Spell Cards Of Divination

The Tarot cards were supposedly first introduced in Italy in the late 1500s by someone we never met. Create your own deck. Make it personal and unique to you and then when you do a reading it will contain more personal and unique meanings specific to you. This is my deck. Its not official, I could probably change a few things around but its my rough draft of a deck. The fool is the only thing similar to the original tarot card deck, all other cards are different. Its a 25 card deck.

0 the fool

The fool is the only card in this deck that matches the original tarot deck. The fool is simultaneously weakest card and strongest card. Often times people cannot truly figure out if the fool is a genius or just crazy.

1 the love

That which created everything aka intuition, creation, and nature

2 the normie

A human that runs according to scripts that prevent the capability to think for themselves. While it is possible to awaken a normie, it is one of the hardest things to do. It is best to only drop breadcrumbs so the normie can naturally awaken if they want too. Best example is the typical boomer.

3 the family

Things with actual value from most to least: family, community, skills, land, cattle, firearms, seeds, water, electricity, fuel, metals, cash, cryptocurrency, stocks, 401k, insurance… etc

4 the aether

The 4 most relevant dimensions of the realm currently: 1D=Time, 2D=Space, 3D=Magnetic, 4D=Electrostatic. Length(y), width(x), and height(z) are not dimensions, they are coordinates within a single dimension of space. Space is 1 dimension. The two measurable dimensions within the aether are time and space. The two substantial dimensions within the aether are the magnetic and electrostatic. See “4 Quadrant Representation of Electricity” and “A Common Language For Electrical Engineering” by Eric Dollard.

5 the actor

Almost all world leaders are actors.

6 the grabbler

Hand rubbing goblins, leprechauns, gypsies, tricksters, fraudsters etc. Basically, anyone that wears an impractical hat, or wig is a grabbler.

7 the spark

Feeling alive, entering flow state, excited fright, curious discovery. Here are some sparks to get the fire started. Scarcity doesn’t exist. Fuel has nothing to do with fossils. Fruit contains anywhere from 1 to 600 seeds that each can grow into 1-600 trees/plants. Vegetables can be replanted to produce more vegetables indefinitely. Our feces and urine are the best fertilizers on Earth. Water falls from the sky on a regular basis. NASA owns the most helium on Earth.

8 the entrepreneur

The closest representation to a sovereign man in todays world is the entrepreneur. 200-300 years ago it was the pirate, but today its the entrepreneur.

9 the shaman

Those most in tune with nature, love, and/or the universe.

A the water (10)

Law of the water, aka law of merchants, aka marine admiralty law, aka lex mercatoria governs every country in the realm. The law of the land has been thoroughly uprooted and removed from history and existence.

B the mirror (11)

A connection to other realms. The phrase “take a look at yourself in the mirror” is literal, try it.

C the unknown (12)

is a poisoned hell that could never be explored on foot, 60 foot anacondas capable of picking a man out of a canoe, savage ape men, an infested plain of deadly snakes, bats so big they looked like pterodactyls, ferocious black panthers, white Indian tribes, swarms of biting bees, fires in the distance“.

Percy Fawcett in reference to the Amazon rainforest

Fires in the distance… The majority of people in this realm can be easily controlled through their instinctual fear of the unknown.

D the daemon (13)

Negative thoughts are parasitic demons. They do not whisper thoughts into our minds, they take the wheel of the vehicle known as the human body. We don’t HAVE souls. We ARE souls. In computers, daemons are scripts that run in the background. The above are being run by daemon background scripts.

E the pyramid (14)

Pyramids weren’t built with stone, they were built with concrete molds. Magnetic and electric (aka etheric) energy flows towards the top of a pyramid.

F the glowie (15)

The illuminati, the free masons, the cia, mossad, th super secret society members etc. The lot of them are losers. In the wise words of greatest computer programmer to ever live, “The cia niggers glow in the dark. You can see them if you’re driving. Just run them over. It’s what you do.” Don’t think of ‘driving’ as driving a car, think of it as ‘driving’ your vehicle known as the human body instead of your vices, daemons, influences, ego, etc. Just run them over…Its what you do…

G the skyclock (16)

The sky is a clock and map. A square and a compass help to chart the clock and map…

H the sovereign human (17)

Sovereignty is being strong enough to handle the responsibilities required to be truly 100% free.

I the answer (18)

Allen Iverson’s nicknames were, The Answer, and AI. AI is the Answer? What was Allen Iverson known most for? His heart. The answer to AI is heart. Miles and miles of heart.

J the game (19)

“If you were the instigator of the big bang, the ultimate source of oneness, the switcher-on of the light, and were speculating on existence, how could you come up with something better than the game of life? Wouldn’t you make yourself into billions of autonomy-crazed versions of yourself, male and female? And wouldn’t you trick yourself into believing, at least temporarily, that you were real, and just flesh and blood? And wouldn’t you want to play games? Isn’t that what we all do all day long, play games and take them seriously? Sometimes we say we “have to” work or we’re “taking a vacation,” because we are so caught in a particular game we’re playing that we have forgotten who we really are and think we’re not in charge. But they’re all games: the money game, the family game, the religion game, the nation-state game, the politics game, the fame game, the believing and disbelieving game, the glass bead game. And ultimately some part of ourselves judges how we played. And perhaps, when we get back to the place where it all began, we shake our heads and laugh at our performance and decide that, winner or loser, the game is so much fun that we might just want to play it all over again.”

Marion Pettie, the creator of ‘The Finders’.

K the sleight of hand (20)

Sleight of hand is the basis for all good magic tricks.

