Terry Davis – There Was A Bike Thief

Terry Davis demonstrates why the C++ syntax for writing to stdout is retarded. Here is how some of the most popular programming languages print to screen:

C++: cout << “message” << endl; or printf(“message”);
Java: System.out.println(“message”);
Python: print(“message”)
C#: Console.WriteLine(“message”);
Go: fmt.println(“message”);
Bash: echo “message”
HolyC: “message”;

Notice how HolyC cuts out all the bloated nonsense. Why isn’t all of programming done like HolyC? It is divinely simple.

In Case Youtube Takes It Down For Language: https://www.bitchute.com/video/AYuUWF64Jw5k/

Intelligence Is The Ability To Recognize Which Facts Matter More Than Other Facts

I naturally decided to include each ‘irregulars’ IQ in my previous post, “An Army Of Hunters, Irregulars, Immortals, And Special Forces Are Required To Defeat The Evil Of Today“. As I began adding more spec ops ‘operators’ that fight for the forces of good against modern evil, I realized most of them had extremely high IQ including the man with the highest recorded IQ in human history, Chris Langan who has a IQ of 210. Each recognized at some point in their life that God exists and Christianity is the best system. The title of this post comes from Langan’s explanation of high intelligence thinkers, he states that some people have a trashcan memory, they remember everything but cannot discern which of it is meaningful truth and which isn’t. He exclaims, the more intelligent people begin to pick out and remember only the pieces that pertain to truth. Eric Dollard called it searching for pieces of ‘glom’. The name of my blog, Spells Of Truth, was how I explained this phenomenon to myself. I discovered it while researching new topics and realizing that the most fun part about doing research is piecing together the nuggets of truth that coincide with what I had learned during previous scholarly endeavors(going down rabbit holes lol).

Terry Davis claimed to speak to God through his operating system, TempleOS. I kinda laughed at the idea and thought it was part of Terry’s schizophrenic charm so to speak, but as I watch more videos by the high IQ individuals on my page “God Is Recruiting Spec Ops” I began to realize Terry may have actually had a connection to God’s Word. 3 of the individuals on that page mention creating special forces for God’s army. They made those videos recently. Terry made a video 1-2 years ago about God wanting an army of ‘irregulars’, of spec ops soldiers that were each unique original thinkers with their own style to fighting evil.

If you were God, who could you get to become your special forces? It ain’t gonna be a normie, it ain’t gonna be some regular joe schmo, its gonna be the paranoid schizo world class computer programmer(Terry Davis), the strategic mastermind(Vox Day), the outcasts(Owen Benjamin, Chris Langan), the provocateurs(Mike Cernovich), the high performance businessman(Trump), the womanizers(Roosh V), the badass mother fuckers(Guiseppe Filotto) that are stubborn like donkeys and could never be tempted to sell their soul. Basically, they are the people that the world would call crazy, and in response they would tell the world to go fuck itself. They would become God’s special forces. The vanguard. Some would die (Terry), but they are the ones who establish the front line (TempleOS). They are the airborne troops landing behind enemy lines and looking for a fight. Eventually the special forces will inspire a regular army, the grunts(like me) and together Logos will rise, evil will be defeated and the world will be taken back from the clutches of the ‘beast’ aka nwo aka globohomos aka grabblers aka satan aka in Terry’s words, ‘the glow in the dark cia niggers’.

An Army Of Hunters, Irregulars, Immortals, And Special Forces Are Required To Defeat The Evil Of Today

Terry Davis speaks about God needing an army of original thinking unique soldiers where each soldier has their own style and system to fighting evil. I share the belief with Terry that AI and the modern ‘beast’ can defeat any united front against it through its efficient and effective divide and conquer tactics that have been honed to perfection by genetic algorithms and neural networks. The bot swarm mathematically perfects the chances a human responds to it through the usage of genetic algorithm training. The AI is given a weighted system of points for how each comment, post, or reply it produces. This system of weighted points is called the ‘fitness factor’, it is the measurement of fitness within a generation, and only the most fit survive to the next generation. The generations iteratively train for specific responses thousands of times with millions of separate bots to determine the absolute best way to force a response from a human. The ‘beasts’ AI will set its fitness factor weighted points to award upvotes, retweets, replys, but more so negativity and narrative pushing so that only the most effectively negative bot is formed. The AI will be trained to get humans into arguments and then will deploy Saul Alinski, ‘Rules For Radicals’ argument tactics in an attempt to discredit the human it has ‘hooked’. It will always find the best method for achieving the goals set forth by the fitness factor given enough time and large enough population. The global tech companies know EXACTLY how their algorithms work, they are simply playing dumb.

