Songs Of Truth Part 2

When a songwriter creates a song it is normally in the context of their physical, mental, and spiritual state while they were writing the song. In this way, uniquely created song lyrics mean something specific to the songwriter when the lyrics were written. The creator communicates through it’s creations. When we create things uniquely ourselves, we create something that resonates outside of time and space throughout all of creation. In other words the meaning of uniquely created songs can mean more than what the original songwriter said it means. The song can mean many different things in accordance with the context of a listener’s physical, mental, and spiritual state while listening to the song.

Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden

The song is a unique creation of Chris Cornell in the context of Chris’s physical, mental, and spiritual state when he wrote the song. It resonates creativity. In my opinion Black Hole Sun could be referring to the supposed Black Sun that remains stationary underneath the cellular nucleus called earth that electromagnetically interacts with the sun and the moon through the massive holes into hollow earth located at the north and south pole.

Stand by REM

Stand in the place where you live.
Now face north.
Think about direction, wonder why you haven’t before.
Now stand in the place where you work.
Now face west, think about the place where you live.
Wonder why you haven’t before.

Most of us never think about our direction in life, why not? Most of us never think about directions in general, why not? Imo this song is about taking control of the direction of your life and not just reacting. It’s about understanding the very basics for how the world works.

Satellite by Dave Matthews Band

Almost every single Dave Matthews Band song written by Dave Matthews has an incredible amount of layered truth within the lyrics. In my opinion, moreso than any other popular band in modern history(since Beethoven). I am only able to scratch the surface of the possible meanings of a handful of Dave’s songs. Here is what I’ve been able to piece together from Satellite.

Satellite in my eyes
Like a diamond in the sky
How I wonder
Satellite strung from the moon
And the world your balloon
Peeping Tom for the mother station

The way in which Dave sings satellite like it is 3 words, “Sat-el-lite” could be referring to saturn, god, and ‘lite’ as in god-lite not the true creator above all that has no name, or could be ‘light’ as in the light of the god saturn.

“Satellite strung from the moon,” could be in reference to the planets being satellites to Earth and that the planets are controlled by the moon. Possibly a base on the moon.

“And the world your balloon,” could be about how almost all satellites are helium balloons. NASA owns the most Helium in the entire world. Why? Its because satellites are helium balloons.

“Peeping Tom for the mother station,” likely is a major in the US air force? Major Tom to ground control. Peeping Tom is Major Tom, and the mother station is ground control.

Winter’s cold spring erases
And the calm away by the storm is chasen
Everything good needs replacing
Look up, look down, all around, hey satellite

Is the line “Everything good needs replacing. Look up, look down, all around, hey satellite” about staying positive and remaining aware despite the insanity occurring around us?

Satellite headlines read
Someone’s secrets you’ve seen
Eyes and ears have been
Satellite dish in my yard
Tell me more, tell me more
Who’s the king of your satellite castle

In my opinion this verse is talking about how there are no secrets. “Who’s the king of your Satellite Castle,” could be asking ‘who are you following’, or ‘who do you treat as if they were a king’. Because really we our own kings who should treat no one outside of ourselves as king except ourselves, aka know yourself.

Rest high above the clouds no restriction
Television we bounce round the world
And while I spend these hours
Five senses reeling
I laugh about the weatherman’s satellite eyes

Why does he laugh at the satellites in the weatherman eyes, is it because he can see the puppet strings behind the newscasting weatherman or does he laugh at the irony that we are all controlled by what we pretend not to see right in front of us… Every song written by Dave Matthews is next level in terms of hidden truth/meaning in context with our physical, mental, and spiritual selves.

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