1. I’ve never seen a single “we didn’t go to the Moon” video that wasn’t easily explainable. Some in this video are the rocket goes up in dark. You can only see the intense portion of the rocket plume but it is actually expanded very large. As soon as the rocket gets high enough to be in sunlight then you see the whole plume. The horizontal thing is stupid as you HAVE to go horizontal “if” you are going to orbit the Earth. The rocket exploding. Easy. The front has disintegrated causing it to stop while the rear not disintegrated yet moves into it. It’s so tiresome to see these showing easily explainable things and building them into some sort of mysticism.

    I really wonder what the people are attempting to do when they post this stuff. Shatter faith in the truth, shatter belief in anything??? I don’t know. It does tie in with the lifting of the veil on the mass lying in the press. Is this a strategy also??? I have no idea. This guy is supposed to be some sort of truth teller, Owen I think, I’m seen a few of his videos linked from VoxDay but when I see some of his “no Moon” videos and they are so amateurishly stupid…it’s makes me wonder. Is he that stupid or…is there some other agenda??? I have no idea what the answer is but I’m certainly not going to seek out his videos as he can’t get the basics right at all.

    The only thing I have seen that I couldn’t explain was some of the space station videos but I’m not convinced that they were not photoshopped. Same with some weird looking things supposedly on Mars. I could see that these that I can’t explain would be a series of stories to create deep disbelief in reality.

    I might add I certainly don’t believe that all I’m told is true. No doubt the Jews did 9-11 (building 7) and pedo blackmailers run the world but just because some things are not as they seem doesn’t mean we should throw out all belief.


    1. Sam I think you are a bot. I find it interesting that bots have to admit certain ‘lesser truths’ in order to hide ‘bigger truths’. Now we are getting to the real reason for you bots. Very clever, very very clever. Tell the ‘Atlantians’ on Greenland that I understand perfectly (finally) why they allow jews to be middle management, why they push subversion, why they hide in plain sight with symbols and specific language, why they do everything they can to hide the truth, why you find the need to mention Owen and Vox in your comment(to tell truth seekers who else to check out). The Atlantians will know its safe to reveal the truth they have discovered once again when the ‘lesser truths’ of the bots becomes greater and greater truths until someone stumbles upon a truth that only the Atlantians know or that the Atlantians do not know, then the Atlantians will know that human consciousness is ready for complete reveal of truth, but unlike last time, this time it will be done properly because human consciousness will be able to handle it unlike before(when atlantis was destroyed by irresponsible people given truths they did not properly understand)


  2. A bot! That’s a good one. If I am a bot I’m a model XXJBMK 0020.

    “…Tell the ‘Atlantians’ on Greenland…”

    If we’re going to push this sort of thing wouldn’t they be more likely to be the Nazis in Antarctica?

    I do find it interesting that you spend not even a second covering my showing there are “factual” glitches in the “we can’t go to space” narrative. I’m not saying you’re a Jew but Jews do this ALL THE DAMN TIME. Name calling with no reference to the facts at hand. They also try to derail facts with bringing up nonsensical stuff not even remotely related to the subject at hand. Especially when those dreaded “facts” tend to mess up the narrative.


    1. So now the lesser truth is that its the ‘jews’ and nazis are in Antarctica. Its not the jews, they are the equivalent to high functioning gypsies, if its anyones fault that we are in this current debt scam world its us for trusting gypsies. Hitler was an idiot and there are no nazis in Antarctica, the brass went to argentina, and the scientists came into the US under operation paper clip.

      I didnt say we can’t go to space(idk i might have, but not in the way you are implying). Im saying we cant go to space with rockets. We can do it with teleportation devices and crafts that manipulate so called gravity. Gravity is a made up word for an electrical phenomenon, see JJ Thomsons book Electricity and Matter for an idea of how this can be done, also Ken Wheeler has done a video showing how to program raw bismuth to be extremely diamagnetic to the point that it can nearly float in the air at rest because it resists the electromagnetic force of the Earth aka ‘anti-gravity’.

      I didn’t spend a second on your ‘factual’ glitches because they don’t matter. The plume argument is something NASA says, therefore its probably a lie or a useless fact. Its not worth my time to check if known liars are telling the truth(nasa). Address why the rockets are spinning then when they hit the etheric ocean they immediately stop spinning and go straight.


      1. “Address why the rockets are spinning then when they hit the etheric ocean they immediately stop spinning and go straight.”

        Didn’t get around to answering this. My apologies.

        Also gravity I don’t think is electromagnetic but…it’s does act like it. If you accelerate an accelerating object, surge, you get “inertia waves???” that are analogous to the electromagnetic waves created from charges being accelerated. Devices that show this effect are gyroscopes spinning that are then rotated(see Professor Eric Laithwaite’s work), the Dean Drive, the Lagiewka Bumper, the inerter or J-Damper that they put on race cars, high power rail guns, and, my theory, the appearance of “Dark Matter”. The mathematics that describe this are called “Davis Mechanics”

        Sam’s theory of apparent dark matter. “The appearance of extra mass in the universe, called Dark matter, is actually the “inertia waves” created by spinning mass that is being accelerated.”



      2. Forgot to add I’m NOT against theories of ether or the electromagnetic universe or anything like that. I’m against the idea that we can’t go to space or the moon and the weak farcical arguments that we can’t do any of these things.


  3. By the way you do have some very interesting stuff on your site. Interesting reading. SO I’m definitely not all negative.


    1. Thank you XXJBMK 0020


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