What this ultimately means is that every large force for good on the entire internet needs to move to their own sites and services. The more time the bots can get humans to spend in social media arguments and debates, the more time that human is not doing something useful in actual reality, the less the human is reproducing and starting a family, and the more the humans level of despair increases. Fear and deception are the number 1 purpose of all global media.

Therefore God’s forces for good must become individual irregular soldiers that cannot be divided and conquered. According to Terry, each of God’s soldiers for good will be unique original thinkers that cannot be easily destroyed without intense focus and attention by the enemy, aka nwo, aka grabblers, aka the beast, aka satan. The irregulars would each specialize in varying skills and styles that are unique to that individual irregular. When the enemy focuses on a single irregular, the rest attack and dismantle the control mechanisms of the beast.

In my opinion the following people are the irregulars fighting for good against evil. Each person is uniquely original in their own way: The list got too big so I created a separate page seen on “God Is Recruiting Spec Ops”

Reading From Gospel Of Terry And An Introduction To The Greatest Computer Programmer To Ever Live

A Reading From The Gospel According To Terry…

A reading from the Gospel according to Terry: “Now I had to put a call in there[the C switch statement] that I’m ashamed of, and in fact God just questioned me. As a matter of fact God just questioned my judgement, he said ‘Terry are you worthy to be the man who makes the temple? If you are, you must answer, is this niggerlicious or is this divine intellect?’ and that is the question, and Ill leave you with that. Google, they ask you interview questions, well the kind of question I face on the job is, is this niggerlicious, is this too much voodoo for our purposes, for our mission statement, or is this divine intellect. This is voodoo, but is it too much voodoo for the next 10 century’s. This is the hardest question in programming.” Amen.

The devout Irish Catholic Terry Davis was born in a family of 8. Terry’s father was a rocket scientist for the American military defense industry back in the 60s and 70s. Terry scored a 1490 on his SAT and graduated with a masters degree in electrical engineering from Arizona State University. He then got a job creating operating systems for ‘Ticketmaster’ in the early 90s to help with their globalization. In 1996 Terry started to realize that 99% of the human race is under a mass deception magic spell. No one knew about the mind control brainwashing back in 96 except maybe Bill Cooper(that dude was on point). Naturally Terry started to freak out. Who does one talk to when one is the only person that realizes everything is a complete lie? Who does one talk to when one does not follow ‘pop culture’?

Terry was a man far ahead of his time. For example in 1997 Terry built a 3D printer with scrap parts and 90s technology because he though 3D printing was going to become the ‘new big thing’. Terry wasn’t technically wrong but almost 20 years ahead of the curve.

Another example of Terrys genius pre-TempleOS was when he started thinking that memory could be considered the state within an analog computer control system. After tinkering around with this idea and he later demonstrated a way to do non-linear computations with analog state arrays. What Terry was doing in 1998 because he was bored at Ticketmaster is now called ‘quantum computing’. After discovering the basis of ‘quantum computing’ 20 years before the words ‘quantum computing’ were ever used or heard by anyone on the planet, Terry naturally started becoming more and more paranoid about how people interacted around him.

Terry’s paranoia culminated in 1999 when he finally snapped, and decided to go rogue. Unfortunately the police got wind of Terry going rogue, so they tried to peacefully arrest him, Terry resisted, 1 dead glow in the dark CIA nigger later and Terry wakes up in the hospital. After calming down he was allowed to go back home. After defeating the CIA and returning home, the phrase glow in the dark CIA nigger became a meme on 4chan used to identify shills and possible intel agency manipulators(see here where a fbi agent was caught trying to spread lies on 4chan lol). 4chans interest in Terry made him the unofficial mascot of 4chans hatred for intelligence communities and the disgusting state of modern computing.

