Survival Vs Camping

Survival in the woods completely differs from camping in the woods. Survival in the woods and camping in the woods are certainly similar, but in practice survival is far more frightening and intense. The relationship is somewhat similar to fasting and dieting. Fasting and dieting are certainly very similar, but in practice fasting is far more intense. Other examples would be assassin compared to mma fighter or creativity compared to skill.

Surviving like a wild animal

In the middle of August I got led by the Creator of all things to a forest at night. I spent the night letting nature heal me. Meaning I left my cellphone in my car, walked to the middle of my forested land, and then stripped down to my birthday suit(naked). Its a FAR different experience than camping in the forest. Imagine going into the forest with no tent, no knife, no power cordage, no backpack, no clothes, no water bottle, no lighter, no boots, no bug spray, no eyeglasses etc, nothing but your naked physical body and your wits. When I did it, I saw otherworldly aetheric creatures of the forest. I swear on my eternal soul I saw and felt the following during my experience in the woods:

It was a standard Thursday evening, I spent the day on my work computer writing code for a global corporation that I despise in order to continue to pay my bills.

Me At Work

After the work day, I experienced heavy temptation to give in to addictions I’ve struggled with over the years(alcohol, pron, adderall). Just as I was about to give in I felt a force rise up in my gut telling me to immediately drive to my forested land, walk into the center of the forested land and spend the night. I followed my gut. When I reached the center of my forested land, I had the thought/feeling that I need to take off my eyeglasses, get 100% naked, and bury myself in the mud, so I did it.

I understand that this sounds pretty batshit insane, I get that haha. But ask yourself the following questions: Why must electricity be grounded? Why are humans the only creatures in the entire realm that wear clothes? Why are the soles of all shoes made of rubber? Why do women rub mud on their face and bodies while at ‘spas’ in order to prevent wrinkles, maintain their youthfulness, reinvigorate their vitality, etc? What is ‘mud’? Why did almost every ancient culture in every region of our realm send their boys on a ‘coming of age’ challenge that would prove to the tribe they were actually men? Why did every ancient culture have a challenge that involved survival alone in a forest without any tools/weapons for a time period ranging from 1 night (Cherokee boys) to 1 month (Spartan boys) to 6 months(Aborigine Australian boys)? I learned the exact answers to each of the above questions and more during my ‘excursion’ in the woods.

Why grounding?

Alchemy simplifies the elements into 3 to 6 elements, the most popular model being Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Aether. Life doesn’t exist without the energy produced by organisms directly connected to the physical Earth such as trees, plants, crops, seeds etc. Electricity harnesses the Earth element. Ask any electrician what’s the most important thing about electricity, and 11 out of 10 of them will say ‘ground’. Electrical ground is literally the physical Earth.

Why clothes?

The practical reasons for wearing clothing can be counted on 1 hand. Clothing helps protect from cold temperature, clothing can be made to protect from attacks by wild animals or other humans, clothing can help protect from wetness(rain/snow), and clothing hides our shame of being vulnerable while naked (you can noticeably obverse this in dogs when they defecate in front of a human). Humans are far more sensitive to the shame that coincides with being vulnerable than any other species. I do not know why, perhaps Eve knows something about it?

Why rubber shoe souls?

Humans wear shoes with rubber souls, rubber insulates. Therefore when we walk around outside with shoes on, we are not electrically grounded. Every cell in the human body operates at an ideal electromagnetic frequency based on the Earths electromagnetic frequency and the golden ratio(its 1 when fractions and decimals are disregarded, its never 1.618 according to the actual definition, not once…).

Why mud facial masks?

‘Spa’ facial masks use mud in order to temporarily ground the individual to the Earth while the mud(ground) remains wet. Once the mud mask goes dry, there are no nutrients left that can be absorbed by the skin. The following short video perfectly explains how proficiently our skin can absorb substances into our body.

Paracelsus kicks off volume 2 of “The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus” with 3 examples of individuals that lived from 6 months to 20+ years without ever consuming food. The first example details an individual that would strap fresh soil to his stomach and then change out the soil when it would become completely dry. The man was able to live without consuming food for 6 months (the man stopped of his own accord, he wasn’t compelled to stop because of hunger) by using this method. Spa facial masks operate on the same exact principal.

