Hunter X Hunter Is A Mirror To Our Realm Part 3: The Players And Characters

The quote unquote “players” of our Earth realm mirror the real magic users of the Japanese Manga Hunter X Hunter. The leader of the infamous ‘cult’ called ‘The Finders’, Marion Pettie, describes life on Earth as a series of games:

“…they’re all games: the money game, the family game, the religion game, the nation-state game, the politics game, the fame game, the believing and disbelieving game, the glass bead game. And ultimately some part of ourselves judges how we played. And perhaps, when we get back to the place where it all began, we shake our heads and laugh at our performance and decide that, winner or loser, the game is so much fun that we might just want to play it all over again.”

The Gamecaller by Tobe Terrel (ToBe TerrEl aka to be the terran, aka to be a terrestrial, aka to be a earthling…)

The glass bead game stems from the German novel “Master of the Game”(also called The Glass Bead Game) by Herman Hesse. Master of the Game and ‘The Gamecaller’ sound similar, but probably just a coincidence. The rules of the glass bead game are never specifically stated in the Hesse novel, but it proceeds by players making deep connections between seemingly unrelated topics, kind of like the connections between Japanese comics, the law of merchants, real magic, self mastery, and legal contracts. Many ‘enlightened’, conspiracy theorists, ‘awakened’, secret society members, occult club members, ‘illuminated’ people, etc often reference ‘the glass bead game’. Which begs the question, what the hell is the glass bead game?

The cartoon “Rick and Morty” features an arcade game called “Roy” that accurately explains what is meant by the glass bead game(albeit crudely). Morty plays the game by following the rules and doing what he’s supposed to. Rick plays the game completely off script. Morty plays the game like a AI robot, Rick plays the game like a player. Hunters are players.

“Holy Shit! This guys taking Roy off the grid! This guy doesn’t have a social security number for Roy!”

The glass bead game could also be called the game of life on earth. The ‘glass bead’ is the Earth. When someone truly ‘plays’ the ‘glass bead’ game it means they are playing the game of life on earth. In this way ‘a player’, is someone truly playing the game of life on Earth. The actions of a true player of the game of life would appear extremely similar to the Hunters in the Japanese manga Hunter x Hunter.

For those unfamiliar with Hunter X Hunter or Hunters here is a quick rundown. The Hunter Association is a non-governmental organization (NGO’s low key control the world, look into it…) responsible for the testing and licensing of “Hunters”, individuals who have proven themselves through the rigorous exam to be elite members of humanity. Many people die trying to pass the ‘hunter exam’. With the passing of the Hunter Exam, an applicant is rewarded with a license. Passing the exam gives hunters access to 95% of all ancient ruins on Earth, access to all government secret projects, complete unfettered access to places like the Smithsonian, the Library of Congress, the Vatican vaults, etc. They are also given complete diplomatic immunity, with license to pretty much do whatever they want, except certain things like murder, or venturing past the Antarctic ice wall(its called the dark continent in HxH).

Typically, Hunters devote themselves to tracking down priceless items, exploring mystical places, and tracking the unseen wonders of the world. There exists 800 or so hunters. 60 of the top 100 richest humans on the planet are hunters. Becoming a millionaire is considered the easiest hunt, with a rank of H(the lowest).

The ‘players’ and ‘actors’ in real life mirror the ‘hunters’ and ‘characters’ in Hunter X Hunter.

The 10 Mafia Dons in HxH Equate to Modern Illuminati Families

They all think they rule and control the world, but they are actually more like managers or ‘presidents’. This includes real life families of Astors, Duponts, Rothchilds, Rockafeller, Morgan, Vanderbilt, Medici, Mars, Bardi, Goldman-Sach, etc. Almost all of them have very little understanding of true actual power, but they think they are powerful.

The Mafia’s ‘Shadow Beasts’ in HxH Equate to the Intelligence Agencies

Each of these individuals likely discovered Nen on accident and through very negative and degenerate circumstances, but their Nen still seems like superhuman to the 10 mafia dons. Each shadow beast exhibits behavior of pedophjiles, serial killers, degenerates, rapists, etc. The only notable shadow beast member is named nicknamed ‘owl’.

The illuminati and so-called ‘occult’ are often times associated with the ‘Owl’. In HxH the owl is the character that makes things disappear, much like most intelligence agencies. They have some power and have become consumed by the little power they possess.

Both the illuminati families and the intelligence agencies think they rule the world, but they are just useful idiots being used like actors in a play by a far more powerful and subtle group of individuals, the Phantom Troupe Spider.

Phantom Troupe Spider In HxH Equates To The Hidden Hand That Rules Earth From The Shadows

The name ‘Phantom/Spider Troupe’ encompasses who actually rules this realm. The Spiders are all phantom as in they operate in the darkness and communicate through spiritual symbolism ala an unseen phantom. Almost all of them have no social security number, no fingerprints, no public photos, they are like ghosts/phantoms as far as all modern governments are concerned. They rule a troupe/guild of actors that do not consciously know they are actors or under rule. Every secret society is essentially an actors guild/troupe(same with most governments) that do not consciously know they are actors or under rule. Every secret society has 1 iron rule, “never break character”, aka never let the normies know its all a ‘play’. It is the only rule that secret societies take seriously, and is punishable by death, the rest of the rules are nonsense designed to create useful idiots. Some commonly talked about secret societies are the free masons, the illuminati, the templars, the knights of malta, the cia, mossad, etc etc.

