The Fruit Of The Tree Of Knowledge Gave Eve Parasites

The tree of knowledge was likely a Fig. I started looking into the fig because many species of fig look or exude parasitic behavior. After doing more research into the fig tree I am pretty certain the basis for all parasites on earth stem from the fig species.

The strangler fig literally looks like a face hugger from the movie ‘Alien’.

The fig fruit parasitically controls wasps. The fig fruit’s pheromones attract the wasp. The wasp pollinate and lays eggs inside of the fruit. The mother wasp laying the eggs has its wings ripped off and is absorbed by the fig fruit. The wasps hatch and feed on the fruit that recently absorbed their mother. The wasps grow and burrow out of the fig fruit. The new wasps spread fig seeds to areas outside of the fig trees immediate location.

That sounds like the mother wasp made a Faustian deal with the devil. The fig offers the mother wasp shelter and security for her brood, the mother wasp just has to sign on the dotted line in blood. The mother wasp didn’t read the terms and conditions of the figs offer.

The fig fruit parasitically controls the wasp species, and when its not a fruit tree it attaches itself to healthy trees as the ‘strangler fig’ in a way that’s identical to the ‘face hugger’ creatures from the movie ‘alien’. Its clearly a parasitic species and this why it is the tree of knowledge.

Quickest Way To Attain Knowledge

How does one attain knowledge? One way, perhaps the quickest way, is figuring out which facts matter more than other facts. There are many facts, but the facts don’t matter. Discernment of which facts matter more than others is the most efficient way of quickly attain knowledge in my experience(aka Spells Of Truth). In other words it requires learning what ‘is not‘. The parasitic fig teaches what ‘is not‘ so that us humans can learn what ‘is‘. In other words without a negative aspect to life there is no reason to learn what is positive. If positivity radiates from everything there is little to no reason to actively attempt to spiritually grow much like if a mankind was predisposed to have the physique of a body builder there would be little to no reason to actively attempt to grow muscle. When negative parasitic entities are introduced, positive divine entities are forced to learn what is positive/right/good and what is negative/wrong/evil. When both positive and negative are active, it becomes increasingly easier to figure out what is not and therefore one begins to understand what is, meaning spiritual growth.

Jerry Marzinsky’s research into the voices paranoid schizophrenics shows that all negative thoughts are daemonic(not demon, daemon) entities. Jerry surmises all positive thoughts are angelic entities(albeit he has very little research into who or what the positive thought entities are, they could simply be the base state of creation). Marzinsky ultimately concludes that we are not our thoughts. We are the observer of the thoughts. Here’s how you can prove it to yourself. Think, “I wonder what my next thought will be,” and then wait for your next thought. Who is doing the waiting? That is you. We are the observer of the thoughts.

Shame From Eating A Fruit?

Why did Eve feel ashamed of being naked after eating a fruit? Why did Eve lie to Adam after eating a fruit? Why would eating a fruit cause someone shame for being naked or cause someone who had never lied ever before to lie? The Bible doesn’t explain how a fruit induces shame. The whole story makes little rational sense as it is told in the Bible.

It makes much better sense when we know all negative thoughts are parasitic entities that feed on shame and fear, and the fig fruit is a parasitic in nature. After Eve consumed the parasitic fig fruit, the negative thought entities were given a physical anchor/foothold into Eve’s physiology almost like how the vampire must be invited in. I’ve written before about the physical aspect of parasitic, negative thought entities/daemons. The negative entities started implanting negative thoughts into Eve’s head, making her feel shame, because these entities feed on fear and shame. Eve likely never had a negative thought in her entire life before eating the fig fruit so she thought the negative thoughts were her own thoughts, when they were not. This is why she felt shame for being naked after simply eating a fruit.

Lucifer Morningstar’s Mission On Earth

In 2008 a man calling himself ‘Hidden Hand’ and claiming to be a member for one of the ruling bloodlines of this realm interacted with a popular internet forum(Above Top Secret). According to the Hidden Hand ‘ruling bloodline’, the Lucifer ‘group soul’ was contracted to provide a catalyst that drastically improves the rate of spiritual growth on Earth. Lucifer was tasked with improving the rate of spiritual growth within this realm. That catalyst was likely the parasitic fig and its parasitic fruit.

