Hunter X Hunter Is A Mirror To Our Realm Part 2: The Magic System


At first I hesitated to associate the following topics with what is essentially a comic book, but on second thought it became clear that associating the following topics with Hunter X Hunter is perhaps the best possible way to reveal the following topics to the public. Doing it in this manner will essentially give me a liability shield and will make it impossible for any corporation to ban this blog or hassle me in any way.

The author of Hunter X Hunter, Yoshihiro Togashi, was asked in a Japanese interview in early 2000s, “how did you come up with your NEN[magic] battle system?” Togashi responded, “I simply made it as real as possible”. The interviewer laughs and blows off the answer like it was a joke. I don’t think he was joking. Unfortunately I am having trouble tracking down this darn interview, but I will eventually link it, hopefully soon.

For those that are unfamiliar with Hunter X Hunter here is a quick rundown, the Hunter Association is a non-governmental organization (NGO’s low key control the world, look into it…) responsible for the testing and licensing of “Hunters”, individuals who have proven themselves through the rigorous exam to be elite members of humanity. Many people die trying to pass the ‘hunter exam’. With the passing of the Hunter Exam, an applicant is rewarded with a license, but that only gets them so far, they must also pass a ‘secret exam’. The ‘secret exam’ requires that the hunter learn NEN. Once the ‘secret exam’ is passed hunters are allowed access to 95% of all ancient ruins on Earth, access to all government secret projects, complete unfettered access to places like the Smithsonian, the Library of Congress, the Vatican vaults, etc. They are also given complete diplomatic immunity, with license to pretty much do whatever they want, except certain things like murder, or venturing past the Antarctic ice wall(its called the dark continent in HxH, more on this in a future article).

Typically, Hunters devote themselves to tracking down priceless items, exploring mystical places, and tracking the unseen wonders of the world. There exists 800 or so hunters. 60 of the top 100 richest humans on the planet are hunters. Becoming a millionaire is considered the easiest hunt, with a rank of H(the lowest). There are around 100 or so NEN users that aren’t Hunters(one being Lucifer Morningstar in the flesh, more on this in a future article). NEN users are subtly the true rulers of the realm.

NEN is the magic system of Hunter X Hunter. Although I am just speculating, it likely gets it name from real life ZEN. I won’t be getting into the specifics of ZEN or NEN because both systems are ultimately based on contracts with the spiritual realm.

The following is just what I have surmised so far, its possible I am mistaken in some aspects and will make corrections as I learn more.

The Magic System:

Real magic is human belief. Don’t believe me? What’s a placebo? All medical and drug studies are required to specifically account for something called the ‘placebo effect’. Why is this done? It is because if the patient given the drug believes that they are being given a miracle cure drug they will miraculously heal themselves despite being given nothing but a salt/saline tablet. There were so many instances where a patient healed simply because they believed to be receiving a miracle cure that the entire medical and drug industry had to invent the term ‘placebo effect’ and specifically neutralize the ‘placebo effect’ during studies. Name another drug that must be specifically accounted for during all medical and drug studies. This essentially means the placebo is the world’s strongest drug, by far, nothing else comes remotely close. The ‘placebo effect’ is human belief.

99.99% of the human race have almost zero conscious control over their own beliefs. Why do you believe what you believe? Think about it. Really think about it.

What is religion based on? Human belief in the form of faith. What is the financial system based on? Human belief that the dollar has value because it is backed by the government. What gives a government authority and power? Human belief that the government has its subjects best interests in mind. What gives a corporation power? Human belief that a corporation values its customer/consumer. What gives a medical doctor authority over another’s health and well being? Human belief that the medical doctor is qualified to do so. What gives a judicial system authority? Human belief that the judicial system is just and fair. What gives modern news, science, history authority over their respective subject? Human belief that the news, science institutes, and historical scholars are qualified to do so. Human belief fuels every single aspect of our modern system. This is just the basic institutions, it gets much crazier.

Why do people wear clothes? Human belief that we must be shameful of our genitals because we are somehow unpure. Why do people stop at a stop sign? Human belief that the rules of the road are safe and effective and that other humans think the same. Why does 1+1=2? Human belief that the symbols ‘1’, ‘+’, ‘=’, and ‘2’ equate to the addition of amounts of something to equal some new thing. Why does ‘tree’ represent a tree within our minds? Human belief that when the symbols ‘t’, ‘r’, ‘e’, ‘e’ are combined in order it represents a natural physical tree. Its funny, people think that there is no magic in this world, but in reality we are surrounded by magical spells in every single aspect of our lives, almost everything in human existence permeates with magical spells. Its called ‘spelling’ for a reason, its to learn magic spells within a magic system based on language which is based on collective human belief.