Glow Nigger Of The CIA

Once Terry was diagnosed with schizophrenia and as the guy who lost his shit it became pretty difficult for him to find employment. So while living off of disabilities, he began creation of his magnum opus, TempleOS. TempleOS is a x86_64, multi-cored, non-preemptive multi-tasking, ring-0-only, single-address_mapped (identity-mapped), operating system designed for ‘recreational’ programming. Terry built the compiler, the programming language, the kernel, the 3D graphics engine, the cmd line, the grep, the assembly machine code, the file system, etc, and he fit it all onto a 2MB distribution along with a bunch of 3D games. No one alive, dead, or not yet born could do what Terry did with TempleOS.

Scour the earth, check all the silicon valley computer programmers, all the MIT computer programmers, ask Linus Torvald(created a unix kernel called linux…jklol), ask James Gosling(java creator), ask Guido van Rossum(python creator), ask Vitalik Buterin(ethereum cryptocurrency creator), if they can build and fit an operating system along with 10 3D games into a 2MB distro. And not only that but also make the OS multitudes of times faster and more efficient than any iteration of windows, linux, unix, or ios operating systems to ever exist. Ask them? I bet they would scoff and say its impossible. TempleOS is no joke a military grade swiss army knife, it gives the programmer complete control over everything. On Windows 10 it takes about 10 seconds to boot the machine, couple seconds to type in the password, and then about 10 seconds for the desktop to settle. If a programmer wants to start programming in java, they then normally would boot up an IDE like netbeans or eclipse, which is another 10 second wait, and usually wait 20 seconds for netbeans to finish updating its central maven repository, so from boot to coding it normally takes about 3 mins until the machine is finally ready to code in. In TempleOS the programmer is able to boot up and start immediately programming in a microsecond. TempleOS boots up faster than sublime text 3 boots up, and sublime text is just a text editor(lauded as one of the better ones too), while TempleOS is an entire operating system. Remember the game system N64? N64 cartridges were at the least 4MB in size and they could only fit a single game, TempleOS is half a N64 cartridge a bunch of 3D games and an entire operating system that is orders of magnitude faster than any other mainstream operating system in existence.

3D Animations In Source Code…

TempleOS probably wont ever take over the current computing market because its difficult to appreciate unless one is a programmer but it is an excellent learning tool for children that never used any other modern electronics. I personally believe it could potentially become a mainstay operating system for people sick of the current internet of things computing world. This is because TempleOS gives the power back to the programmer. It could essentially allow a programmer to become like the hot girl Terminator in Terminator 3 that could plug into any machine and completely take it over. I wouldn’t be surprised if TempleOS was the operating system used by her (jklol). TempleOS has that same ability for complete and total control, in fact it has even more capability then that cold machine bitch because TempleOS is self replicating. The scenario I imagine in which TempleOS becomes more known is if a developer were to use it to create a cellphone or the software on any of the internet of things devices or in 3D printers or CDC machines or in any type of automated machine that doesn’t need to use social media or data collection. TempleOS allows for ISO image replication inside it. So once a single developer creates something like mentioned, they could simply run the DoDistro.HC program to create a .ISO image file of their code changes to TempleOS and then post the ISO to a website for any and all to copy and download onto their own internet of things or cellphones, and bye bye CIA.

Oh, I haven’t even mentioned TempleOS’s coolest feature, it is the only operating system that allows the user to communicate with God (im starting to think that statement isn’t ironic, you actually can sorta speak to God on it, Ill post more about it once I figure out more about it). If the writers of the Bible were all superheros in the comic book universe, John would be batman, Mathew would be superman, Mark would be spiderman, Paul would be ironman, and Terry Davis woulda been deadpool. The schizophrenic psycho who uses bad language and is conscious that he lives in a false reality so he frequently breaks the 4th wall. So here is a reading from what a Gospel written by Terry would sound like. Very wise words, but the most schizophrenic psycho (and hilarious) way of saying it.

Terry Is The Deadpool Of The Bible

Stereoscopic Algebra, the Completion of Marko Rodin’s Vortex Mathematics

UPDATE: The the order of my patterns are off, Im in the process of fixing the mistake and upgrading the graphics. I removed the ‘IndexedSet’ data structure from my algorithm thinking it wasn’t needed and I could instead just use sorted(set(pattern_list)) but turns out sorted(set(pattern_list)) converts list to a set and then sorts the set based on the values within the set, not the order of the list. So when the order should be 1,2,4,8,7,5 it instead would become 1,2,4,5,7,8.