I don’t prescribe to the following analysis by the Hidden Hand regarding ‘dimensions’ and his explanation of the creation of Earth for various reasons but it is nonetheless interesting: The Hidden Hand talks about Lucifer “group soul” being a sixth dimensional being on the same level as Yahweh the supposed creator of this realm (but not the supreme creator of all). The Hidden Hand states how once one becomes a sixth dimensional being they are given a choice between starting their own realm(like Yahweh supposedly did) or going back to a lower level in order to help lower dimensional beings elevate(like Lucifer supposedly did). The Hidden Hand claims that Earth realm is third dimensional based.


When Earth was first created it was likely a Garden of Eden, a perfect paradise but this was not conducive for spiritual growth. Without a negative aspect to life there is no reason to learn what is positive. Why bother becoming self-sufficiently independent when everything you need is provided naturally? There was no reason to spiritually grow in the Garden of Eden when everything was free, easy, and positive. Enter Lucifer and his Fig fruit of ‘knowledge’.

Its similar to the creeper enemy in the game Minecraft, without the creeper people just frolic around like they presumably did in the Garden of Eden before the introduction of parasitic evil. A new player to the game Minecraft would start the game and spend the day figuring out how to mine and build stuff, then night time would come and the creepers would almost immediately kill the player. The player restarts the game knowing that the creepers come out at night, so the player knows to be efficient with his time. The player will try to build a defensible shelter before night. After surviving the night for the first time, the player might begin to experiment in crafting tools, armor, and weapons. Then the player will start building better defenses, advancing technology, eventually even start farming to guarantee a source of food. Eventually the player forgets the creeper ever even existed. The creeper didn’t forget about the player… Slowly but surely the creeper is in the background scheming and planning using satanic rituals to summon more creepers, taking over the banking industry to implement usury based loans on everyone(haha), handing out free porn, buying up all the new tech with venture capitalism, constructing portals like CERN to flood the realm with more parasitic negative thought daemons that interface with digital electronics(allegedly). Now most players hate their jobs because most players work for scam insurance companies or scam government companies, or scam global corporations. Its gotten to the point that the player want start anew or restart the game in order to remember what it was like to be hungry again… Sound familiar?

Ritual Sacrifice

“You know the scariest one was a devil worshiper. Once I spoke to him I asked him one time. I said ‘you ever see Satan’ and he goes ‘yeah I’ve seen him’ you know and I was expecting it to be some horrible I mean looking devil, but he said ‘no he’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful’. He[the devil worshipper] was telling me these stories where he could travel from where he was spiritually into certain cells in the in the main prison and communicate with and see what’s going on in those cells you know 200 miles away but he had this strange effect to him, you know. Like that, I don’t know, what that horror movie is with the puppets [chucky?] were the puppet had that strange effect. He[the devil worshipper] didn’t look like he was low on energy like a lot of the other psychotics, so I asked him you know ‘where do you get your energy’ and he said ‘they give it to me’. I said ‘for what?’ He goes ‘well they want me to do certain things and they give me the energy I need to do that’…It would not be considered a parasitic relationship [like the other schizophrenics] because they are having some symbiosis where they’re cooperating with each other on a negative level”

Jerry Marzinsky recounts one guy he counseled that was a ritual sacrifice devil worshiper.

Basically Marzinski describes one particular patient as a Luciferian and he was a Luciferian who was killing people with in satanic rituals so he started asking the guy why did he do it, the Luciferian responds that lucifer told me to do it. Marzinski asks him ‘what did he look like’, the Luciferian responds ‘Lucifer is beautiful, he’s beautiful like an angel’ and he said that Lucifer was the one telling him do the blood rituals. The Hidden Hand claims Lucifer is not ‘evil’, and is simply doing what he was contracted to do, which was to provide a negative catalyst in order to drastically increase the rate at which Earth souls spiritually advance. I’ve established that the original negative catalyst was the parasitic fig fruit, so why would Lucifer influence people to do blood rituals?

Blood Rituals

The reason for blood rituals is not what satanic devil practitioners think. Lucifer was influencing the ritualist to perform blood rituals for a specific reason not immediately clear. I suspect Lucifer influences the ritualist in order to elevate the parasites from the physical gut plane of existence into earths plane of existence. When the blood comes out of our body, it goes from a lower fractal plane into our fractal plane so it’s elevating those parasites into our realm. Then the spirits of those blood parasites die off because they are no longer connected to the human host. After they die the parasites become a demonic entity in our fractal plane of existence. Instead of feeding on just one host, it ascends to our realm as a spirit, where it can feed on as many hosts as it wants.