Real Magic Requires Legitimate Self Mastery

In order to consciously control our own beliefs which includes negotiating contracts with the spiritual realm to attain abilities that exceed the confines of natural law, our spirit must be adequately strong enough to handle and understand the responsibilities required. Consciously controlling our beliefs can work for most anyone (for better or worse) but the level of influence/effectiveness is drastically dependent on spiritual strength and self mastery, aka do you truly know yourself.

A great way to drastically increase ones spiritual strength and self mastery is to make ones word/actions non-negotiable. If we say we are going to do something or if we set out to complete some action, we must make our words and actions non-negotiable, to the point of death. In other words we need to be prepared to die if we do not follow through with what we say we are going to do or what we decide to act upon. If we say to ourselves “I’m going to work out today”, “I’m going to write a blog post”, or “I’m going to organize the garage today” we follow through with an expectation that we’ll die if we don’t. If we tell our friends and/or family that our New Years resolution is to write a book, get back into shape, stop drinking, etc we follow through with an expectation that we’ll die if we don’t. This may take hours or may take years. Once one becomes proficient in making their word and actions non-negotiable, they can move to step two.

Step two is to make our thoughts non-negotiable, if we think negatively we consciously recognize it and shift the thought to the positive or else we add conditions or restrictions to our next action. If we have negative thoughts while performing an action, we add more to the action. For example, a few days ago was the first time I’ve worked out in years. It was the first time I’ve worked out while conscious of my own self talk. Holy shit! My self talk sounded like the weakest, most selfish, and biggest whining bitch imaginable. It was astounding. I set out to do 3 sets of 5 different weight exercises. During the workout my self talk was endlessly negative, ‘you don’t need to do 3 sets of 10 reps, lets just do 8 reps, or 6 reps’, ‘you don’t need to do 3 sets, 2 sets are fine’, ‘this is tiring lets call it a day’, etc. It was legitimately embarrassing to my conscious self that I had ever listened to those types of negative thoughts. I learned that by immediately making the workout harder whenever negative thoughts bombarded my self talk, the negative thoughts started to go silent. If they said ‘you don’t need to do 10 reps, just do 8, that’s enough’, I’d think to myself, ‘now I’m doing 12 reps’. Soon enough the negative thoughts ceased and I entered a flow like state and finished the work out as I originally set out to do. This may take hours or may take years but only after we become consciously accountable for our own thoughts can we move to last step.

The last step is making our beliefs non-negotiable. I suspect we are only taken seriously by the universal one creator aka the spiritual realm once we reach this level of self mastery and spiritual strength. Once one reaches this level of spirit, one can consciously negotiate contracts that remove the limits of the natural laws of the universe. Only at this level are we trustworthy enough for the universe to consider our spiritual contract. In HxH every single high level hunter, phantom troupe member (the real illuminati headed by Lucifer Morningstar in the flesh), and other world class Nen users are incredibly stubborn about making their actions, thoughts, and beliefs 100% non-negotiable. All of the best Nen users would rather die than not follow through with an action, thought, or belief.

HxH’s Nen Magic System Is Based On Belief In One’s Self

Beliefs that violate natural law pertain to things like manipulation of gravity, death, human physical limits, in other words most things that would be seen as super powers or miracles by a normal onlooker. In these cases its likely that the belief must be negotiated with the spiritual realm(universal one) through a spiritual contract. There are many aspects to Nen, but it is ultimately entirely controlled by human belief in contractual accordance with the Creator(the universal one), with oneself, with friends, with allies, with enemies, with opponents, etc. A Nen user is able to consciously exceed Universal laws, through a subconscious contract with the universal one.

What I mean by universal one being is that we are all for one and one for all, both at once. We do not have souls, we are souls. If you had a blood cell that thought that it was an insignificant speck within a random ever expanding universe how do you think it would feel about you(the human its apart of)? Would it think you exist? What would you call a blood cell that didn’t think the human it was a blood cell for existed? Cancer? We are insignificant specks in an ever expanding universe but not in the way its presented by science. Its an ever expanding universe in the sense that its an infinite fractal, so we are insignificant specks technically but we are also extremely significant walking talking universes, we are both at once on a fractal scale. Think about it, what would one of your blood cells think of you, the human? They’d think of you as their creator. In other words each of us are 1 universal being on a fractal scale but at the same time each of us is a unique universe from the point of view of our cells. This is what I mean when I say a subconscious contract with the universal one is essentially a contract with yourself because the universal one and yourself are technically same thing. The effectiveness and influence of a Nen users beliefs can be drastically increased through conditions, risk, restrictions/limitations, and vows/oaths.