All animals directly connect with the physical Earth at almost all times. Humans are the only species that do not regularly connect with the Earth. Even birds eventually land and their bare feet touch the Earth either directly or thru something directly connected to ground like a tree branch or power line.

Why give boys a ‘coming of age’ challenge?

The moment that a girl becomes a woman is physically obvious, its their first period. The moment a boy becomes a man is not at all physically obvious. The ‘coming of age’ challenge given to boys of a tribe were a way in which to solidify the moment in which a boy became a man within the tribe.

Why was every single ‘coming of age’ challenge related to survival while alone in the wilderness?

Every single ‘coming of age’ challenge I’ve come across has to do with putting one’s life on the line, with zero help, or expectation of help. I attempted survival in the woods with no tools, no clothes, no tent, nothing. I now understand why survival in the wilderness without any help or tools was considered a ‘coming of age’ challenge. Survival in the woods forces the boy to face their fear of the unknown.

I never experienced more fear of the unknown than when I spent a night in the middle of the woods with no clothes, no eyeglasses, no tent, no phone, no flashlight, no knife, no lighter, no fire, no rope, and no tools. The night I did it, it started thunder storming at around 1:00 AM in the morning. I got at least 100 mosquito bites, but oddly enough, only around 5 of the bites actually itched afterwards. I could barely see anything without my eyeglasses. I heard rustling in the bushes, and animal death cries throughout the night to the point that I would stand up ready to fight some animal to the death with my bare hands.

Aetheric Blue Fairies

Around 1:00AM when it started to thunderstorm, I started to notice blue ‘firefly’ lights that would light up for a few seconds then disappear, exactly like a firefly. At first I wrote off the blue lights as simply being fireflys. Then I started to think about it more, fireflys normally come out around sundown, firefly light is green/yellow and never bright blue, fireflys never come out at 1:00AM in the morning(afaik). Something told my intuition that the blue lights were fairies.

I thought nothing of it at the time other than “cool, but that aint helping me find a dry place to sleep while it pours rain.” Eventually I cobbled together a makeshift shelter that shielded me from the rain. At around 3:00 AM in the morning while I was under my makeshift shelter trying to fall asleep I saw a little aetheric blue fairy fly into my immediate line of sight. It was wearing clothes(medieval looking), with wings(like tinkerbell), and he was playing an instrument that I assume was a fiddle or violin. He was ‘aetheric’ in the sense that it was as if the fairies ‘transparency’ was 80% while physical realities ‘transparency’ was 100%(if that makes sense). After he noticed that I noticed him, he went ecstatic and started dancing and doing flips in the air in excitement. Then he ran off presumably to tell friends or something. I saw more blue blinking firefly lights throughout the night but never close enough for me to make out the body of the fairy like in this instance.

Call me crazy, I don’t care, I swear on my eternal soul I saw a little 1-2 inch tall aetheric blue colored fairy humanoid with wings. I saw what I saw(in fact I saw more after the blue fairy but I’d only be speculating on what the other stuff was).

If you do not believe me, go into the middle of the woods with no phone, flashlight, knife, lighter, eyeglasses, tools, tent, etc. Then strip down into your birthday suit (totally naked) and spend the night in the woods like a wild animal. I bet you experience a fear greater than anything else you’ve ever experienced in your entire life, and I bet you see/hear some crazy stuff… You will know exactly why all ancient tribes had their boys try to survive alone in the wilderness. The fear I experienced surpassed my fear of death, it was deeper than that. It amplified the source of all fear, ‘the fear of the unknown’. I made a quick video detailing my experience here:


  1. This reminded me of my first time sleeping in the woods experience. You forgot to mention that all of your senses become much more amplified. The same type of awareness as when you meditate. I could almost count every single leaf up the trees that was rustling in the wind. I only had my clothes on. I have to try it without.

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  2. zubririna

    I saw your video on Grandmaster Wolf. He is deceiving you with his youtube videos. I found a video of a guy doing his same magic tricks and explaining how.