In other words Lucifer increases the effectiveness of the negative parasitic essence that spawned from the fig tree by elevating the negative parasitic essence from the physical gut level to the spiritual level in this realm. Everyone has traces of these physical gut level parasites simply through consumption of grocery store food, the water supply, shampoo, all drugs, alcohol(its called ‘spirits’ for a reason) and much more. This is not a cause for fear or panic.

Fear Is The Mind Killer

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

-Paul Atreides, “Dune” by Frank Herbert

We have absolutely nothing at all what-so-ever to fear. Have you ever wished or prayed for strength? After praying for strength, what usually occurs? You usually experience great hardship. If you focus on the negative, parasitic, daemon, fear feeding thoughts, it will be a nightmarish time and may even break you. But if you focus on the positive and persevere through the hardship, guess what, you’ll be much stronger… What did you pray for again? Strength…

Ask and you shall receive, but be careful what you wish for… These are not just sayings, they are 100% real. What will truly make you stronger, having everything handed to you on a silver platter? Or having hardships thrown before you to challenge you and therefore level up your strength. The way in which body builders increase their muscle mass and strength is through the destruction of muscle tissue through high repetition weight lifting, and then eating muscle(protein) so that the body repairs the torn muscles with larger, stronger, and more reinforced tissue. Through destruction, new stronger, faster, wiser creation can come.

When we let the negative thoughts entities (aka daemons, parasites) guide us we refuse our spiritual level up. When we consciously notice our negative thoughts and flip them to be positive we better prepare ourselves for our next spiritual level up. Our chances to level up appear in the form of hardship, difficulty, suffering, debt.

Approach the world with gratitude and a positive attitude and the negative thought entities, parasites, daemons no longer become something to fear, but to welcome. They are gifts from the universe to level up. The fig fruit from the fig tree of knowledge was a gift. Accept it with gratitude and watch as your physical, mental, and spiritual self grows drastically stronger.



    I often entertained the idea that what is called serpent in the Eden myth refers to parasitic worms, like hookworms, that likely are in the stagnant waters of irrigated crops in Ancient Egypt and Sumer, with the additional quality that as toxoplasmosis gondii can control the thoughts and behaviors of insects or mammals, so could these, with us, and that we would experience this as a psychic phenomenon. Perhaps civilization itself is just part of the lifecycle of psychic mind control worms.

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    1. Dune is essentially about this. The substance that allows for space travel in Dune is called spice and it is created exclusively by giant sand worms that populate one specific planet. The true emperor in Dune is a psychic human turned worm by the spice. The psychic human turned worm is usurped by the honorable incorruptible worthy human Paul Aitredies. In other words, a human worthy of ruling, without any vices, any weaknesses physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, without any fear. Marcus Aurelius is an example of this type of worthy ruler of men.


  2. W HA T T O P U T T H E R E

    this notion of through suffering you gain strength or/ only through hardship can you get better at thing x i see it everywhere and i fully disagree

    i think its a giant as to say cope because everything is so bad that there exists no expirienced evidence against it and it beats down the spirit of everyone so badly such an idea as basically doing something you enjoy will make you happy will require no hardship and will make you acend slowly through personal “mastery” is heresy it just dosent seem right why should there be suffering ?

    you say for spiritual growth but that presupposes that people (actual people npc’s dont count) are purely reactionary and only do thing because of forced upon circumstances same with
    “Why bother becoming self-sufficiently independent when everything you need is provided naturally?”
    “What will truly make you stronger, having everything handed to you on a silver platter? Or having hardships thrown before you to challenge you and therefore level up your strength.”
    these two are also false dichotomies since you cant you cant become self sufficent in thing x if thing x is given to you but that dosent mean you cant refuse thing x and become self sufficent at it unless it is forced upon you which i would agree is not a good thing you arent robbing the person of the opportunity you are just negating their need to do it and i cant see how that is a bad thing why should people learn that which they do not want to i do not wish to learn thing x so i will not if it shall lead me to my doom then so be it i fully accept that why should anyone be forced into learning it just dosent sit right with me

    overall the main problem is see with this is that you presuppose that people are driven by external circumstances instead of internal needs i believe that suffering in unnecessary and inherently bad i believe hapiness is divinity and that it is its own objective spiraling thing seperate from any reality and not a part of something else so that it need be defined and usurped in comparison to its “duality” or anything else

    (i hope this comment comes out well this is the first time im writing a comment here so idk if the spacing is a good idea or not also if this sound weirdly written its because i suck at writing and if i freeball it its gonna turn into schizo rambling lol)


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