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  • Scarcity Doesn’t Exist

    July 9, 2021 by

    Fuel Fuel has absolutely nothing to do with fossils. Fuel can pretty much be made from anything except metal or stone. Fuel is made by the distillation of plastic, garbage, wood, leaves, a dead raccoon wearing a straw hat it doesn’t matter. Distillation is the process of evaporating the moisture within organic matter, collecting the evaporated gas and then condensing the gas back into liquid through cooling. In other words, heating it in a container with a pipe at the top that collects into another container where the gas can be cooled back into a liquid and collected at the… Read more

  • The Most Comprehensive List Of Mind Control Patents On The Entire Internet

    February 17, 2021 by

    I’ve researched the dark, deep, and normie web and could not find a comprehensive list of mind control patents, so I compiled all of the ones I found listed on those sites. Afaik this is the most comprehensive list of mind control patents(US patents) you can find on the internet, please comment if you know of a more comprehensive one or know of a patent that can be added to the list. This list is featured at the very end of the article Reconnecting With The Universal One Part 2 of 3: The Pyramid With The Eye Looks Down Not… Read more

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