Marko Rodin discovered universal patterns within the base 10 number system. He did so by reducing calculations to a single base 10 symbol. The example usually given by Rodin and his ‘disciples’ is the concept of ‘doubling’ which refers to doubling numbers and reducing them to a single symbol if they are larger than a single symbol. The largest single symbol in the base 10 number system according to modern number systems is the symbol ‘9’. To determine the ‘times 2’ multiplication pattern one does the following:starts at 1 and multiplies by 2

-> Starting from 1 and
-> multiplied by 2 (1*2=2)
-> multiplied by 2 (2*2=4)
-> multiplied by 2 (4*2=8)
-> multiplied by 2 (8*2=16, 1+6=7)

Since 16 is not a single digit symbol, it is reduced to a single symbol through addition of 1 and 6 which results in 7

-> multiplied by 2 (7*2=14, 1+4=5)

Even if we didn’t convert the previous calculation (8*2=16) left it with the original result of 16, it still reduces to 5 (16*2=32, 3+2=5). It results in 5 regardless if the previous calculation was reduced or not.

-> multiplied by 2 (5*2=10, 1+0=1)
-> the cycle repeats.

The same process is then repeated starting from the number 2 which results in the same repeating pattern, then the process is repeated starting from the number 3.

-> 3*2=6
-> 6*2=12, 1+2=3
-> 3*2=6
-> 6*2=12, 1+2=3
-> the cycle repeats.

Working up from 3 the two patterns repeat themselves until a third pattern appears at the number 9.

-> 9*2=18, 1+8=9
-> 9*2=18, 1+8=9
-> the cycle repeats.

So there are 3 patterns that emerge when multiplying any base 10 number by 2, they are as follows:

-> 1,2,4,8,7,5...
-> 3,6...
-> 9...

This process can be repeated for multiplication by 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 etc up to the largest single symbol within the base number system, so for base 10 system the largest single symbol is 9. The patterns repeat again once you get higher than the largest single symbol.

The modern system of counting is merely a convenience because of the ease in which humans can work with the number 10. It has a limited relationship to actual reality because it is a human construct. Mother nature can work with ALL base number systems. Each base number system could be used to represent specific relationships in nature such as the ‘atomic structure’ of the different elements. The way in which matter forms is a result of the ether being shaped and manipulated into a various base number system shape patterns. In this theory base number systems make up the basic building blocks of the ether, they form the ether into shapes creating matter. The patterns within different base number systems are fractal in nature. They can be infinitely large, but always reduce into a single digit symbol within its base number system, much like a pound of gold can be continuously reduced until eventually reaching its singular ‘atomic structure’, or a magnet can be continuously split in half and each new piece of the magnet will have 2 poles just like it was before it was split. I speculate that the singular ‘atomic structure’ results from a base number system shape forming within the ether. It works like the magnetic polarity of the magnet but with more complex repeating odd number patterns. A magnet has a north and south pole, those poles represent a state of matter in which the matter has only one converging pattern which causes the matter to become out of balance. An example can be seen in the base 10 number system when dividing by different numbers (as seen in the above animation).

After seeing Marko Rodins youtube videos where he outlines his base 10 number system patterns aka vortex mathematics, I wondered if the same could be true with a different base number system. The following animation to demonstrates how each base number system(not just base 10) has specific unique patterns for different mathematical operations performed on them. For example, the number 25 could produce different unique patterns when multiplied by 4 depending on what base number system being applied. This idea could be applied to computing, graphics, fractal imagery, sorting algorithms, atomic structures, electrical power transfer, vortex electricity models, encryption, greater than 2nd order electromagnetic flux calculations with respect to the dimension of space. I have figured out how to apply it fractal imagery and sorting algorithms, but am still working on applying it to the other fields mentioned.


