Intelligence Is The Ability To Recognize Which Facts Matter More Than Other Facts

I naturally decided to include each ‘irregulars’ IQ in my previous post, “An Army Of Hunters, Irregulars, Immortals, And Special Forces Are Required To Defeat The Evil Of Today“. As I began adding more spec ops ‘operators’ that fight for the forces of good against modern evil, I realized most of them had extremely high […]

An Army Of Hunters, Irregulars, Immortals, And Special Forces Are Required To Defeat The Evil Of Today

Terry Davis speaks about God needing an army of original thinking unique soldiers where each soldier has their own style and system to fighting evil. I share the belief with Terry that AI and the modern ‘beast’ can defeat any united front against it through its efficient and effective divide and conquer tactics that have […]

Reading From Gospel Of Terry And An Introduction To The Greatest Computer Programmer To Ever Live

A Reading From The Gospel According To Terry… A reading from the Gospel according to Terry: “Now I had to put a call in there[the C switch statement] that I’m ashamed of, and in fact God just questioned me. As a matter of fact God just questioned my judgement, he said ‘Terry are you worthy […]

Stereoscopic Algebra, the Completion of Marko Rodin’s Vortex Mathematics

UPDATE: The the order of my patterns are off, Im in the process of fixing the mistake and upgrading the graphics. I removed the ‘IndexedSet’ data structure from my algorithm thinking it wasn’t needed and I could instead just use sorted(set(pattern_list)) but turns out sorted(set(pattern_list)) converts list to a set and then sorts the set […]

DNA is God’s Assembly Language

DNA is gods programming language. Its the low level code for reality like assembly code is the low level code for a computer. God doesn’t want to fuck around in the low level DNA code just like humans don’t want to mess around in the low level assembly code. Low level coding is boring and […]

We are not our beliefs.

When a human can perform an action without having to consciously think about it is said to have become ‘second’ nature. Second nature implies there must be a first, so what is the first nature? If the ability to learn(pattern match) and master(perform without conscious thought) an action is ‘second nature’, then the rate at […]