Nen abilities are essentially belief in oneself, aka contracts with the universal one being, because we are all one universal being. Contracts often include specific conditions that when met activate specific effects/abilities outlined by the contract. Conditions can be included within a Nen contract to increase the strength of the effects of the contract or to make the contract feasible in the first place, whether because the Nen user lacks the degree of skill otherwise required, or because the effects of the contract exceed what can be achieved with the user’s level of self mastery without a trade-off. The conditions required to activate the effects agreed upon in the contract with one’s self are non-negotiable, if the conditions are not met the effects will never occur in reality (aka a Nen contract/ability is based on belief in oneself, which subconsciously means its a contract with the universal one being, because are one universal being).

Hypnosis has something called a conditional response. The keyword is CONDITIONal. A hypnotic conditional response is a perfect example of how Nen conditions work in real life.


A risk equates to self-imposed stipulations that are harmful or potentially so to the creator of the risk. A Nen user can believe whole heartedly that limiting the use of their senses will drastically increase the power of their Nen, and the effectiveness of their Nen abilities. In the manga/anime HxH the reader/viewer will see characters willingly increase the risk of death for reasons such as ‘it just felt right’, or ‘it seemed appropriate at the time’. I am suggesting this is the character making a subconscious contract with the Universe in order to increase the effectiveness of their Nen abilities, perception, reflexes, strength, endurance, speed, etc during a life or death situation. Willingly taking extra risks confirms the Nen user’s resolve(aka belief in themselves) to the Universe(aka one’s self because we are all one), so the Universe abides and grants the increase in effectiveness.


Nen responds to the beliefs of individual users. A Nen user can increase the overall power of an individual skill by stating a self-imposed restriction that forces even more conditions on it. For example, if one consciously decides something along the lines of “I will only use this skill on Thursdays” or “I will only use this skill against males” and manages to abide by that rule, that particular skill will become stronger. These restrictions are called limitations and the act of swearing to respect them is called a vow or oath. The stricter the limitation, the stronger the user’s belief in themselves(aka resolve), and thus the more their ability is strengthened.

Unlike normal conditions, which establish the trigger requirements to activate a conditional contract with the universal one, a restriction/limitation can be broken; however, doing so not only entails the loss of the contractual ability it was used on, but it also carries the risk of obliterating one’s capacity to use Nen(aka never be trusted by the Universal One again) altogether. Restrictions/limitations that contain some sort of punishment, like “I will die if I break this restriction/limitation“, can strengthen a Nen user’s contract with the universal one being even further because it further demonstrates the users belief in themselves (aka the universal one, we are all one being). Ever hear of the phrase, “cross my heart and hope to die?” What does that phrase really mean? It means very little to people who have not made their actions, thoughts, and beliefs non-negotiable, but for one who has, it means everything. It means “if I am lying or wrong in my belief’s then I am willing to cross into my heart and die.” In other words they’ll put their life on the line to amplify their belief in themselves aka conviction(aka belief in the universal one because we are all one being).


Why do bride and groom exchange vows? What is the purpose of that action? Its a spiritual contract much like an oath. Why do all judges, witnesses, lawyers, government officials, presidents, senators, mayors, representatives, police chiefs, military leaders, etc swear an oath with their left hand on top of the Bible. Why? Its just a book, doesn’t matter if god wrote it or not its still just a book. Why does everyone have to swear upon it with their left hand? That sounds like a contractual condition to me, in other words swearing an oath with ones left hand placed upon a Bible is a condition required to activate a specific contract (more on this specific contact in future articles, hint: Lucifer Morningstar).

Nen is a magic system based on belief in oneself and conditionally negotiated spiritual contracts with the universal one being of creation. We are both all for one and one for all at once. This means that belief in oneself increases the influence/effectiveness of a contract with the spiritual realm aka Nen abilities. In other words, the effectiveness/influence of one’s Nen ability/contract is directly affected by one’s level of self mastery. The more you Know Yourself, the greater the effectiveness/influence of your beliefs.