    1. Interesting video and I can see how GM Wolf would seem like a fraud. He wears a wizard/priest uniform, and he talks in a cadence. Here’s why I think he’s legit, he doesn’t use chi to do the things in the video, he explains that he connects with the universal one being to do the things he shows in his vids. The video you give as proof of him being a fraud doesn’t do a single one of his ‘feats’ exactly like he did them. In the first ‘debunk’ he uses a hole or his hand to hide fishing line, GM Wolf does it on a picnic table, why not do it on a picnic table. In the second ‘debunk’ he uses wooden coasters bought in a bag, GM wolf clearly does it with a piece of 2×4, why not do it with a 2×4. In the 3rd ‘debunk’ he makes a good point about the heavy rain, that is indeed suspect, but he never explains how the heat gun is being used. The 4th and 5th ‘debunk’ are not done in conditions remotely similar to gm wolfs video. Thats also only 5 videos, gm wolf has many more. Nothing in the ‘debunk’ vid irrefutably proves he be conning. The point about the heavy rain is definitely noteworthy though. I’ll keep that in mind, but other than that your video proves nothing to me. McDojo Life dude is like someone insisting its impossible to hit 50 free throws in a row without cheating because McDojo Life dude is incapable of conceiving/fathoming a person so skilled at shooting free throws that they could make 50 in a row. Its like how the aztec natives supposedly couldnt see the massive spanish ships only the row boats because they literally could not fathom a ship that big(i think it was aztec i kinda forget).


  3. zubririna

    Hey I’m not sure if my comment went through.

    I saw your video on Grandmaster Wolf. He is deceiving you with his youtube videos. I found a video of a guy doing his same magic tricks and explaining how.

    Another of a guy doing the same tricks.


    1. Me and the Magic Isnt Real dude have been feuding for a few months now. He’s 100% wrong. He got understandably disillusioned by conmen when he was younger, and its scarred him to the point that he cannot fathom magic being real. Magic isnt real dude also does not do any of the things exactly like GM Wolf does, there is always a caveat, in other words he can’t replicate what GM Wolf does…


  4. I thought you were about truth. Now I know you are not.
    Since you won’t post or respond to my comments about gm wolf being a fake, i will flood all your youtube videos ‘that you made’, not the reuploads, with emojis.
    if you were really about truth, you would have posted my comments and responded to them.
    now you will never have a youtube audience.
    make more channels.
    the result will be the same.
    until you turn to truth and leave cartoons and liars behind.


    1. Who are you? What comments? I’ve not gotten a single comment from sgordon about GM Wolf ever. I also only check the comments on my blog once every few weeks unless I recently made a new post. GM Wolf is not fake. Show me your comments on gm wolf. You are either a daemon piloting a human or a AI daemon. Why spam emojis? Why not ==========) dick symbols? Why not spam me with the word ‘reggin'(backwards cause wordpress wont allow the word reggin). Whats the deal with emojis? Are you a daemon trying to cover your tracks? Why do all 72 face emojis match the 72 lesser daemon sigils of king solomon? Whenever you daemons push at me, I will twist my knife deeper. Thanks for telling me what my next post needs to be about! Keep up the good work!


