Baron Karl Von Reichenbach Research Into Sleepwalkers And Somnambulism

During the 18th century a Baron named Karl Von Reichenbach proved the existence of a force that is not quite electricity, and not quite magnetism, a force that could only be described as the ether. Karl called this force ‘Od’. His father was the court librarian for a King or Lord or something of the sort, so Karl had access to thousands upon thousands of books. Karl spent most of his time traveling Europe and studying cases of ‘sleepwalking’ and ‘somnambulism’ (what many would call demon possession). He performed thousands of different experiments to understand and help cure the sleepwalkers and somnambulistic.

Sleepwalkers and the somnambulistic were treated at best like a burden to their family and village and at worse to be demon worshiping witches. They experienced much hardship. Imagine having to be locked in a cage or in your room so you wouldn’t sleepwalk at night. Many of the sleep walkers would find a need to climb high structures at night, imagine regaining consciousness after sleep walking to the top of a clock tower 3 stories above the ground.

The Baron experimented with early electric cells, magnets, crystals, drugs and even created a method of psychoanalysis that predates Freud by almost 50 years.

“In order to truly comprehend more of the attributes associated with these maladies, the Baron probed victims with deep and personal questions. In this, he preceded Sigmund Freud’s talking-cure method. Despite his lengthy and confidential discussions with sleepwalkers, he noted that cures did not result. Talking did not remove the symptoms by helping the victims to “face their fears”. No, he continued to believe that this peculiar class of maladies had a deep, unrecognized natural cause.”

Page 5 of “Lost Science” by Gerry Vassilatos

After trying almost everything he decided to return to his notes to figure out what was the common symptom among all sleepwalkers and the somnambulistic. The only common symptom among thousands of sleepwalkers and somnambulistic villagers in the early 18th century was that the episodes drastically increased during a full moon.

To test the effects of the full moon he boarded up a room in his castle so the only light shining into the room came from a small hole that was blocked by a board. He waited for a full moon and invited the sleepwalkers to his mansion. He had the sleepwalkers go to the room he prepared and started experimenting. When the board was removed a small ray of moonlight would shine through into the darkened room. The sleepwalkers would grow visibly distraught as they approached the ray of moonlight with their hand. When the sleepwalkers hand made contact with the moonlight ray the least sensitive sleepwalkers would feel intense unease and anxiousness. The higher sensitive sleepwalkers and somnambulistic villagers started having muscle spasming after coming in contact with the moonlight. The most sensitive somnambulistic villagers actually started to vomit after coming in contact with the moonlight.

He expanded his experiment by instructing the sleepwalkers and somnambulistic villagers to hold a plate of copper to block the full moons light instead of the wooden board he used at first. Each ‘sensitive’ would become visibly agitated after a short time in which the moon light diffused into the copper plate. Once the copper plate was fully ‘infused’ with the moon light ‘ether’, every sensitive ended up dropping the plate and moving away from the moon light.

The Baron extended the experiment once more by attaching copper wire to the copper plate and put the copper plate in the moonlight opening. The room was 100% absent of all light, but slowly an auric flame would travel down the copper wire, until the copper wire was emanating a flame like aura from its tip. The room was in total darkness, but the sleepwalkers and somnambulistic villagers could see the flame as clearly as if the copper wire was a fire torch at night. The Baron could not see the auric flame but every single one of the sleepwalkers and somnambulistic villagers could see the flame to varying degrees of luminosity.

The baron went on to test hundreds of materials, metals, magnets, plants, animals, and humans and they all radiated with the force described by the sleepwalkers when in total darkness. He increased the effectiveness of the experiment by placing the copper plate on the roof of his castle and winding the copper wire all the way down into a underground dungeon of his castle that he draped in black drapes. After this improvement even people that weren’t sensitive sleepwalkers or somnambulistic villagers began to legitimately see the auric flame emanating from the tip of the copper wire. The Baron himself even began to see it with a clarity that allowed him to navigate obstacles set up randomly by assistants despite the room being totally 100% absent from a light source.

The Baron’s experiments allowed him to provide a near 100% cure for the sleepwalkers and somnambulistic villagers. The cure was to sleep in a room as far away from the moons light as possible, preferably in a room with no windows or windows with black curtains. Simple but nearly 100% effective.

I’ve tried the Baron’s experiment by hanging 12×12 copper plate outside my window while it faced a full blood moon(back in 2019). I attached a copper wire to the 12×12 copper plate and lead it to a closet where I had draped black sheets to the wall, door, and ceiling. I went into the closet, shut the door and about 5-10 mins later I distinctly saw a greenish red flame coming from the tip of the copper wire.

Baron Karl called the force he discovered ‘od’ and later it became known as ‘ode’. Od/ode is essentially the ether. di-ode , electr-ode , cath-ode , an-ode. At first glance it may seem to just be a coincidence that many words used in relation to electromagnetism contain the Baron’s word ode but after further study one begins to notice an underlying almost hidden language within electrical terms.

This brings me to the point of this article. Why are certain metals more conductive than others? Why are some metals magnetic and some not? Through study of Baron Karls experimental works outlined in his book “Physico-Physiological Researches on the Dynamics of Magnetism, Electricity, Heat, Light, Crystallization, and Chemism, in Their Relations to Vital Force” I began to understand conductivity and magnetic metals much better. It seems that the universe will always try to maintain equilibrium and/or balance the equation and/or correct things that are unnatural.

For example pure copper is not a natural element, it must be smelted from copper ore(rocks). Therefore pure copper wire is unnatural. The universe automatically corrects for this. It does so through the physical properties of pure copper. Pure copper better manifests etheric energy towards itself aka its more conductive. The universe corrects for the unnaturally pure copper wire through the manifestation of etheric energy around pure copper wire. The universe does this to return the unnatural pure copper back into natural copper ore(rock) state.

When thinking of electricity and magnetism in terms of ether/ode, a diode becomes a device that collects ode that is between two(di can mean two and between) unnatural elemental metals. An electrode ‘elects’ or raises up or gathers or manifests ode(ether). A cathode is said to be the negatively charged electrode and an anode is said to be the positively charged electrode but that has little physical meaning in reality. The entire concept of negative and positive charges makes little sense, how does one tell if a charge is negative or positive, it feels like purposeful overcomplication and obfuscation of what is occurring in physical reality. If the word ‘cathode’ is broken down to its etymology then it becomes clear that cathode is derived from the Greek kathodos where ‘kath’ means ‘the way down’. Combining that with the Baron’s ode, cathode means weaker manifestation of ether or lower frequency amplification of ether/ode. The origins of the word anode derives from Greek and means ‘the way up’. Combining the Greek meaning with the Baron’s ode, anode means stronger manifestation of ether or higher frequency amplification of ether/ode.

What determines which material (usually metal) is the cathode and which is the anode is directly related to its ability to manifest etheric forces (or level of frequency amplification). This means electric potential (aka Volts) of a battery is directly proportional to the difference in etheric frequency amplification between the lower frequency cathode and the higher frequency anode. In other words unnaturally pure metals have specific frequency amplifications of the ether/ode.

My point is the entire concept of anode and cathode is determined by the unnaturalness of the metal being found in it most pure form which seemingly has a direct correlation with a metals conductivity. With just water as an electrolyte copper is the anode to iron, gold, and aluminum but silver is the anode to copper. In this way a diode works like a frequency band filter of the ether.


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