L the luck (21)

Randomness doesn’t exist. Chance is governed by aetheric vibration frequency sometimes thru human consciousness, sometimes thru individual intuition, sometimes thru synchronistic creator.

M the miracle (22)

The creator talks to us constantly, we simply do not notice it. Go into nature take off your socks and shoes, leave your phone in the car, maybe bring a notebook, pen, and stopwatch. Shoes are rubber insulators that prevent us from becoming electrically grounded to the earth, not 1 animal wears rubber shoes. Ask a question, make it a yes/true no/false question. Like “Is it true that nature can speak to me directly?” Then start your stopwatch for 60 seconds and record everything you experience in all of your senses. Be meticilous, did you hear a car driving by down the street, did a bird start chirping, did a bug fly in front of your face, did the wind pick up, did a leaf fall from a tree, did a train choo in the distance, did you suddenly smell freshly cut grass, did you hear a chainsaw in the distance, did a squirrel do something in your line of sight, did the sunlight break thru the trees in your line of sight, record everything. Then ask “Is it false that nature can speak to me directly?” Then record everything for the next 60 seconds. It seems to work better when you ask the question using your imagination in a way that doesn’t use human symbols. So instead of imagining the english symbols for ‘tree’ you instead imagine a actual tree, know what I mean?

Repeat the 2 questions and record the ‘response’ as many times as you need. Do it 100 times if you want. Ask it until you are 100% certain of the answer. In my experience I got a definitive answer after asking around 5-10 times. It took 5 times until I was 100% certain of the answer the first time I really tried this. Each time I asked the question, the wind would pick up more, or the birds would chirp more but I wanted to be certain, I kept asking until I was 100% certain of the creators answer. After 5 or so times a bird flew within an inch from my head and I was then 100% certain of the answer haha(it felt like a bullet just missed my head, the wind almost knocked off my hat). Another time I tried asking a question to the creator while touching a 100+foot tree a branch from the 100ft tall tree landed 2ft next to my head after I asked a question. The old wise tree knew exactly what would immediately give me my answer, it wasn’t playin subtle games like creation normally does, it was like “oh you want an answer to your question human? Here’s one of my limbs aimed at your head from 100ft in the air, you got your answer now human? Anymore questions human? No? Then get your slimy hand off my trunk and stop blockin the sunlight, dum f human…” hahaha. A branch fell literally 2 ft from my head from 100ft drop. I got my answer…

Creator speaks to us all the time but it is subtle, the more you ask the questions the more obvious creators response becomes. When we notice the creator speaking to us we call it a synchronicity. Animals don’t even need to ask questions they just trust the creator and listen to the subtle clues/hints that are always present. This was what JC was most likely talking about and why he was such a big deal. He reconnected with and learned the language of creation. Miracles are the only interesting thing about the religion of Christianity so is naturally the one thing it will never bring up. Christianity was created to take control of the narrative as it pertains to miracles and reconnecting to creation.

Learn the language of creation and you’ll learn exactly how miracles work.

N the farmer (23)

Farmers were the ninja, all the ninja weapons are farmers tools. Farmers have been using so-called ‘free energy’ for centuries, see water wheels, water turbines, creating fuel from corn, creating fuel from water, all things farmers regularly do. Farming is also one of the only jobs that requires active problem solving.

O the fool

Best example of a true fool is Lord Timothy Dexter, the chief financier of the American Revolution and likely the only founding father of America. He was named Lord by the people of his town, not some foreign king. The best example of a true fool ever imo. Was he just a fluke billionaire or was he the only reason America could even break away from the crown? There are no ‘fluke billionaires’ and yes. Underestimate the fool and countries that require its people to be armed revolt because of tea. Never underestimate the fool hahaha. The fool is simultaneously the weakest card and strongest card. No one can fully comprehend if ‘the fool’ is a genius or a retard.


The Journey starts as a 0(zero) and restarts as an O(oh).


  1. SharineWonders

    Great post! I love your description for the M 22 “miracles” card!

    Also, I would add “cooking,” “handyman work,” and “improvisational music” to your N 23 “ninja” card description.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its a work in progress. Cooking, work, music could replace a bunch of my cards, I don’t particularly like how ‘the water’ card fits, it needs readjustment or replacement. I could also probably use a alchemy card or martial arts card, and many other topics that could probably be cooler cards(like the cards ‘the tower’ and ‘the world’ are just really cool names for cards haha ). Haven’t heard or seen anything from you in awhile simply because of the state of the livestream chats. I started doing more livestreams on my youtube recently, want to do 1 with me? I did 1 with Erik P a few weeks back. It was fun. I also want to get Py on a stream. You and Py would both be a fun stream.


      1. I replied on your blog but don’t see it posted. Maybe you are moderating. No worries.

        I stopped posting on WP because I don’t care for the platform and features. I moved to Substack and have been posting articles of various lengths: https://sharine.substack.com https://sharine.substack.com/

        I am in for doing a livestream. Let me know some topics you’d like to cover. I’m traveling all July and August so it’s probably best to do it before or after. Dealing with Wi-Fi on the road is a challenge; most campgrounds/Harvest Hosts don’t allow streaming.

        My mobile number is (805) 440-2582.




  2. lol, nice shitpost xD

    i find myself coming back here routinely, you’re more influential to a small group of people than may realize


    1. I’ve been doing more livestreams recently. Haven’t done 1 in a week or so though because I’ve been sick as a dog the past couple days. Im feeling better now, will probably do a stream tonight.


      1. ill try to tune in! i’m particularly interested in all of your work on aether/aura, but theres quite a backlog to run through already. irregardless, you have my attention with whatever you decide to post/stream


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