Lex Mercatoria aka Law of Merchants

All modern day law is based on Lex Mercatoria, aka the Law of Merchants. It is an ancient law that deals with trade/contractual law. In the old days, disputes between trading companies had to be resolved before the tide came in because after the tide came in, the ships involved in the dispute would be setting sail. The Law of Merchants was designed to be extremely quick and efficient. At some point the British Crown told their judges to adhere to Lex Mercatoria and slowly but surely it was absorbed and incorporated into British Common Law. Every single court system on the entire planet abides by the Law of Merchants, yet it is never explicitly explained or written down. It is an unwritten law that governs every judicial system in the entire realm. This is the subject I was hesitant to write about. The law of merchants is entirely based on contracts.

There are four elements to a simple contract(they can get much more complex but these are the 4 basic principles).

  1. An Offer. Most think of an offer as a sales pitch, “I want to sell you something, you want to buy it”, but an offer can be disguised. Voting is an offer, believing in the authority of the government is an offer, believing in the US dollar is an offer etc. Now for a for a simple test directed towards the reader. “Please look out of the nearest window, locate the moon if it’s night time, or sun if it’s day time. Stare at it for 10 seconds or as long as possible.” You may now continue reading. If you want you can report in the comments what you were thinking while staring at the moon/sun. The purpose of the test will be revealed momentarily.
  2. A Meeting of the Minds. This is where the terms and conditions of the contract are negotiated and agreed upon. There has to be full disclosure. Without full disclosure the contract is invalid. The terms and conditions are incredibly important. Why are global corporations obsessed with constantly changing their terms and conditions? Why does every software update require an agreement to terms and conditions? Why does every social media site require an agreement to terms and conditions? Sounds like a spiritual(NEN) contract/condition to me. Its effectiveness is extremely low because maybe 10000 people on earth understand the true importance of terms and conditions. In a nutshell, its basically Nen conditions, in other words the terms and conditions are basically NEN CONTRACTS…
  3. Unconditional Acceptance. There has to be an agreement, as in both parties must agree to the contract. If a party does not refuse an offer it means they said yes, this is called a tacit agreement in lex mercatoria law(aka the law of merchants). There is a bird called the Canadian Goose, during winter it flies south towards a warmer climate across the American border, and during the summer it flies back North across the Canadian border. The Canadian goose is not stopped at the border of Canada and the USA, it doesn’t even know what a border is. But if we were to cross the Canadian/USA border with a Canadian goose in the trunk of our car, dead or alive, we would be stopped by armed guards and told we cannot transport the goose across the border. Why? For the same reason you spent approximately 10 seconds looking out your nearest window in order to stare at the moon or sun. You didn’t have to look out your nearest window, but since you did it, you tacitly agreed to my offer. Those that didn’t look out their nearest window, congratulations you either truly know yourself or you are very impatient(haha). Those that did look out their nearest window should take note how subtle my ‘offer’ was and then think about how many subtle offers are presented to us daily.
  4. Consideration and Performance. Consideration is the cause, motive, price, or impelling influence which induces a contracting party to enter into a contract. Performance is to execute, fulfill, or accomplish an obligation(or contract) according to the terms and conditions of the contract. It is what is being offered by each party. For example, payments made towards a homeowner mortgage loan is an invalid contract because the bank does not lend money, they provide securities. Banks do not provide consideration for payment of mortgages. There have been foreclosure cases where the homeowner argued that the bank did not provide adequate consideration, therefore the mortgage loan contract is void because a bank is creating money from thin air(aka providing securities) in order to create the mortgage loan while the homeowner is providing adequate consideration in the form of their land and property.

The law of merchants is the only law that seems to matter(within our human systems, natural and spiritual law trumps the laws of men). We are considered merchants the day we were issued a birth certificate and a social security number, our social security number is our merchant number. We are subject to the law of merchants because we have legally been merchants since birth. The law of merchants were outlined in the Hammurabi tablets, Sumerian cuniforms, Babylonian tablets, the bible, and many other ancient texts.

If the laws of merchants have been the most superior form of law since the dawn of recorded history, then we must wonder where does this form of law get its power and influence. It should logically originate somewhere, well what was the original contract? Turns out it does originate from a contract, only it wasn’t called a contract in ancient times, in ancient times it was called a covenant. The being who originally created the contract/covenant that gave power to the laws of merchants was Lucifer Morningstar. He consciously created a spiritual contract with the universe through a trust in himself (aka a non-negotiable belief in himself, aka Nen contract) to elevate the souls of this realm. The trustee of his trust is likely some behind the scenes person(like a consigliere). The beneficiaries of Lucifer’s trust were likely every single ruler throughout history that sought or craved power.

