Atheists Are Incredibly Easy To Influence And Brainwash

It has recently occurred to me that the majority of the intellectuals, academics, scholars of today are outspoken atheists. Atheism only SEEMs like the smart choice to explain the universe. Things are not what they seem. Here is why:

PART 1: The Universe Is Not A 2-Dollar Random Particle Crack Whore, The Universe Is Divinely Simple And Ordered

Atheists often bring up the ‘monkeys-on-typewriters’ analogy(that given enough time monkeys could eventually write a shakespeare play on typewriters) to explain how, given enough time and space, random processes can lead to extremely improbable events. Well lets test it.

Instead of Shakespeare lets use one of my favorite opening lines, “The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.” The first line in Stephen Kings Dark Tower series.

Lets say the monkeys are given 26 keys for the lower case letters and 1 for spaces and that they can ignore capitals. So 27 keys total. The odds of getting the first word ‘the’ would be: (1/27)*(1/27)*(1/27) or (1/27) to the power of 3 = 1 out of 19683.001327.

That’s 1 in 19 thousand 683 that a monkey could randomly type the word ‘the’. Thats not too too bad, but lets extract that out to all 70 characters in the opening sentence. The odds become (1/27) to the power of 70 which equals around 1 out of 1.568424e100 where the ‘e’ means 10 to the power of. That’s just for 1 single monkey, so lets be generous and make it a billion monkeys typing one key every second.

Monkeys typing = 1 billion = 1e9. Seconds in a year = 3.15e7. Total key taps per year = 1e9 * 3.15e7 = 3.15e16 = 31.5 quadrillion. Lets see how long it will take the monkeys, 1.568424e100/3.15e16 = 4.9791238e83. The universe according to modern physics is 13.8 billion years old. 4.9791238e83/13.8e9 = 3.6080607e73 which means it would take around 360806070000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 birth and deaths of the entire universe just for the monkeys to get the first sentence of Stephen Kings, The Dark Tower, The Gunslinger book. Just a single sentence…

Lets say we put a billion monkeys on every planet in the observable universe, around 1e21 planets. So 1e9 * 1e21 = 1e30 * 3.15e7(keytaps) = 3.15e37. So 1.568424e100/3.15e37 = 4.9791238e62. The universe is 13.8 billion years old according to modern physics. 4.9791238e62/13.8e9=3.6080607e52 which means it would take around 36080607 and 45 zeros or 360806070000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 birth and deaths of the universe for a billion monkeys on every planet in the observable universe each typing once per second with no sleep just to type a single English sentence.

This all assumes the monkeys were perfectly behaved and continued the task with complete focus. Someone tried this experiment with six monkeys and a keyboard, and after four weeks the monkeys failed to produce a single word of the english language and ended up defecating on the keyboards.

This essentially means that for the universe to simply be randomly interacting particles, its about as probable as someone taking a rock, throwing it into a lake, all the water in the lake instantly dissolving, and the water molecules randomly forming a working intergalactic spaceship.


PART 2: Physics Models For The Universe Are 95% Incorrect Compared To Reality.

Neil Degrasse Tyson describes structure of large-scale universe in his interview with “Moyers & Company”, in reference to the dark matter exhibit of his planetarium, he states:

Physics Model Of Observable Universe

“So what you’re viewing here is the structure of the large-scale universe. And what we represented here are dark areas that themselves have more gravitational attraction than the light areas, so the light areas are drawing themselves to the dark areas. And so what happens is, as this happens over the eons, structure begins to manifest in the universe. And you see this web work, and it looks almost organic, or it looks like some kind of neuro-synaptic map. The formation and collection of matter in the universe follows the laws of physics. When you add in the dark matter, this extra gravity, it turns the universe into the universe that we see. That’s why we know that dark matter is real. We don’t know what it is. But we know its there because we cant make the universe as we see it unless we put this extra gravity into our simulations to match the gravity that we see.