Most secret societies of the world unknowingly or not work for Lucifer Morningstar. They run all the drug, weapons, human trafficking, smuggling, and illegal black markets throughout the world(see Wikileaks for proof of all of it). I suspect all secret societies are subtly run by 13 incredibly powerful individuals that have completely mastered themselves to the point that they’d be seen as gods to onlookers.

The Phantom Troupe members are truly powerful, and they make it extremely clear to the 10 Mafia heads(illuminati) and the intelligence agencies(shadow beasts) by slaughtering the best intelligence agency assassins(shadow beasts) in a few minutes, and killing 3000+ Mafia army members within a single night(which happened to occur around Sept 11th 2001 in the manga 3-4 months before the actual attacks in real life… see part 1).

Almost everything Uvo does is actually possible(except maybe catching a bullet with teeth) to some degree(within reason). Stay tuned for parts 4-7.

Chrollo Lucilfer In HxH Equates To Lucifer Morningstar in Reality

Both are leaders of international criminal organizations. Most secret societies worship Lucifer Morningstar without consciously realizing it, just like the phantom troupe are the true rulers of all underworld secret societies in Hunter X Hunter but those groups don’t consciously realize it.

Chrollo Lucilfer comes from ‘meteor city’ which has obvious connotations to him being a fallen angel aka fallen meteorite and the etymology of the word ‘meteor’ is ‘things from heavens above‘. Chrollo Lucilfer rules meteor city, in the Hidden Hand 2008 article he explains that Lucifer Morningstar is not of this realm.

Meteor City runs all the drug, weapons, human trafficking, smuggling, and illegal black markets throughout the world. Meteor City is run by the Spiders, who are run by Chrollo Lucilfer.

Chrollo Lucilfer has a tattoo of an upside down cross, all of his jewelry features an upside down cross, all of his clothing features the upside down cross. The upside down cross is associated with St Peter the first pope of the Roman Catholic Church. He also wears clothing that centers around the Jewish Kaballah.

Its also associated with satanism. Lucifer and satan are 2 different things but its certainly an interesting connection…

In his fight with Hisoka, Chrollo Lucilfer remarks something like “humans are so very interesting” after Hisoka said he still wanted to fight despite Chrollo’s prediction of 100% victory. Chrollo Lucilfer says this because he is not human, he is from outside of this realm(perhaps outside of the ‘TruMan show’).

Imagine this scene as if Chrollo is breaking the 4th wall and speaking to the audience as Lucifer Morningstar.

“What’s he talking about?” INDEED.

What does the tattoo mean on Chrollos forehead? East is up. Magnetic fields of a spade/heart shaped magnet? Idk for sure but it likely has a very specific meaning.

Lucifer Morningstar is a living breathing man according to accounts given by Luciferian occultist to psychiatrists at max security prisons. They claimed that they performed blood rituals because Lucifer told them to. Jerry Marzinsky[the psychiatrist] asks mockingly ‘does he have horns haha’. The man replied, “no Lucifer is a beautiful, black haired white man….”

Chrollos Nen Ability is ‘Skill Bandit’ which is a conjured book that features a left hand on its cover and contains the details of every ‘Nen’ ability he has stolen thru the use of very specific conditions that must be met in a very specific timeline. Opening the book allows him to use the ‘Nen’ abilities within the book.

Why does every single judge, senator, and president in almost every single country on Earth have to place their left hand on top of a bible as they swear an oath…I’m sure its all just a big coincidence.

Phantom Troupe Member Feitan Porter In HxH Equates To Greek God Phaeton

Feitan Porter represents the Greek God Phaeton, son of Apollo who attempted to drive his father Apollo’s chariot but lost control and had to be struck down by Zeus to prevent the destruction of the world.

Etymology of ‘porter’ is “person who carries” or “one who has charge of a door or gate; one who guards the gate of a bridge”. This is just my speculation but perhaps the Sun is the door/gate of our realm called Earth and to pass it one must stare at the sun for hours. I find it extremely interesting that there is not one recorded case of a person going blind by directly staring into the sun in all of recorded human history. In fact I’ve done it personally for around an hour on multiple occasions, afterwards I was extremely calm, alert, and my vision actually felt slightly better. So why are we told not to stare at the sun or we’ll go blind when we were kids? Not medical advice, think for yourself.

One form of Feitan’s Nen ability is to conjure a suit that protects him from a sun created in proportion to the amount of damage done to himself during a fight to the death. His suit has alot of phoenix imagery. Here he is using it to burn a reptilian creature alive:

Phantom Troupe Member Phinks Magcub In HxH Equates To The Sphinx In Reality

Phinks clearly represents Sphinx. In Greek mythology the Sphinx creature had a lions body, wings, and a womans head. In Egyptian mythology the sphinx was a male and wingless. Magcub could mean magnum or magnum cub but I can only speculate.