Perhaps Lucifer gave power to those that seek or crave power because they are the worst people to give incredible power to, so he purposely gave those types of individuals the incredible power that coincided with his trust. As a result of being given incredible power the weak/corrupt individuals eventually, inevitably caused a massive amount of suffering on their populace. Suffering is almost always the catalyst for the awakening of ones consciousness. The current beneficiary is likely the bloodline of the Queen of England. Perhaps a real ‘trust’ is a non-negotiable belief in yourself to fulfill a spiritual contract with oneself, aka a Nen contract. Yourself, himself, herself, themselves, and oneself all mean the same thing… My point is that the contract the British crown is afraid of breaking is a contract created with the universal one being of all and Lucifer’s trust(non-negotiable belief in himself). The British crown are likely the current beneficiary’s.

Assuming my theory is correct and considering the law of merchant contract controls pretty much every judicial system on the planet, I think its safe to assume Lucifer definitely Knows Himself. Much of the true motives of Lucifer are best explained by the so-called ‘hidden hand’ article presented in 2008 (pretty much everything stated in that article has come true…)

Side Note: Santa/Satan/Saturn/Sargon/Sauron have very little to do with Lucifer. Santa/Satan/Saturn/Sargon/Sauron represents human consciousness’s current idea of ‘evil’. Really Santa is the latest incarnation, Satan is actually the previous incarnation but most people still use Satan because most people haven’t awakened to the Santa spell. Why does everyone on earth lie to their children about a fat dude in a red suit delivering gifts using magic flying reindeer(one of which has a glowing red nose for no apparent reason) and a sleigh. It’s absolute insanity when you break it down. Its like the entire myth of Santa was invented so that children wouldn’t trust adults, especially their parents.

Vibrational Frequency Is The Universal Language

Human belief is highly amplified or dampened by our vibrational frequency. Vibrational frequency is the universal language, some call it energy, others call it aura, chi, ki, chakra, vril, od, nen, zen, and many other terms but they ultimately are all vibrational frequency felt by oneself and those around you. By vibrational frequency I mean our vibes. Vibes are the universal language. There are many ways to increase the strength of our vibrational frequency.

If you have ever wondered why it always rains when you are sad, or why parties always feel awkward when you are anxious, or why best times with friends always occur when you are in a positive mood then you are a powerful individual, incredibly powerful, far more than you can imagine. Don’t believe me? Then explain why your mood literally effects everything around you, just your mood… Stronger individual vibration frequencies can elevate or degenerate massive areas of people with their vibrational frequency. Most of us, 99% of the human race, cannot consciously control their own mood, let alone their own vibrational frequency, let alone their own beliefs. Once we learn to make our words/actions, thoughts, and beliefs non-negotiable we can always be in a positive flow state, every moment will feel like the best moment of our lives.

Perhaps the ancient gods were just extremely advanced humans who learned to make their beliefs non-negotiable. Perhaps Zeus non-negotiable belief was that he could command lightning against those who violated natural law. Zeus’s level of self mastery was at a level that the universe accepted his non-negotiable belief and it became a sort of spiritual contract on a subconscious level between Zeus and the universal one being/spirit/creator. Maybe Zeus didn’t ‘die out’, its just that the normies learned not to explicitly break natural law anymore so Zeus lost his purpose?


These are topics that were very difficult to combine in a coherent manner, hopefully I have done a decent enough job to demonstrate that the magic of our world is not dead, its just that we are bombarded with a nonstop onslaught of mind control magic spells since the day we start school until the day we die to the point that we’ve become numb to what magic even is. Our world is ruled by magic. Non-negotiable human belief is the strongest form of magic in existence. It requires a very high level of self mastery and knowing of oneself. The best Nen users in Hunter X Hunter best exemplify the level of self mastery required for non-negotiable belief to manifest physical reality. Regardless of how well I was able to convey the importance of non-negotiable human belief, the section “Real Magic Requires Legitimate Self Mastery” is the best explanation of how true real magic can work. First make your actions/word, thoughts, and beliefs non-negotiable in order to truly master yourself, and as a result you will be able to consciously create contracts that violate the normal natural laws of the universe. In other words, self mastery is the key to doing magic, miracles, or super powers.