Neil is essentially saying, ‘we know dark matter is real because we can’t make our simulations work correctly without it’. Physicists and atheists usually go hand in hand, both are incapable of discerning what is real and what is fake because they see everything as ‘relativistic’, everything is relative.

Physicists claim dark matter and dark energy are real because if it wasn’t real, they’re models would be wrong, so therefore it is real. Or the far simpler explanation is that their models are wrong… What Neil D Tyson describes is equivalent to someone taking a test, getting 95% of the answers wrong, then telling the teacher they didn’t get 95% of the test wrong, its just that the test doesn’t coincide with their answers.

My point is that modern physics cannot discern truth from fiction if their simulation models are 95% wrong and they cannot admit it. How can someone discern what is true and what is false if they cannot admit they are 95% incorrect. How can someone discern useless facts from useful facts if they cannot admit they are 95% incorrect?

The sheer fact that physicists entertain the words dark matter and dark energy can tell any inquisitive person everything they need to know about modern science (specifically physics). The vast majority of modern scientists(physicists) cannot admit they are wrong and they blame their 95% incorrect models on made up words.


PART 3: The Universe Is Not 95% Dark Matter/Dark Energy, It’s The Ether And Has Always Been The Ether

Dark matter and dark energy are made up words for the ether. The ether is irrefutably real, in fact the experiment that is used to debunk the ether, the Michelson and Morley experiment was proven by the US Air Force to have been fraudulently performed by Michelson and Morley through either coercion or mistake.

Proof the Michelson-Morley Experiment was Performed Fraudulently:

Thomas Edison Listening

The only ‘scientists’ that adhere to theories pertaining to dark matter and dark energy are usually physicists whom never invented a single thing in their entire lives. Einstein, Schrodinger, Hawkings, Tyson, Sagan, Bohr, Oppenheimer, Heisenburg, and Higgs have one invention to their names, a refrigerator chemical that was never adopted because it was expensive and unreliable (Einstein was attached to it, along with a team of other forgotten engineers). Why does society treat unproven scientists as the bastions of universal truth and expertise? Meanwhile men like Tesla, Steinmetz, Edison, Alexanderson, Farnsworth, Faraday, Thomson, Heaviside etc are never mentioned despite each inventing over 100 electrical devices, some even inventing over a thousand electrical devices.

The former states the ether isn’t real and preaches the nonsensical substances dark matter and dark energy. The latter all could demonstrate the ether was real with repeatable and engineerable experiments that anyone can do (the scientific method). The former’s evidence is that they can manipulate numbers in math equations. The latter’s evidence is every single electrical device in existence.

Physicists make up words like dark matter and dark energy for things within reality like the ether and then talk about their made up words. Engineers create things in reality.

“Electricity and Matter” -JJ Thomson
“Electromagnetic Theory Vols 1-3” -Oliver Heaviside
“Electrical Papers” -Oliver Heaviside
“Elementary Lectures On Electric Discharges, Waves, And, Impulses” -Charles Proteus Steinmetz
“A Common Language For Electrical Engineering” -Eric Dollard
“Uncovering The Missing Secrets Of Magnetism” -Ken Wheeler
“Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter” -Ernst Willem Van Den Bergh
“The Evolution Of Matter” -Gustave Le Bon
“Experiments With Alternate Currents Of High Potential And High Frequency” -Nikola Tesla
“Occult Ether Physics” – William Lyne
“Lost Science” -Gerry Vassilatos
“Vril Compendium Vols 1-11” – Gerry Vassilatos

PART 4: A Moral Compass Is Not A Good Thing

Atheists are some of the most easily manipulated people on Earth because they have a moral compass. A ‘moral compass’ does not mean what most people think it means. Most think having a moral compass is a good thing, they think they have a right to be righteous because they have a moral compass. The television, media, social media, and movies(black mirrors) make it seem like having a moral compass equates to superior intellectual thought. In reality anyone with a moral compass has less of a thinking brain than a dog.