DNA is God’s Assembly Language

DNA is gods programming language. Its the low level code for reality like assembly code is the low level code for a computer. God doesn’t want to fuck around in the low level DNA code just like humans don’t want to mess around in the low level assembly code. Low level coding is boring and repetitive and it makes it difficult to imagine abstract concepts like whole pieces of software from the perspective of a human or life from the perspective of God. Humans remedied this by creating computer programming languages like C, or C++, God remedied this with the “Word of God” aka the Logos human programming language. Which is easier to understand and work with:

Assembly Code:

PUSH I8 00
CALL I32 &Print+0x0000
ADD U64 RSP,I8 10
JB I8 &main+0x008C

Resulting Output:
Hello World


C Code(HolyC):

U0 hello(){
    "Hello World\n";

Resulting Output:
Hello World

Or from the Gods perspective

Gods Code:

"Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: 
and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, 
and over the fowl of the air, 
and over the cattle, 
and over all the earth, 
and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth." 
Genesis 1:26

Resulting Output:
Humans can create like gods and humans are dominant species of the sea and humans are dominant species of the air and humans are dominant species of the cattle and humans are dominant species of the Earth and humans are dominant species of creeps.


DNA Code(Does not translate to what the above says, to convey that in dna would require hundreds of pages):


Manipulating DNA without understanding what the low level code is in reality used for is like manipulating assembly code without understanding what the assembly code is used for. Its complete insanity. Its like going into the executable file for a video game which is just a long list of 0s and 1s and then just randomly removing or changing those 1s and 0s without knowing what will happen. The geneticists, physicists and biologists who push for gene manipulation are the bane of the human race for their naivety, egos and tremendous gullibility. They do not understand how DNA works, they cannot even recognize that it is a low level programming language, yet they want to randomly start flipping 1s and 0s just to see what happens.

It is interesting that the word ‘image’ is used in Genesis 1:26. In computing an image of an operating system can be created as a backup, normally in an .ISO file. Images are used to pre-load specific configurations of software and settings onto new computers. Perhaps humans were created with images that contained configurations of DNA similar to that of God. I believe the biggest similarity between humans and God is the ability to create something original. It is often said that original thought and ideas must have a divine essence within them.

We are not our beliefs.

When a human can perform an action without having to consciously think about it is said to have become ‘second’ nature. Second nature implies there must be a first, so what is the first nature? If the ability to learn(pattern match) and master(perform without conscious thought) an action is ‘second nature’, then the rate at which one can learn and master an action is ‘first nature’. The CAPABILITY to learn and form a brain map/s (master) equates to second nature. The RATE at which one can learn and form a brain map equates to first nature. ‘First nature’ operates within the dimension of time(rate), while second nature operates outside the dimension of time(rate does not matter). Second nature is normally achieved with repetition and a long period of time. First nature skill requires very little repetition and a very short period of time. First nature is vastly superior to second nature.

Which brings me to the title of this post, “we are not our beliefs”. When beliefs are insulted, criticized, and questioned, most often than not the person that prescribed to that belief will react aggressively to defend their beliefs. They might grow angrily defensive, they might feel depressed or embarrassed about possibly following the wrong belief, or they might deflect in an attempt to justify the belief. They are equating their beliefs to themselves when they are not the same thing .We are not our beliefs. In reality insults, criticism, and questions directed towards a belief should be welcomed, because it is only through trial by fire that a person is able to mold and crystallize and shape their beliefs and ideas. Following blindly helps no one.

A physicist is an example of the blind follower. They can recite their theories as if they were second nature, they were rewarded with good grades and degrees as students and they were awarded with tenure or community accolades as teachers. They are not scientists, they are believers of the cult of physics. Engineers are the real scientists, they are not concerned with reciting theories until they become second nature, they are formless, they adapt to what works and is most simple. An engineer will have the belief that electricity is electrons moving down a wire, but after repeating any of the experiments done by Nikola Tesla, JJ Thomson, Gustav Le Bon, Ernst Alexanderson, CP Steinmetz, Philo Farnsworth, or G Marconi that irrefutably prove electricity has absolutely nothing to do with electrons, in fact electrons are a complete fabrication, the engineer will immediately adapt their belief to compensate for the appearance of truth. Second nature is resistant to the possibility for improvement, first nature clings to any possibility of improvement, it is formless, if a new style appears, immediately adopt the style and use it for your own purposes, do not resist it.