Our Seeing Eye Made Dormant By Silver Nitrate

In 2008 Oprah and Dr Oz interviewed a blue colored man named Paul Karason. He accidentally turned his skin color blue after rubbing colloidal silver on his skin in order to treat skin acne. This article is not about the blue colored man. Nor is it about humans being able to change their skin color to blue with silver. It is interesting that many ancient gods, especially ancient Indian Hindu and Buddhistic gods have blue skin. Integrating the body with silver like Paul Karason did could be definitive proof that skin color can indeed be changed to blue but this was not the most interesting part of the following interview. The most interesting part was off-handedly stated by Dr Oz 4 mins and 14 seconds into the interview.

“…We still use silver in some instances when little babies are born to make sure that they don’t get a sexually transmitted disease as they’re being pushed out and we actually put it in their eyes. It’s silver nitrate. We [also] use it for burns…”

Dr Oz during Paul Karason interview on Oprah

Dr Oz’s statement about silver nitrate has been sticking in my head like a thorn for days, until I started researching it. Silver nitrate is used as the prophylaxis of ophthalmia neonatorum. Prophylaxis means ‘preventative treatment of disease” according to modern medicine. Ophthalmia means “inflammation of the eye, conjunctivitis” according to modern medicine. Neonatorum means “recently born infant” according to modern medicine. So by the modern medical definitions silver nitrate appears to be used to prevent conjunctivitis in newborns.

According to 480 medical studies and hundreds of medical reports on silver nitrate , silver nitrate was first used to prevent Neisseria gonorrhea from infecting a child during child birth. This assumes the mother already had gonorrhea. In 1881 doctors discovered that a 2% solution of silver nitrate dropped into a newborns eyes after child birth can prevent any possibility of a gonococcal infection. The main side effect of silver nitrate is chemical conjunctivitis. Some studies showed that nearly 46% of all newborns treated with silver nitrate contracted conjunctivitis. Use of silver nitrate was almost made obsolete by the introduction of antibiotics in the 1950s but gonorrhea proved to be highly resistant to penicillin so silver nitrate has continued to be used ever since. Keep in mind all babies are given silver nitrate drops despite it only preventing gonorrhea from the babies mother. Meaning babies with completely healthy mothers are still given silver nitrate drops. That makes zero sense, just like how it makes zero sense that a new born be vaxxinated for hepatitis within 24 hours after birth even when the mother is completely healthy. What then is the true purpose of silver nitrate drops?

The Greek etymology of “prophylaxis of ophthalmia neonatorum”, tells a very different and very interesting story. Most medical terms derive from ancient Greek. Prophylaxis means “to keep guard before” in Greek. Ophthalmia means “the seeing eye”, stemming from ops “eye” and thalamos “inner room, chamber”. In other words Ophthalmia is referring to the 3rd eye (really its the 1st eye but yall get it) aka the seeing eye. I couldn’t find a Greek etymology of neonatorum, but neo means new, nate loosely equates to name, so “new name”, orum means “egg”, rum/rom means “excellent, fine, good, valuable” but I can only get the Latin meaning, no Greek. So according to the Greek etymology the whole phrase means “to keep guard before the new, highly valuable seeing eye cracks open”. In other words silver nitrate places the 3rd eye (aka the seeing eye aka the 1st eye) into a state of dormancy or defensiveness before the newly born child is able to open it. Meaning all of our ‘3rd eyes’ were supposed to open shortly after being born. The purpose of silver nitrate is to prevent the immediate opening of the 3rd eye after childbirth and instead force our 3rd eye (seeing eye aka 1st eye) into a defensive dormant state.

At first I was quite angry about this, but after letting this topic brew in the ole noggin for a few days, I have a different take. Now I am quite grateful for this. An fully seeing child living in our upside down society would be forced to live their most vulnerable years ostracized, possibly committed to an asylum, lonely, depressed, called names, distrustful, etc. While I still don’t think it is right to cut off ones true seeing eye immediately after birth, it’s still partly the parents fault for choosing to have their child in a hospital, and for allowing the doctors to drop silver nitrate into their child’s eyes. The parents ignorance is not wrong, but the blame shouldn’t be entirely placed on the doctors in the medical industry, like Dr Oz, whom do not know the true reasons for what they do because the industry is controlled on the spiritual realm. A child born to parents that understand that the medical industry is a magic spell cast by negative thought daemons wouldn’t ever give birth in a hospital but if they did they wouldn’t let a doctor drop silver nitrate into the babies eyes. That child would grow up with people who perfectly understood them. So in a way the medical industry indirectly helps the children with unaware/ignorant parents.


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  1. Thanks for a great post. Sure, the doctors are helping ignorant parents by having ignorant children, but the end result is the status quo remains and zombieland is more easily CON-TROLL-ed by the black magicians (see where we are today). Also, I think that some doctors are just brainwashed by their medtech cartel indoctrination, and still others are full-fledged psychopaths who are well aware of the damage they are doing. Many of these are doctors who go into administration and academia. Remember, Project Paperclip never ended: It moved from Germany to the US.