    2. billyjoebob



  5. Hey SpellsOftruth! Its Lemz. After watching your video on the survival vs camping (I was in the yt comment section), i attempted to try something similar towards your experience and i also wanted to try and see blue faeries haha. It was Mid Feb 2023 (so very recently), but i believe i was guided by the creator or my own spirit to a new forest area. The First day there, i just felt that something good was about to happen but i didn’t know what. When i finished cleaning the area and discovering the place, i kid you not the leaves started to blow into me, but there was literally no wind and more signs started to pick up. After a while of asking questions with not many success, a thought popped into my head to try absorb/gather energy from the earth and into my chakras. I had tried before, but i had never attempted this in nature for extended periods of time. The trees legit rustled in response so i assumed it was a yes. It was during this period, that i went to this area for about a week regularly since i had some free time and decided to do energy work barefoot for about 2+ hrs each day if i could. Simply, envisioning white pure spirit/water from the earth going into each of my chakras, my body grounded to the earth. I was able to feel a hum and vibrations when i was gathering the energy but nothing too serious. While this was happening, i was getting bitten by insects left and right. By the end of the week i had more than 100+ bites as well on my hands and legs and couldn’t even walk haha but it was worth it. However, on the 4th-5th day i was able to feel more energy than before after getting the hang of it. All, i can say is when i realized that the spirit was healing me through ‘love’ (Mind you when i thought of love at that moment), i could feel something click within. At that singular moment, the energy, or what i think is the creative spirit, it just enveloped me, it was like source/love like i have never felt before. It was crazy, completely different from the normal vibrations and humming that i was usually having. It was like a roar of loving spirit energy. I assume it would be something similar to a spontaneous kundalini awakening but i legit couldn’t stop crying for 2 hrs+ after it died down, it was crazy. Anyway, that was my experience. I still try to do energy work, but not as hardcore as that week. Most of my addictions were stopped after the incident, its similar to a resonance change within me, so i try to do the gathering energy exercise whenever i can. If it wasn’t for your video, i don’t think i would’ve tried to do something hardcore as i did haha so thanks even though i didn’t get to see faeries as i first hoped but i got proof with my own self of the spirit instead lol. I’m testing different things but i have never been able to replicate the energy surge and love that i experienced on that day. If you are reading this i hope you enjoyed my story :). Cheers!

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  6. id imagine youre quite busy, but i always check back to see when you post more

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  7. I’d like to try this, but I have a few concerns. First, I’d need to find somewhere where I could do this legally and preferably for free (I hate the idea of paying to escape civilization). Second, I can barely see things clearly if they’re more than a foot in front of my face without my glasses, so getting lost is a big concern. Concern 3 is also getting lost, because it’s not really spending a night in the middle of the woods if I’m not willing to stray too far from my car because I don’t want one day to turn into weeks of being lost, blind, naked and potentially carless until I can afford a new one.


    1. 1) I did it on forested land that I owned, but in your case, a national park would be probably be your best bet. With some finesse, I bet you could explain what you wanted to do to a park ranger so that if you didn’t show up the next day, they should start looking for you. 2) I can’t see chit, my vision is very similar to yours, I can’t see anything 2-3ft away from my face, thats just apart of it my friend hahaha. It was kinda comforting once I accepted that I could only see a blur 2-3ft in front of me. I didn’t see all the bugs, it made me be more in the moment, it made my other other senses perk up. 3) Take note where you parked your car in relation to where you enter the forest before you start your night. If you get lost its not a big deal, just stay calm, and wait till morning because the sun always points towards the south when you look straight up(if you live above the equator), its ne(sun up) to e to se to s(noon) to sw to w to nw(sundown) and never points north(if you live above the equator). You can determine a general direction to travel by the sun. You can do it with the moon and stars too, but what if its cloudy or raining (like it was when I did it).

      Prepare yourself for it, don’t do it totally blind, at least understand some basic survival skills. Also I did it in the summer and it was warm enough to sleep without a blanket at night, I don’t know what I woulda did if it wasn’t summer and the night was cold, maybe bury myself in the dirt, idk. Summer is definitely best time to do it if its the first time. Doing it winter would be hardcore as f haha.


      1. That doesn’t really help the issue of navigating while blind. If I can’t see, I could be going east to the sun in the morning trying to find my car, without realizing it’s actually north of me. I could go right past it without knowing. And what drugs were you on while you did this?


      2. I did it and couldn’t see. Don’t wander around once it gets dark… Then you wander past it, big deal… This is all part of it, the voice inside you thats afraid of doing it is the daemon tempting you. I learned while doing it that it wasn’t me that was afraid of the unknown and nature, it was the daemons that were trying to tempt me, once I calmed down, the whole experience became kinda fun in a ‘excited fright’ kinda way. I was sober as a bird.


      3. Chris

        I think you’re confusing common sense for a “daemon”. There is a lot to lose by doing this and almost nothing to gain. It’s one thing to do this on your own private property, but with a national park the fear of encountering a wild animal is minimal compared to other campers and park rangers finding you blind and naked.


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