God's Recruitin Spec Ops

Artificial intelligence is created using genetic algorithms, and neural networks. A genetic algorithm uses the properties of real life genetics such as ‘survival of the fittest’ in order to determine the best way to solve a problem or achieve a goal. A neural network equates to the way in which the human brain can learn how to perform a task as if it was ‘second nature’. Satan’s AI will determine genetic ‘fitness’ with a series weighted points that ‘award’ things like upvotes, retweets, replys, but more so things that are negative or push a narrative so that only the most effective negativity spreading artificial intelligence is formed. The AI will be trained over thousands of ‘generations’ with the purpose of getting humans into arguments with algorithmic messages in order to waste their time and spread despair. It will always find the best method for achieving the goals set forth by what its ‘fitness factor’ is given enough time and large enough population. The global tech companies know EXACTLY how their algorithms work, they are simply playing dumb.

As a result every large force for good on the entire internet will need to move to their own sites and services or get destroyed by the perfectly efficient divide and conquer ‘beast’ AI bots. The more time the bots can get humans to spend in social media arguments and debates, the less time that human is doing something useful in actual reality, the less the human is reproducing and starting a family, and the more the humans level of despair increases. Fear and deception are the number 1 purpose of all governments and media.

In order to defeat the satanically charged AI bots, the forces of good require irregular soldiers that cannot be divided and conquered. Soldiers fighting for God, for the forces of good, would be unique original thinkers that cannot be easily destroyed without intense focus and attention by the enemy, aka nwo, aka grabblers, aka the beast, aka Lucifer. The irregulars would each specialize in varying skills and styles that are unique to that individual irregular. When the enemy focuses on a single irregular, the rest are completely unaffected and continue crushing in reality. The following are whom I consider to be unique original thinkers fighting for the forces of good (God), against the forces of evil (Satan).

Formerly outlined in the post “An Army Of Hunters, Irregulars, Immortals, And Special Forces Are Required To Defeat The Evil Of Today

Name: Terry Davis
Description: Greatest computer programmer to ever live. Built an operating system from complete scratch that’s only 1.6MBs in size, is orders of magnitude faster than any mainstream operating system in existence, and was built to honor God. He built the programming language, a JIT and AOT compiler, the assembly machine code, the 3D graphics engine, the kernel, the command line terminal, the fonts, the file system, the line draw, everything.
Profession: High Priest Of TempleOS
Commander Of : The Irregulars
IQ: 1490/1600 on SATs (800 in math, probably much higher)
Status: KIA(99% likely)


Name: Eric Dollard
Description: Arguably the greatest electrical engineer to ever live. Built 3 industrial/military grade radio broadcasting stations that advanced the work of Tesla, Alexanderson, and Marconi. Built an advanced earthquake seismograph warning system that can 100% accurately predict earthquakes 24-48 hours before the quake occurs. Only person to successfully recreate Teslas colorodo springs experiments, and Teslas Wardenclyffe wireless power transfer. Built a teleportation device by recreating George Van Tassels integratron. Cured cancer(and most disease, ailment etc) in 1986 by combining a Lakovsky multiwave oscillator coil with a Tesla transformer. Simplified the greater than 4th order differential equations required for electrical calculations with respect to the dimension of space by inventing an entirely new form of algebra called ‘versor algebra’. Honestly could continue listing his stats for 3 more paragraphs, but Ill stop there.
Profession: Electrical Wizard
Commander Of: 1980 Toyota Corolla, All Analog Signals
IQ: Unknown but most likely greater than 160 IQ(better electrical engineer than Tesla…)
Status: In Action

Title Used To Be Called The Theory Of Anti-Relativity

Name: Owen Benjamin
Description: Owen of ‘The Bears’, breaker of spells, slayer of wizards, king of goats, and friend to the jewww…
Profession: Comedian, Shepard Of Men
Commander Of: The Bears
IQ: 147
Status: In Action

https://www.bitchute.com/video/KhC2dbB1wM1Z/ For when the youtube version gets taken down.

Name: Guiseppe Filotto
Description: Recently published the book “BELIEVE! REAL CHRISTIANITY TAKING CHRISTENDOM BACK: A Reply to the Pederast Infested Vatican, the Churchians of All Denominations and a Manual for Atheists, Agnostics and Would-be Pagans”. Also wrote a book on the Russian special forces unique martial art that specializes in remapping its practitioners brain maps to perform near super human feats.
Profession: The Kurgan
Commander Of: The Immortals
IQ: 160
Status: In Action

Changed to a more relevant video the old video is here https://youtu.be/QqwHnmhs278

Name: Vox Day
Description: An American publisher, science fiction writer, philosopher, musician, video game designer, comic book publisher, economist, journalist, and ran a 10.8 in the 100 meter dash.
Profession: Darklord
Commander Of: The Vile Faceless Minions and The Dread Ilk
IQ: 150
Status: In Action


Name: Christopher Langan
Description: Smartest man in the world. Popular for his physics theory CTMU which outlines how humanity can overcome AI.
Profession: Farmer, Bouncer
Commander Of: His Farm
IQ: 210, highest recorded in human history
Status: In Action

Name: Mike Cernovich
Description: Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, lawyer, and filmmaker who has broken some of the biggest stories of the decade.  One of the main reasons Jeffrey Epstein was arrested and his black book of ‘clients’ was released to the public.
Profession: Entrepreneur
Commander Of: Mindsets
IQ: Unknown
Status: In Action

Name: Donald Trump
Description: God Emperor, multi-billion dollar real-estate mogul, media troll, winner, negotiator, guy manipulates world events with tweets, has been A-list celebrity since the 80s.
Profession: President of The United States of America
Commander Of: The United States
IQ: Very Stable Genius
Status: In Action

More Irregular Hunters…

Name: Aaron Murakami
Description: Leading publisher by the most authoritative experts on the Tesla Sciences & Free Energy technologies. Founder of A & P Electronic Media, Energy Science & Technology Conference, Tesla Chargers, Energetic Forum and Energy Science Forum. Manufacturer of the famous Bedini RPX Sideband Generator and the Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillator (MWO).
Profession: Entrepreneur
Commander Of: Only Legitimate Free Energy Community, Eric Dollards connection to real world(Terry Davis needed someone like this)
IQ: Unknown
Status: In Action

Name: E. Michael Jones
Description: Reinvigorated the term Logos. Has written multiple books on controversial topics and current editor of Culture Wars the magazine.
Profession: Author, media commentator.
Commander Of: Culture Wars magazine
IQ: Speaks Multiple Languages And Has A Doctorate, Most Likely Very High
Status: In Action

Name: Daryush Valizadeh
Description: Author, blogger, former industrial microbiologist, former “pick-up artist” and author, pen name Roosh V who gave it up and found God.
Profession: Roosh V
Commander Of: Lost Young Men
IQ: Former Industrial Microbiologist So Most Likely High
Status: In Action