    Finally, some of us have been “more awake and aware” than others since birth. Did our birthing attendants NOT GIVE us the eye drops? I recall my parents telling me that they noticed immediately that I was very bright and observant, looking around. I do think this began to change somewhat with the introduction of processed foods into our family diet as well as television programming. I never completely lost my “quantum observer” essence, but I did go back and forth attempting to “fit in” with the popular kids. Every time I did, it always ended badly for me. So I pretty much stayed by myself and, yeah, was ridiculed, outcast, and treated like I had perpetual cooties!

    In the end, I think we all have opportunities throughout life to heal our inner eye and open it. Those of us “seeing” what is being projected by the black magicians as their inverted, perverted destruction/despair/death-cult clearly have our third eye open.

    Anyway, just some observations to share with you and your readers!


    1. I agree with everything said. Doctors are put into massive debt precisely so they toe the line. I made it a point to say ‘dormant/defensive’ and not ‘closed’ because we can still open it later in life when we are more ready to handle it.

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      1. Thanks for reminding me that you specifically said “dormant/defensive”! And yes, we certainly can open it later, when mature and individuated enough to see through the projections of the black magicians and their career-clown puppets.


  2. I’ve heard this story regarding Argyria. I’m pretty sure the reason this man turned blue, is because he used Chlorinated water instead of Distilled, creating Silver Chloride instead of actual suspended Silver atoms. Colloidal Silver other than that, generally works pretty well IMO. Colloidal Gold is even more fascinating, it turns a Ruby Red color. Apparently might have a correlation to the “Philosopher’s Stone”. Worth looking into, but wouldn’t trust anything the official Web MD page says about either.

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    1. Very Interesting. According to Paracelsus, whom is the only alchemist that doesn’t constantly speak in code with reference to hermes, thoth, or christ, the so called ‘philosophers stone’ was a ‘balm’ not a stone. Paracelsus was not what people think he was, he despised secrecy, and only spoke secretively about very ‘specific’ things, but his form of ‘secrecy’ never once references hermes/hermiticism, thoth, or christ(st cristopher), NOT ONCE. This means all alchemical books that refer to hermes, thoth, or christ are confused at best and fraudulent at worst. Imo the so-called philosophers stone 100% exists, it was a balm like Paracelsus said in “Hermetic and Alchemical writings of Paracelsus” volume 2. Volume 1 is hermetic nonsense that has nothing to do with Paracelsus, volume 2 is the actual writings of Paracelsus and he kicks off his book by revealing 3 ways to survive for months to years without the consumption of food… Name any alchemist that ever existed that explains 3 ways to survive for MONTHS(6months min) to 20+ YEARS without ever eating food. There is none. Paracelsus kicked off his f-ing book with this information… Just imagine whats in the rest of his book… He was a legitimate god/wizard/superhuman of his day, he’d have pimp slapped most ancient gods with what he knew about alchemy. Look into red mercury which is Sb2O7Hg2 in chemistry. I believe chemistry is the elemental language of deamons, while alchemy is the elemental language of humans. In alchemy the formula ‘Sb2O7Hg2’ means heat and distill an amalgam of antimony 7 times and you will eventually create red mercury. Red Mercury has very SPECIFIC properties, it is repulsed by garlic, attracted to gold, has no reflection in a mirror, and many other electrical and radio properties. Capsules of it can be found in old radios, it apparently helped strengthen the signal and make it mroe clear. Very small capsules of it can be found in old disk hard drives that are older than 15 years. Why would a compound have such SPECIFIC properties that pertain to garlic, gold, and mirrors? Paracelsus knew EXACTLY why. There aint a single Chemist alive that can explain the properties of red mercury. Most chemists avoid it by calling it a myth. I do not think red mercury was/is the philosophers stone but it certainly fits the description of immortal vampires. Paracelsus says the true philosophers stone was a balm (like a vasoline type substance(raw honey perhaps)), not a stone. Reading Paracelsus is much like reading a law dictionary, it is extremely tedious but also very enlightening. I capitalized the word ‘specific’ because the name used by Paracelsus to describe concoctions that had similar properties to high gauss magnets when close to ferrous metals was ‘SPECIFICS’. In other words a SPECIFIC was something that had the same properties of a very high gauss magnet but for substances that were not ferrous metals(like how red mercury interacts with garlic and gold). I trust nothing from WebMD but its still very possible to learn alot from WebMD. I prefer wikipedia’s explanation of things, because its very obvious what is being lied about and what is actually true when you read wikipedias explanation. ‘They’ reveal the truth openly to anyone that can see past the lies. I suspect its a karmic law thing but idk for sure.


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