The Social-Sexual Hierarchy

The social-sexual hierarchy is a system to help men categorize their position within groups of men and how they look to women. It is fractal in nature. For example you could be an Alpha at work but only a Delta or Bravo among friends. I have found this system to be incredibly helpful in dealing […]

The Finders Aren’t What People Think…

Let me preface this by saying: Before you call me a shill, let me preface this with, I think pzziagate is 100% real, I think Cmoet Pnig Pnog had tunnels, I think they used to hold death fights with kids as entertainment. Poesdta is obviously a pedofile, its not even a question. Rodham the Cunt […]

Since The US Election In 2016 There Have Been Over 50 MILLION Stolen Votes By Democrats And Neocon Republicans

The 2018 Midterm elections were 100% fabricated in order to prevent Trump from having complete power of the Executive and Congressional branches. Here are 663 articles documenting over 50 million stolen votes mostly by democrats and neocon(jweish owned) Republicans. At the bottom of the list is a new social media website that allows users to […]

Every Phone Number Found On Atnhnoy Weniers Laptop

I know the title is spelled wrong. Figure it out. I don’t want this post to be flagged for removal. See below. Archived here EVERY PHONE NUMBER ON ATNHNOY WENIERS LAPTOP: Abbe Lowell C (202) 974-5605 W C 202 841 4772 Adam Goodheart 410-708-1659 Adam Gopnik Auxclercs 212-427-2810 H 212-286-5662 19 E. […]

Every Patent Number Missing From The US Patent Office

Every missing patent from US patent office search engines located here and here: Let me know if you find any of the missing ones on other patent websites by emailing me at Format is patent range then number of actual patents found (represented by ‘length:’) and then the missing patents that were […]

TempleOS – Code Introduction

TEMPLE OS INTRO: TempleOS is a x86_64, multi-cored, non-preemptive multi-tasking, ring-0-only, single-address_mapped (identity-mapped), operating system for recreational programming. It contains a treasure chest full of ‘spells of truth’. Imo a 12 year old child could become a better programmer than 20 year professional C programmers by simply tinkering and around in TempleOS for 6 months […]

Terry Davis – There Was A Bike Thief

Terry Davis demonstrates why the C++ syntax for writing to stdout is retarded. Here is how some of the most popular programming languages print to screen: C++: cout << “message” << endl; or printf(“message”);Java: System.out.println(“message”);Python: print(“message”)C#: Console.WriteLine(“message”);Go: fmt.println(“message”);Bash: echo “message”HolyC: “message”; Notice how HolyC cuts out all the bloated nonsense. Why isn’t all of programming […]