A dog understands whats morally right and whats morally wrong better than anyone with a moral compass. How does a compass work? It changes direction according to position. Someone with a moral compass sees good and evil according to the position presented. The best example of this was Roe v Wade where compass people were swayed into believing killing a baby can be morally right.

Religious people tend to have a moral CODE, not a moral COMPASS. A code cannot be easily changed or manipulated by anyone, especially nefarious evil men. A compass can be very easily changed and manipulated by anyone with a half decent argument(aka position), a dog is more resistant to manipulation than a person with a moral compass. Once one understands the distinction between a moral compass and a moral code, it becomes incredibly obvious why people in high positions of power would prefer villagers with a moral compass than villagers with a moral code.

PART 5: Gaming Simulations Work Like Reality

God operates like a video game designer of a video game that adheres to specific rules that He programmed into the game. God is more than just a game designer, much more, but it makes it simpler to explain intelligent design when describing Him in this way.

Genetic algorithms and neural networking are ideas copied from nature and used to create artificial intelligence. Genetic algorithms were stolen from real life genetics. The absolute best way for a species consciousness to incrementally learn over the course of hundreds of generations is genetics. For example, chickens never exposed to hawk shadows, goose shadows, hawks, or gooses over the course of many generations, when introduced to a goose shadow did nothing, but when introduced to a hawk shadow, will instinctively run and hide, the chickens don’t know what a goose is and they don’t know what a hawk is, yet they run immediately for cover when the hawk shadow appeared and did nothing when the goose shadow appeared. The real life genetic algorithm taught the chickens aka living intelligence(as opposed to artificial intelligence) to learn over the course of many generations because only the chickens with the DNA to hide from the hawks survived, it got embedded/unlocked in their DNA like a genetic algorithm phenotype.

Neural networks are the best way to program an artificial intelligence to learn the most useful neural paths within massive swaths of data. Humans use brain maps to learn and internalize tasks to the point that no conscious thought is required to complete them, like tying your shoe, or riding a bike, after a certain amount of time the task becomes second nature (why is it called ‘second nature’, whats ‘first nature’?), this is equivalent to a computer no longer needing to allocate RAM to perform some task.

Genetic algorithms and neural networking are not things that happen randomly. A video game does not randomly start applying genetics and neural brain mapping, it must be programmed to do so. Therefore the fact that they exist in reality is proof of an intelligent design.


PART 6: We Experience Suffering By Design

The statement ‘if God is real, why is there so much suffering in the world’ is equivalent to getting mad at the creator of Pac-man because the ghosts killed you. The Pac-man ghosts in real life are Lucifer and his oligarch minions. In other words the suffering, the disease, the plague, the death, the degeneracy exist BY DESIGN.

A better game analogy that explains suffering would be the game Minecraft. In the game Minecraft you mine resources and build. During the day you are free to roam around doing whatever you want, everything is great, but then it turns into night and the ‘creepers’ come out at night. The creepers kill the player easily. As a result the player has to restart the game from the beginning, but now the player knows about the creepers at night, so this time he doesn’t spend his time wondering around aimlessly, this time the player immediately begins gathering lumber and mining for rock, the player builds a shelter and the player manages to survive the night. As the days progress the player begins to learn how to build weapons to fight the creepers at night to drive them back, the player eventually discovers how to build a farm (with pigs to farm health/food).

Satan Minecraft

It gets to the point that the player discovers how to make traps, how to build secondary, third, and fourth walls, and how to safely get to their other bases with protected pathways (aka roads) etc. Eventually the player forgets the creeper even existed in the first place. That sounds exactly like early human civilizations. Maybe God banished Lucifer from Heaven knowing that Lucifer would eventually tempt Eve with knowledge, because God knew it would cause mankind to get its proverbial shit together and begin building human civilization, just like the ‘creepers’ force the Minecraft player to start building shelters, weapons, armor, farms, and roads.

