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  • Hunter X Hunter Is A Mirror To Our Realm Part 3: The Players And Characters

    May 29, 2022 by

    The quote unquote “players” of our Earth realm mirror the real magic users of the Japanese Manga Hunter X Hunter. The leader of the infamous ‘cult’ called ‘The Finders’, Marion Pettie, describes life on Earth as a series of games: “…they’re all games: the money game, the family game, the religion game, the nation-state game, the politics game, the fame game, the believing and disbelieving game, the glass bead game. And ultimately some part of ourselves judges how we played. And perhaps, when we get back to the place where it all began, we shake our heads and laugh at our… Read more

  • The Fruit Of The Tree Of Knowledge Gave Eve Parasites

    December 22, 2021 by

    The tree of knowledge was likely a Fig. I started looking into the fig because many species of fig look or exude parasitic behavior. After doing more research into the fig tree I am pretty certain the basis for all parasites on earth stem from the fig species. The strangler fig literally looks like a face hugger from the movie ‘Alien’. The fig fruit parasitically controls wasps. The fig fruit’s pheromones attract the wasp. The wasp pollinate and lays eggs inside of the fruit. The mother wasp laying the eggs has its wings ripped off and is absorbed by the… Read more

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