Reading From Gospel Of Terry And An Introduction To The Greatest Computer Programmer To Ever Live

A Reading From The Gospel According To Terry…

A reading from the Gospel according to Terry: “Now I had to put a call in there[the C switch statement] that I’m ashamed of, and in fact God just questioned me. As a matter of fact God just questioned my judgement, he said ‘Terry are you worthy to be the man who makes the temple? If you are, you must answer, is this niggerlicious or is this divine intellect?’ and that is the question, and Ill leave you with that. Google, they ask you interview questions, well the kind of question I face on the job is, is this niggerlicious, is this too much voodoo for our purposes, for our mission statement, or is this divine intellect. This is voodoo, but is it too much voodoo for the next 10 century’s. This is the hardest question in programming.” Amen.

The devout Irish Catholic Terry Davis was born in a family of 8. Terry’s father was a rocket scientist for the American military defense industry back in the 60s and 70s. Terry scored a 1490 on his SAT and graduated with a masters degree in electrical engineering from Arizona State University. He then got a job creating operating systems for ‘Ticketmaster’ in the early 90s to help with their globalization. In 1996 Terry started to realize that 99% of the human race is under a mass deception magic spell. No one knew about the mind control brainwashing back in 96 except maybe Bill Cooper(that dude was on point). Naturally Terry started to freak out. Who does one talk to when one is the only person that realizes everything is a complete lie? Who does one talk to when one does not follow ‘pop culture’?

Terry was a man far ahead of his time. For example in 1997 Terry built a 3D printer with scrap parts and 90s technology because he though 3D printing was going to become the ‘new big thing’. Terry wasn’t technically wrong but almost 20 years ahead of the curve.

Another example of Terrys genius pre-TempleOS was when he started thinking that memory could be considered the state within an analog computer control system. After tinkering around with this idea and he later demonstrated a way to do non-linear computations with analog state arrays. What Terry was doing in 1998 because he was bored at Ticketmaster is now called ‘quantum computing’. After discovering the basis of ‘quantum computing’ 20 years before the words ‘quantum computing’ were ever used or heard by anyone on the planet, Terry naturally started becoming more and more paranoid about how people interacted around him.

Terry’s paranoia culminated in 1999 when he finally snapped, and decided to go rogue. Unfortunately the police got wind of Terry going rogue, so they tried to peacefully arrest him, Terry resisted, 1 dead glow in the dark CIA nigger later and Terry wakes up in the hospital. After calming down he was allowed to go back home. After defeating the CIA and returning home, the phrase glow in the dark CIA nigger became a meme on 4chan used to identify shills and possible intel agency manipulators(see here where a fbi agent was caught trying to spread lies on 4chan lol). 4chans interest in Terry made him the unofficial mascot of 4chans hatred for intelligence communities and the disgusting state of modern computing.

Glow Nigger Of The CIA

Once Terry was diagnosed with schizophrenia and as the guy who lost his shit it became pretty difficult for him to find employment. So while living off of disabilities, he began creation of his magnum opus, TempleOS. TempleOS is a x86_64, multi-cored, non-preemptive multi-tasking, ring-0-only, single-address_mapped (identity-mapped), operating system designed for ‘recreational’ programming. Terry built the compiler, the programming language, the kernel, the 3D graphics engine, the cmd line, the grep, the assembly machine code, the file system, etc, and he fit it all onto a 2MB distribution along with a bunch of 3D games. No one alive, dead, or not yet born could do what Terry did with TempleOS.