Suffering is caused by the unwillingness to accept change. Adversity is the catalyst for change. God introduced ‘adversity’ when he banished Lucifer out heaven. Only through adversity will humanity adapt and grow. The garden of Eden was kinda like the ‘perfect’ world envisioned by socialists/communists. Life would be a complete waste of time if it was like the garden of Eden or worked like the perfect utopia commies want. People are supposed to suffer, you are supposed to get diseased, you are supposed to get the plague, but you are not a supposed to be a whiny bitch about it like atheists, you’re supposed to man up and overcome it. Its a test of the soul. The test can destroy the soul or launch it to the next levels of enlightenment and consciousness. What doesn’t destroy the soul, makes it stronger. Often times the influencers of the world are the ones that overcame a type of suffering or challenge that made them better capable at challenging Lucifer aka the ruler of our current world aka the machine/beast.

Some may think, why would God be so cruel? Its not cruel when you raise your level of consciousness. When you realize after we die on Earth there is an afterlife, our souls are eternal beings, our true name and consciousness gets forgotten when we enter onto earth. We choose to become humans in order to attain more wisdom and higher levels of consciousness for our eternal souls. Our souls are like our saved game, earth is like grinding for experience points, and Lucifer is the game boss for the stage called ‘Earth’. Our souls are eternal but it also means that its possible to become enslaved for eternity, if we give in to temptation or do true evil we go to hell to burn as punishment.

“Systema: The Russian Martial System…” – Guiseppe Filotto

PART 7: Intention Matters And Prayer Works

Repeatable experiment that anyone can do to show that human intention and language effect things in reality:

-3 cups of white rice
-Metal pot
-6 cups of water
-3 identical containers
Steps To Reproduce:
-Pour the rice and water into a metal pot.
-Cook with high heat on stove until water boils
-Turn temperature down to a simmer and cook for 18 mins stirring occasionally
-Evenly distribute the rice into the 3 containers
-Open 1 container and say ‘I am grateful and thank you’, open another container and say ‘You disgust me and I hate you’, and then completely ignore the last container.
-Do this at least once a day for a month.
-The rice in the container that you said ‘I am grateful and thank you’ to will still look edible.
-The rice in the container that you said ‘You disgust me and I hate you’ to will be covered in green and black mold.
-The rice in the container that you completely ignored will be covered with a white foam mold shell and a black mold core.

If you don’t feel like waiting a month to perform the experiment, just watch any of the hundreds-thousands of videos on youtube in which people performed the rice experiment and achieved the results exactly as described above. Intention matters, prayer works. Many of our so called mental ailments and depression symptoms are not the result of chemical imbalances in our brain, that is just a side effect of something happening on a spiritual level. Most of those illnesses are caused by something spiritual which then trickles down to the mental then physical in that order.

If the world were just random particle interactions and the majority of the universe is just dark matter then it is more difficult for an atheist to realize that there is a spiritual aspect to our world. Without a spiritual aspect associated of the medical field it is rational to conclude that the spiritual forces are just simply superstition and have no effect on humanity. If one believes spiritual entities are just myths, stories, and superstition then it is easy to understand how one could see God as a made up ‘magical person’ in the sky.


The Cool And Interesting Aspects Of Christianity

PART 8: Western Civilization Does Not Exist Without Christianity And God:

“A Soviet KGB computer scientist did a very intensive research study on the history of any country with a centralized economy and the pyramidal style of power structure (aka socialist or communist countries) and he discovered that civilizations like Egypt, like Maya, like Incas, like Babylonian culture collapsed and disappeared from the surface of the Earth the moment they lost religion. They disintegrated nobody remembers about them anymore. The ideas that are moving society and keeping mankind as a society of intelligent human beings is the moral agency of God….All the sophisticated technology and computers will not prevent society from disintegrating and eventually dying only belief in God can prevent this disintegration.”-Paraphrasing Russian KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov

