s License. Even if it meant a chance of dying during the test. At least then there would be a path for those who really want to know, while leaving the plebs to their distractions.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I made a video on One Piece’s model for earth. Its easily one of my worst named videos haha, but its all about One Piece’s ‘world map’.


  4. […] Check out Part 1: Locations (I’ve heavily modified it since it was originally published) […]


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