RIP Norm Macdonald, The Funniest Comedian To Ever Live

My conspiracy Spidey senses are tingling telling me Norm ain’t dead he’s just escaping fame because the insanity of this world is exponentially increasing. Just like Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Anthony Bourdain, Chester Bennington, Kentaro Miura, and many others quote, unquote, “died” from implausible suicides or mysterious cancer. Didn’t Norm hate hospitals? Any way here are the 2 Norm interviews that never fail to make me laugh. In my opinion Norm’s the funniest man to ever live. That’s not even really hyperbole, name a comedian funnier than Norm Macdonald. You cannot.

2) Norm’s First Interview On Conan

Conan, like Letterman, has said Norm was by far his favorite guest. Norm’s interview with Conan always brings me back to the time when people were funny and real. Even Conan actually seems like a real human being in the following interview. The following never fails to make me laugh out loud.

1) Norm On Dennis Miller Puts Me In Tears Every Time I Listen To It

Say what you want about Dennis Miller, people cannot deny his intellect from purely a memory recall and wit standpoint. When Dennis used to announce NFL games he would bring up obscure stats no one alive would know just to screw with the other announcer and audience. Besides Norm, no one could really match Dennis’s level of wit and humor so he just seems like a know-it-all during most of his interviews. I thought he was a blowhard boomer until I listened to his interviews with Norm. Norm was the only comic able to bring out Dennis Millers full power level, and the results are hilarious. I also think the only comedian that could ever play along with Norm’s ‘full power-level’ is Dennis Miller. Norm is usually playing to the perceived intellect of the audience, but when he went on Dennis Millers show he went full tilt, because he knew it wouldn’t go over Dennis’s head and he knew Dennis could play along. Norm’s interviews with Dennis Miller put me in tears almost every time I listen to them, especially Norm’s ventriloquist act featuring the cranky old puppet that doesn’t believe the holocaust happened(just typing the words has me chuckling). Whenever your doing some mundane task while at work, pop this next video on and listen to it in the background, you won’t be disappointed. By the end of it, your coworkers will likely question your sanity because you’ll be unable to stop yourself from hysterically laughing out loud.

Honorable Mentions

Norm Never Gave A Single Shit About “Fame”

Shows up to host an event in sweatshirt and sweatpants, keeps bringing up Hitler…

Norm hosting the ESPY’s and bringing up OJ Simpson

Norm bombing in front of Congress, but still having an excellent time because he doesn’t give a shit what any of the supposedly ‘most powerful people in the world’ think. He just stays true to himself. The Bobs would have promoted Norm for being “a straight shooter with upper management written all over him”.

Norm’s Talk Show Interviews

Norm on Jay Leno

Norm on Howard Stern

This is a playlist, I couldn’t find a full video, so watch this one on youtube to start the playlist

Norm was David Lettermans favorite guest by far

Best Of Norm Macdonald


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