Etymology of the word ‘sphinx’ from a Greek perspective is “the strangler” or “to squeeze, bind”, and from a Egyptian perspective is “person or thing of mysterious nature”. Phinx method of killing quickly is by snapping his enemies neck thru the use of superhuman grip strength. Seems to fit to me.

The above clip occurred in the manga in September of 2001. It was published before May of 2001…

Phantom Troupe Member Franklin Bordeau In HxH Equates To A Mix Between Frankenstein and Benjamin Franklin In Reality

Franklin wears overalls like an American farmer. He’s very big big second in size only to Uvogin(the barbarian). He is a calm headed oaf that chooses his words carefully. He wears a gi that features a pyramid on his back kind of like the pyramid on the American 1$ dollar bill.

His name is Franklin Bordeau, perhaps in reference to one of the founding fathers of America, Benjamin Franklin who is on the 100$ dollar bill. He looks like the monster described in the novel Frankenstein(oddly called ‘modern prometheus’ now when did that happen?) but with the stitched scars around his mouth.

Franklins Nen ability is to shoot Nen bullets from his finger tips as if they were machine guns. Americans are a bunch of big gun totin farmer oafs with an innocent naive sense of honor. America is a recently created monster, founded by a Franklin(aka created by Dr Frankenstein). If that doesn’t encapsulate the spirit of America I don’t know what does haha.

Nobunaga Hazama In HxH Equates To Oda Nobunaga

Brash Japanese Samurai

Phantom Troupe Member Bonolenov Ndongo In HxH Equates To African Congo Warrior

Phantom Troupe Member Uvogin In HxH Equates To The Barbarian Warrior

Imagine growing up by yourself in Siberian wilderness, or Amazon rainforest, or African Congo, or Alabama(haha thats a joke), with no family and no other humans in proximity to you for 100s of miles. Imagine living in the wilderness from age 6 thru 22 instead of going to school. How different would you be to how you are now? Would you consider your feral self or your domesticated self the superior version of yourself? I bet you’d consider your feral self superior. A barbarian is a feral human.

According to Uvogin means to be untamed, strong willed, and physically strong, or to be stronger than anyone or anything.

Neon Nostrade and the Nostrade Mafia In HxH Equates To Nostradamus

Her Nen Ability is to predict the future. Her family name is Nostrade aka Nostradamus.

Issac Netero In HxH Equates To A Buddha

Isaac Netero is by far the most sovereign living man within all of Hunter X Hunter. He actively hunts things that make him uncomfortable. Will go into far more detail about his methods in my Part 4 post about the basics of Nen.

Chimera Ants In HxH Equate To The So-Called Reptilians

Kiriko’s In HxH Could Equate To Skin Walkers In Reality


There are likely a few people/characters that I am forgetting, but this is a good start point. If you’ve never read HxH and are still sticking around, thanks for tolerating my rambling schizo rant, here’s your reward aka one of the best comics/manga ever written.

Check out Part 1: Locations (I’ve heavily modified it since it was originally published)

Check out Part 2: Magic System (I’ve made a few small changes since it was originally published)

Stay tuned for Part 4 Basics of Nen, Part 5 Other Similarities, and Part 6 Advanced Nen(Hatsu’s). I’ve yet to find time to train but things are freeing up, so stay tuned.


  1. Book of Revelation. Aka the Old Revelation. Certain groups want us to be living in the end times in order to force the apocalypse and the Second Coming, because Freemasons et al are robotic in their understanding of all that. Fundamentalist, dogmatic religious literalists with zero true spirituality and who don’t even know what planet they’re on. They think this is Earth still and not a mirror. Sun worshipers! Ha, they think that’s God. Sun god, Ra. Or that it’s Jesus because the word Sun and Son are magically related. When the sun is the greatest spiritual darkness there is in our sky. Night is light. You dig?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I hope you read it.

    I trully believe in what you have written so far about hxh. Since i was a kid, i did not understand why I or other people liked hxh so much, even though it has had so many hiatus.

    When i was a kid i used to believe it was possible, but then “normal” adult life came and I was just like everybody else, until 4 months which i had a spiritual aweking. My master had told me that the bad guy (i prefer not to name) exists and I really believe him.

    Lately Ive been less conected to the spiritual realm (or love) and ive been asking my guardian angel for guidance and to show me what is my goal, cause i feel that the materialistic world now is so vain, and I was kinda upset to be in between world. But since God is great and you just have to be patient and do what is good, I have found your website.

    I would really like to get in contact, I really want to develop my spiritual side and who knows, by God’s will, allow me to have this much fun with nen/players and so on.

    Tysm for writing and sticking your neck out.

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  3. Master nabber

    This is beyond S teir info, you gotta do part 4, I don’t know how you did it but i can’t thank you enough for all of this, part 4 needs to be a bit secretive though because not everyone deserves to know nen.

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