The Social-Sexual Hierarchy

The social-sexual hierarchy is a system to help men categorize their position within groups of men and how they look to women. It is fractal in nature. For example you could be an Alpha at work but only a Delta or Bravo among friends. I have found this system to be incredibly helpful in dealing with other men, especially ones that you need to work with.


Alphas are leaders of men. Telling people what to do is as natural as breathing for an Alpha. They enjoy having their ego stroked. They are very attractive to women. Textbook example in real life is Donald Trump, best in fiction is the character Guts from Berserk.


Bravos used to be called Beta until that word got a negative connotation. They are the loyal enforcers of order. They value loyalty and maintaining the order of the hierarchy. They are usually an Alphas lieutenant. They are the first to fight when they, their Alpha, or the hierarchy is attacked. They are attractive to women but not at the level of an Alpha. John the Baptist, Goose from Top Gun are textbook Bravos.


Delta John McClane, Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…

Deltas are the largest group. The average man is typically a Delta. They value competency and hard work. Women are somewhat indifferent to deltas but can become attracted to them. Deltas aspire to be extremely competent men respected for their competency. John McClane and Jason Bourne are textbook examples of Deltas.

Delta Jason Bourne


Gamma Karate Kid Is A ‘Good’ Gamma

Gammas(what most people mean when they say Beta) think they are more intelligent and so think they should be higher in the hierarchy. They think they could do things better than the men above them. Women hate gammas, gammas are the hopeless romantic, the sensitive, and the friend zoned guy. When given positions of power they tend to become the rapey and creepy types. Gammas are dishonest with themselves and others. Jordan Peterson, Harry Potter, the karate kid are textbook Gammas.

Gamma And Insane Person Jordan Peterson


Omega Milton

Omegas are the social outcast weirdos. Women don’t even know they exist. Other men don’t even know they exist. They tend to cling to anyone that gives them any attention because they hate being alone and the clinginess tends to creep people out so they only become more alone. Unlike the Gammas, they are honest with themselves and others. Milton from the movie ‘Office Space’ and Booger from the movie ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ are textbook omegas.

Omega ‘Booger’ from ‘Revenge of the Nerds’


Sigmas are the lone wolf type. They willingly do not abide by the hierarchy. They most resemble an omega but unlike the omega they want to be alone. Sigmas are just as attractive to women as Alphas. Alphas can see them as a threat but sigmas have no interest in leading men. John Wick and Vox Day are textbook sigmas (Vox is also the guy who created the hierarchy)

The following video is called ‘The Social-Sexual Hierarchy’ by Vox Day. The names have changed since the original video was made. Instead of Alpha>Beta>Delta>Gamma>Omega it has become Alpha>Bravo>Delta>Gamma>=Omega and Sigma. Either way it is otherwise incredibly helpful for men.

Vox Days Social-Sexual Hierarchy

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  1. This was loovely to read


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