Villagers, Snakes, Warriors, and Hunters

Villagers: Most people are villagers, like 70%. They have a moral compass and cannot discern truth from fiction. They want to do good, are honest, and mostly they just want to provide for their family. A moral compass changes according to how an argument is given to them. Like an actual compass it changes according to position presented. The solution to this is to give the villagers a moral code through religion. A moral code does not change according to position, it is set in stone and unmovable. A religion provides a moral code to the villagers. A villager who…

Best Television Show In The Last 5 Years: Vinland Saga

Are you a star wars fan, a fan of marvel comics, a batman fan, a trekkie(star trek fan), a ghostbusters fan, a game of thrones fan etc? Are you tired of hollywood grabblers ruining every iconic story of your childhood? Have you become disillusioned with your regularly scheduled black mirror mind control brainwashing? I have a solution to your ‘problem’. The Japanese. Japanese anime and manga remain unblemished by the degenerate, scum of the earth, grabblers of the world. I consider Japanese anime and manga the last bastion of quality storytelling that remains relatively untouched by the social justice zombies….