Scour the earth, check all the silicon valley computer programmers, all the MIT computer programmers, ask Linus Torvald(created a unix kernel called linux…jklol), ask James Gosling(java creator), ask Guido van Rossum(python creator), ask Vitalik Buterin(ethereum cryptocurrency creator), if they can build and fit an operating system along with 10 3D games into a 2MB distro. And not only that but also make the OS multitudes of times faster and more efficient than any iteration of windows, linux, unix, or ios operating systems to ever exist. Ask them? I bet they would scoff and say its impossible. TempleOS is no joke a military grade swiss army knife, it gives the programmer complete control over everything. On Windows 10 it takes about 10 seconds to boot the machine, couple seconds to type in the password, and then about 10 seconds for the desktop to settle. If a programmer wants to start programming in java, they then normally would boot up an IDE like netbeans or eclipse, which is another 10 second wait, and usually wait 20 seconds for netbeans to finish updating its central maven repository, so from boot to coding it normally takes about 3 mins until the machine is finally ready to code in. In TempleOS the programmer is able to boot up and start immediately programming in a microsecond. TempleOS boots up faster than sublime text 3 boots up, and sublime text is just a text editor(lauded as one of the better ones too), while TempleOS is an entire operating system. Remember the game system N64? N64 cartridges were at the least 4MB in size and they could only fit a single game, TempleOS is half a N64 cartridge a bunch of 3D games and an entire operating system that is orders of magnitude faster than any other mainstream operating system in existence.

3D Animations In Source Code…

TempleOS probably wont ever take over the current computing market because its difficult to appreciate unless one is a programmer but it is an excellent learning tool for children that never used any other modern electronics. I personally believe it could potentially become a mainstay operating system for people sick of the current internet of things computing world. This is because TempleOS gives the power back to the programmer. It could essentially allow a programmer to become like the hot girl Terminator in Terminator 3 that could plug into any machine and completely take it over. I wouldn’t be surprised if TempleOS was the operating system used by her (jklol). TempleOS has that same ability for complete and total control, in fact it has even more capability then that cold machine bitch because TempleOS is self replicating. The scenario I imagine in which TempleOS becomes more known is if a developer were to use it to create a cellphone or the software on any of the internet of things devices or in 3D printers or CDC machines or in any type of automated machine that doesn’t need to use social media or data collection. TempleOS allows for ISO image replication inside it. So once a single developer creates something like mentioned, they could simply run the DoDistro.HC program to create a .ISO image file of their code changes to TempleOS and then post the ISO to a website for any and all to copy and download onto their own internet of things or cellphones, and bye bye CIA.

Oh, I haven’t even mentioned TempleOS’s coolest feature, it is the only operating system that allows the user to communicate with God (im starting to think that statement isn’t ironic, you actually can sorta speak to God on it, Ill post more about it once I figure out more about it). If the writers of the Bible were all superheros in the comic book universe, John would be batman, Mathew would be superman, Mark would be spiderman, Paul would be ironman, and Terry Davis woulda been deadpool. The schizophrenic psycho who uses bad language and is conscious that he lives in a false reality so he frequently breaks the 4th wall. So here is a reading from what a Gospel written by Terry would sound like. Very wise words, but the most schizophrenic psycho (and hilarious) way of saying it.

Terry Is The Deadpool Of The Bible


  1. I think this is the best introduction to TempleOS I could ask for. You maybe want to check some of those numbers, though- the most recent ISO image of TempleOS I installed weighs in at around 17.4MB, which is still crazy lean for an OS but considerably more than could fit on a 4MB NES cartridge.

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    1. Look at file at the bottom TempleOSLite.ISO 2MB. Used to be called TempleOSUltraMini.ISO or something like that. I guess it got changed. The majority of the TempleOS.ISO size is because the main version includes ‘bloatware’ like the bible, a dictionary and a few other large books iirc. It can be taken down to 1.4-1.6 MB if you use Terrys RedSea File System (i forget the actual size, I think it 1.4MB but I can get back to you on that after I do a deeper dive on the red sea file system).


  2. His influence is damaging the perception of a religion that is the foundation of Western Society. He associated himself with Christianity and proceeded to conduct himself the way he did. His vulgarity is what the “unguided” youth grasp on too and his mental illness is reflecting on others with real faith.

    “Don’t be a Terry Davis”


    1. You’re greatly mistaken and possibly a fool. The current perception of Christianity is that its the religion of child rape. Terry Davis is the greatest positive publicity for Christianity since the Saints. If you cannot see this, then you are legitimately a fool. His vulgarity is what is required. You are not a 100% sovereign and free human soul if you are afraid of being called names by idiots that wear impractical hats aka the vaticant and isnotreal. You are too enslaved to realize this Matthew. If you are afraid to say a word because of social shame you are not free, you are far from it, you are human cattle.


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