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  • Spell Cards Of Divination

    April 30, 2023 by

    The Tarot cards were supposedly first introduced in Italy in the late 1500s by someone we never met. Create your own deck. Make it personal and unique to you and then when you do a reading it will contain more personal and unique meanings specific to you. This is my deck. Its not official, I could probably change a few things around but its my rough draft of a deck. The fool is the only thing similar to the original tarot card deck, all other cards are different. Its a 25 card deck. 0 the fool The fool is the… Read more

  • Survival Vs Camping

    December 27, 2022 by

    Survival in the woods completely differs from camping in the woods. Survival in the woods and camping in the woods are certainly similar, but in practice survival is far more frightening and intense. The relationship is somewhat similar to fasting and dieting. Fasting and dieting are certainly very similar, but in practice fasting is far more intense. Other examples would be assassin compared to mma fighter or creativity compared to skill. Surviving like a wild animal In the middle of August I got led by the Creator of all things to a forest at night. I spent the night letting… Read more

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