Christianity is attacked on all levels in order to destroy Western Civilization. The Catholic Church has been subverted and overrun by satanic pedophiles, the pope at the very least protects satanic pedophiles. The pope promotes accused pedophiles(Juan Barros, George Pell, Luis Figari, and Gustavo Zanchetta to name just a few), he doesn’t remove them or burn them at the stake like they aught to be (see sources). In my honest opinion Christianity is taught in a lame, boring, and unintelligent way on purpose in order to push people away from God.

There is no Western science without Christianity, there is no just Western government without Christianity. Most scientists cannot replicate studies by their peers. It is no mistake that the majority of the current scientific community are publicly atheists. The majority of the academic world do what they are told and do not care about the truth, because why would the truth matter when we are all simply meat sacks that turn to dust when we die. The majority of Western governments are filled with corrupt bureaucrats because swearing an oath on the Bible to uphold the constitution means absolutely nothing to them. Without a fear of God, without a sense of honor/chivalry, without a moral code(as opposed to a moral compass), there is no reason to accurately report data, and there is no reason to uphold oaths of service.


Vox Day Why Western Civilization Needs Christianity


  1. Your monkey and typewriter analogy is only relevant if you do it this way:
    Monkey types until you get the first letter you want, you copy it.(1:26)
    Monkey types until you get the 2nd letter you want, you copy it.(1:26)
    Monkey types until you get the 3rd letter you want, you copy it.
    See? The odds are far shorter and the process is closer to real life evolution theory.

    Your analogy does not match Evolutionary theory.


  2. I don’t think that the Michelson and Morley experiment was faked. There’s something interesting about it though that hardly anyone knows. It DID NOT find a zero result. All the textbooks say it did but it did not. I read about this in a article by G. Harry Stine, former science contributor for Analog Science fiction and Fact. He wrote about it in a mass market paper back series called Destinys. “Faster than Light” 1980. (In Destinies: February-March 1980 ). I even found an actual original copy of the experiment in a college library and say for myself that what Stine said was true. (Stine was really interesting. I miss his writing).

    Anyways they did not find zero. They found a difference but not the expected value. I think it was around 8K/s. Subsequent other scientist tested with more accurate equipment found differences also that would change with the position of the planets. Dayton Miller from 1902 to 1904,”…Miller worked on increasingly larger interferometers, culminating in one with a 32-meter (105 ft) (effective) arm length that he tried at various sites, including on top of a mountain at the Mount Wilson Observatory. To avoid the possibility of the aether wind being blocked by solid walls, his mountaintop observations used a special shed with thin walls, mainly of canvas. From noisy, irregular data, he consistently extracted a small positive signal that varied with each rotation of the device, with the sidereal day, and on a yearly basis. His measurements in the 1920s amounted to approximately 10 km/s (6.2 mi/s) instead of the nearly 30 km/s (18.6 mi/s) expected from the Earth’s orbital motion alone…”

    The important point is he and Michelson found a difference and they were not able to refute Miller until he was dead. He was not some hack. There was no null result. Other test were not set up the same. One was in “arms forged from pressed quartz”. So we can say there is no difference in a solid but it’s not the same.

    The last test I know of they did the test in a mine and got a null result which tells you nothing because…it was in a mine.


    1. I didn’t say Michelson and Morley were hacks, I said their experiment was done fraudulently to give negative results or Michelson and Morley were coerced into doing it poorly in order to get negative results. The links point to a guy with a pretty epic name EW Silvertooth that shows that it was not done correctly, and that the US Air Force repeated the test in the 80s and got positive suggesting there is in fact an ether. The entirety of relativistic physics rests on their being no ether, and there biggest proof is the michelson morley experiment which for all intents and purposes was originally performed fraudulently. The test works best in nature and away from metal walls.


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