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  • The Fruit Of The Tree Of Knowledge Gave Eve Parasites

    December 22, 2021 by

    The tree of knowledge was likely a Fig. I started looking into the fig because many species of fig look or exude parasitic behavior. After doing more research into the fig tree I am pretty certain the basis for all parasites on earth stem from the fig species. The strangler fig literally looks like a face hugger from the movie ‘Alien’. The fig fruit parasitically controls wasps. The fig fruit’s pheromones attract the wasp. The wasp pollinate and lays eggs inside of the fruit. The mother wasp laying the eggs has its wings ripped off and is absorbed by the… Read more

  • Revisiting The 2008 Hidden Hand Interview

    December 18, 2021 by

    The following is the full transcript of the 2008 interview between a man claiming to be a member of a ruling bloodline family and the internet forum “Above Top Secret”. The ruling bloodline family member calls himself ‘The Hidden Hand’ in the interview. In my opinion the Hidden Hand’s answers are ‘mostly correct’, kind of like how Wesley in the Princess Bride was ‘mostly dead’. In other words its 80%-99% true but about half of the truth isn’t the full truth. The Hidden Hand presumably does not give the full truth because it would have affected the free will of… Read more

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