  1. I must ask, have you actually achieved anything of significance yourself, or do you only theorize of doing such things?
    Also, when it comes to contracts you forgot something: the requirement of good faith. If you make a contract with the explicit intent to harm the accepting party, the contract can be made invalid at any time. I suppose you could fit it under “disclosure”, but it’s an important element. You may be only a worker, not a slave.


    1. Omountains? That you? Don’t you go ‘sneeding’ in my comment section you weirdo…. Any contract with explicit intent to harm another likely has no actual power. A Nen contract is a contract with yourself, which has more than one meaning. In other words a nen contract is dependent on your belief in yourself. We are one universal being, so belief in one’s self is belief in the universal one being. We are one being. We are the spoon.


      1. Ihatetheantichrist

        This may merely be a matter of perspective, but I should point out that the right-hand religions tend to call these contracts with djinn or demons, not the self… hence the term a “genius” — one who has a contract with a djinn and is thus gifted in some extraordinary way. The left-hand paths and middle path might argue it is all the self regardless, but this is extremely dangerous from the right hand perspective. You have to hear their concerns, at least know that in the past there are those who made contracts with entities that brought them harm; whether these entities are facets of the self or not. I like the HxH system because it makes no implication of demons or djinns (aside from nen beasts, especially in the royal succession arc with bloodline nen beasts), however I know that’s what it is most likely based on.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. ラルフ・C・ベルモンド

    There are infinite realities and We are Gods, there are no invisible gods, archons want to be worshipped as gods, they are not gods and they can’t create anything, we are Gods and we create our own infinite realities with vibration of the spirit, the world is an ocular/photon hologram projected by our mind force programed by the archons using computers and media as a mind control weapon to make us create the realities the archons want us to create, but for that they need to synchronize all the people into a unified time-line, a synchronized reality (timeline, times, clocks, calendars, cycles of time) and therefore we don’t create own own reality because we are synchronized outside of us inside cycles of time. And if we don’t create our own reality we don’t exist because we are not living until we create our own reality, there are infinite worlds according to the realities we create each breath (with vibrations and choices), every breath create a world full of possibilities, that’s why our lungs are wings and our breath open stargates to infinite worlds, when we are connected to the Spirit we create our own reality and when we create our own reality we are gods of our own reality. That’s why there are infinite realities and infinite worlds and we choose in witch one we want to live.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree 100%. We were the gods, we were the giants. I was hoping that this article conveyed that. Maybe I need to explain this better idk.

      Check out this video that explains how the archon computers work(he’s a non programmer), his explanation sounds identical to what you say.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ラルフ・C・ベルモンド
      2. Ihatetheantichrist

        I tend to think of “us” and “them” as all part of God in the sense that we are veins from God’s branches, but that our identities are kept distinct by God. And even the evil “us” and “them” are a part of this tree, however God (or the Godhead if you prefer) prunes the veins and branches. He manifests the reaper to quite literally harvest aspect of Himself; either for glorification, smooth its blemishes, or simply cast it into the furnace of oblivion where it dissolves on the spiritual level.


  3. […] We are all capable of all of ‘J’s miracles, if we can all do miracles at or above ‘J’s level, what’s the point of him coming back. Miracles require non-negotiable belief in one’s self aka belief in the universal one because we are all one being, we are the spoon. Check out my most recent article on the magic system of this realm and how it is entirely based arou…. […]


  4. Where can I contact you? I always had an intuition about invisible “contracts” but I neglected those ideas but they keep coming back to me. Thanks.


    1. 1-856-534-3275. Text me. If you call ill probably not answer, leave a voicemail and Ill call ya back when I’m free.


      1. Is there a chance I get a social instead? Maybe Discord or Instagram. Thanks
        My Instagram is @medukun


      2. I don’t use discord or instagram. Call me and leave a message.


  5. […] Hesse novel, but it proceeds by players making deep connections between seemingly unrelated topics, kind of like the connections between Japanese comics, the law of merchants, real magic, self mastery…. Many ‘enlightened’, conspiracy theorists, ‘awakened’, secret society […]


  6. A the vampire Hunter

    Well nice article this is the n th time reading it but just a question what guarentees this contract won’t be made with the wrong side why not made with God or just soul are we granted to make a contract with God cuz the universe is just a creation of God and btw I don’t believe we’re gods but I do believe that we are more capable than we think.


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