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  • RIP Norm Macdonald, The Funniest Comedian To Ever Live

    September 15, 2021 by

    My conspiracy Spidey senses are tingling telling me Norm ain’t dead he’s just escaping fame because the insanity of this world is exponentially increasing. Just like Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Anthony Bourdain, Chester Bennington, Kentaro Miura, and many others quote, unquote, “died” from implausible suicides or mysterious cancer. Didn’t Norm hate hospitals? Any way here are the 2 Norm interviews that never fail to make me laugh. In my opinion Norm’s the funniest man to ever live. That’s not even really hyperbole, name a comedian funnier than Norm Macdonald. You cannot. 2) Norm’s First Interview On Conan Conan, like Letterman,… Read more

  • The Greatest Western Philosopher Of All Time

    September 12, 2021 by

    Recently I happened upon a youtube channel called MrBallen because I was bored and looking for some weird interesting stories to spark the ole noggin. Mr Ballen has a ton of interesting and cool stories about missing people, crazy military stories, mysterious paranormal activity, etc, but one story caught my attention, and boy did it bring me down a rabbit hole. The video is about a man named “Timothy Dexter” who lived in Newburyport, Massachusetts from 1747 to 1806. Mr Ballen calls the video “The stray cat king” and it is inspired from a video called “Timothy Dexter: The Dumbest… Read more

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